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False Rumor That Strait of Hormuz Was Closed Sends Oil Prices Skyrocketing
A rumor that Iran had closed the Strait of Hormuz sent oil prices skyrocketing today, but the story turned out to be inaccurate and was likely a result of confusion surrounding an upcoming Iranian military drill set to take place near the key oil choke point.

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Sheriff’s Department Sponsors Secret Meeting On Small Government ‘Terrorists’
Sovereign Citizen movement subject of shadowy ADL/Ventura County confab.

Broward mulls request to ban body scanners at airport

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood would be the first major airport in the United States to approve such a ban in the wake of Europe’s decision.

Libyan activists demand transparency from National Transitional Council
Protesters set up tent city in Benghazi and call for interim government to make its membership and voting decisions public.

EU, without Britain, sees fiscal treaty by March
Up to 26 European Union countries will finalize a pact to enforce budget discipline more strictly in the euro zone by March.

US Special Forces Mass On Syrian Border
Following similar reports by former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds, Israeli intelligence sources confirm that US Special Forces are massing in Jordan on the Syrian border having been transferred from Iraq.

Mega Fail: 17 Signs That The European Financial System Is Heading For An Implosion Of Historic Proportions
What happens when you attempt a cold shutdown of one of the biggest debt spirals that the world has ever seen?

No Mandatory Mental Health Screening for Children!
Maryanne Godboldo, a mother in Michigan, noticed that pills prescribed by her daughter’s doctor were making her condition worse, not better.

Confirmed: Fukushima disaster contaminated ocean with 50 million times normal radiation, leaks still ongoing
Things are suddenly heating up again with Fukushima.

The Proper Foods To Eat with Pharmacist Ben Fuchs
Co-host Aaron Dykes talks with pharmacist and radio talk show host Ben Fuchs.

35 Shocking Facts That Prove That College Education Has Become A Giant Money Making Scam
College education in America is a bad joke.

BIS Calls for Hyperinflationary Depression?
We’ve already indicated that we believe the Anglosphere power elite is attempting to create a kind of Great Depression.

Tinned goods, gold & guns: UBS meets Alex Jones?
The Real Unemployment Rate Near 20% – Infowars Nightly News
Future Money Trends: Paper Price Suppression Has Made Silver the Biggest Buy Ever

Glenn Beck: I’d Vote For A Ron Paul Third Party Candidacy Over Newt Gingrich
Beck manages to piss off both the establishment and the Tea Party at the same time.

Obama Wants Iran to Return Downed Drone
Russia and China may help Iran reverse engineer CIA drone to the benefit of Hezbollah and Hamas.

‘Returning US spy drone out of question’
U.S drone crashes in Seychelles – embassy

Jon Stewart CHANTS Ron Paul 2012: Newt Bad Idea/Media Influence
Ron Paul dominated the debate Saturday while Romney and Gingrich bickered. Yet Paul was invited on Meet The Press purely to talk about his opponents’ chances rather than his own.

Ron Paul 2012: Why He is Right on Foreign Policy
Ron Paul Just Nabbed Iowa’s Biggest Youth Endorsement

10 Ridiculous Things That Make You a Terror Suspect
You thought you weren’t doing anything wrong, so why should you care about who they call a terrorist?

Once called Blackwater, firm changes name again
The US security firm formerly known as Blackwater, which was barred from Iraq over a deadly 2007 shooting, renamed itself a second time Monday.

Canada first nation to pull out of Kyoto protocol
A symbolic blow to the already troubled global treaty.

The U.S. Hands the Terrorists a Big Win
Top counter-terrorism officials have said for years that indefinite detention increases terrorism.

SOPA Is “Unconstitutional”, Would “Criminalize” the Internet … Modeled On China
China Is the Model.

US-Funded “Activist” Becomes President of Tunisia
From A-Z, the Arab Spring is Fake.

This Could Be Part Of The Reason Iran Is So Darn Defensive
Iran’s position with the U.S., and the world, is easy to take for outright aggression.

Iran says Obama should apologise for downed drone

Bullets & bombs ‘humanitarian aid’ to help Syria?
In Syria, violence intensifies as clashes between government forces and army defectors spread.

Feds urge churches to peddle flu shots to members, partner with drug stores to sponsor flu clinics
Every year, the federal government and its pawns in state and local governments get a little bit more aggressive in their push for full compliance with the flu vaccine agenda.

Oxfam—Betraying its Roots and Sabotaging its Own Mission
Oxfam is now pushing an international tax on maritime transport.

New version of SOPA copyright bill, old complaints
A new version of the Stop Online Piracy Act appears to be no more popular than the last one was.

EPA to Disperse $1M in “Environmental Justice” Grants
The EPA announced last Thursday that 46 tribal and nonprofit organizations are being granted a combined one million dollars of taxpayer money.

Tunisia Altered E-Mails With Big Brother Software
In Tunisia, Big Brother goes by an alias: Ammar 404.


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