Last Updated: Saturday, Dec 24, 2011 22:00 GMT
Rep. Landry Offers Amendment to NDAA to Protect Civil Liberties
“United States citizens may not be detained against their will”.

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Sneaker Mob Goes On Rampage: The Decline of Western Civilization
When the collapse happens, your neighborhood becomes a permanent Black Eye Friday.

Announcement of “Cold Shutdown” of Fukushima Reactors Is Based On a Political Decision, Not Science
If The Reactors Are “Cold”, It May Be Because Most of the Hot Radioactive Fuel Has Leaked Out.

Pundit: “If Ron Paul Wins Iowa, We Just Take It Out”
Establishment petrified of Texan Congressman building momentum for future primaries.

War Woe: Suicide kills more US soldiers than combat
The U.S. troop withdrawal leaves behind a country embittered by an occupation that’s cost thousands of lives and billions of dollars.

Christianity May Be Eradicated in Iraq and Afghanistan, Says Chair of U.S. Religious Freedom Commission

Zombie Consumers Start Brawling Over Sneakers
Louisville Metro Police had to break up a big fight early today at Jefferson Mall over the release of a new style of sneakers.

Woman: TSA Said Cupcake ‘Security Threat’

Ron Paul’s Successful Investment Portfolio
When it comes to investing, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) has made no secret where his preferences lie.

Western-Backed Terrorists Kill 30 In Syria Attacks
Establishment media instantly turns to conspiracy theories to hide fact that country is in a state of civil war.

How to make a speech for Ron Paul in Iowa (or anywhere else!)
Activist Adam Kokesh breaks down some tips for those wanting to spread the word about the Ron Paul 2012 campaign.

2011 – Year of the Dupe
A timeline & history: One year into the engineered “Arab Spring,” one step closer to global hegemony.

A Very Scary Christmas And An Incredibly Frightening New Year
Can you hear that? It almost sounds like a little bit of peace and quiet.

No Christmas For Millions Of American Families This Year

Gingrich, Perry disqualified from Va. primary ballot
The rejection is a significant setback for the Gingrich campaign.

Anti-Christian Violence in the Middle East?
The Anglo-American elite needs an enemy if the authoritarianism that is rising in the West is to continue.

Alex’s Final Thoughts on This Christmas Weekend
Alex breaks down the latest news as the mega-banking elite switches into overdrive to implement their world government totalitarian system.

Congress To Fund Massive Expansion Of TSA Checkpoints
Fears over burgeoning police state increase after passage of NDAA.

Bachmann Campaign Lies About Iowa Poll Numbers
Claims Minnesota Congresswoman is in “statistical dead heat” with frontrunner Ron Paul.

Mark Steyn: Ron Paul's Support of Constitution is "Stunted Parochialism"

Iran Launching “Massive” Ten Day War Game Tomorrow In Close Proximity To CVN-74 John Stennis
Iran is launching a “massive” 10 day war games naval exercise right in the belly of the beast.

Hariri: Damascus blast ‘engineered’ by Syrian regime

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes to be Released in the US for the First Time
To those of you who have been eager to hear the latest news concerning the potential release of genetically modified mosquitoes – here it is.

FDA Targets ‘Unproven’ New Supplements While Allowing Harmful GMOs

Seafood 10,000 Times Over Safe Limit for Carcinogenic Contamination, FDA Says to Eat it Anyway
Despite seafood showing extremely high levels of contamination, the FDA still deems the food safe for consumption.


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