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Father Harassed By CPS For Feeding Kids Organic Food
A father of two was harassed and investigated by Child Protective Services and police for feeding his daughters organic food, refusing to make them drink fluoride-poisoned tap water and not having them injected with mercury-laden vaccines, all of which constitutes “suspicious activity” in the new Sovietized America, a foretaste of what’s to come once Big Sis’ Wal-Mart spy campaign gets up and running.

Your Support Needed To Keep Propaganda Matrix Online

YouTube is letting users decide on terrorism-related videos
Nudity. Sexual activity. Animal abuse. All are reasons YouTube users can flag a video for removal from the website. Add a new category: promotes terrorism.

Public Consensus: Warming Caused By Planetary Trends
Most U.S. voters continue to be concerned about global warming but still are more inclined to think it’s caused by planetary trends rather than human activity.

Hundreds of new cold and snow records set in the USA

Towards a North American security perimeter
There are numerous reports circulating that Canada and the U.S. are secretly negotiating a security and trade deal which could be signed as early as January 2011.

Obama: sanctimonious pied piper of surrender
In his now-infamous press conference defending his call to extend criminal Bush tax breaks for billionaires and corporations (and raise taxes on the poor), President Barack Obama angrily jabbed his finger at his critics, lambasting them as “sanctimonious.”

Pornoscanners trivially defeated by pancake-shaped explosives
In case you were wondering whether pornoscanners are harder on the vast majority of innocent, non-terrorist fliers, or the minuscule minority of terrorists, wonder no more.

Published for the first time, the papers which could finally force full inquest into the death of Dr David Kelly
Today, the Daily Mail publishes for the first time the legal document which could trigger a full coroner’s inquest into the death of Dr David Kelly.

Why do we let this creepy company called Google spy on our emails?
To many, the colourful home page of Google is the friendly face of the internet. Indeed, the company, which was created 12 years ago by two American PhD students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, has always prided itself on its quirky presentation.

Swedish Military Had Prior Knowledge Of Suicide Blast
The Swedish military had prior knowledge of the suicide blast which hit a busy shopping street in central Stockholm on Saturday, suggesting the attack was allowed to go ahead in order to bolster the flagging global war on terror.

SKorea ‘will be taking military action’ against NKorea, predicts former US Intel chief
The former chief of US intelligence warned Sunday that South Korea has lost its patience with provocations by North Korea and “will be taking military action.”

Madoff Son Sent Final Email Before Death
The son of convicted US fraudster Bernard Madoff sent an email saying “no one wants to hear the truth” just hours before he was found hanged in his apartment.

New Madoff lawsuits seek $40bn

UK confirms protesters ‘made contact’ with duchess
Britain’s Home Secretary Theresa May confirmed on Sunday that rioters who surrounded Prince Charles’ car during violent student protests made physical contact with his wife Camilla.

Ron Paul 2012? Congressman Says Odds Are 50/50
Texas Congressman Ron Paul has raised the hopes of his supporters by suggesting that a 2012 presidential run is still a distinct possibility. Meanwhile a new poll indicates that the vast majority of voters want to see the Federal Reserve fully investigated.

Wall Street Set For Best Two Years Ever, Thanks To Bailout
Two agonizing years for the U.S. economy have been some of the best years on record for Wall Street.

`Shadow’ Lenders’ Emergency Fed Loans Benefited Biggest Banks
Moody’s Warns There Is Increased Likelihood Of Negative Outlook To US AAA Rating In Next 2 Years

Obama’s Health-Care Law Ruled Unconstitutional Over Insurance Requirement
The Obama administration’s requirement that most citizens maintain minimum health coverage as part of a broad overhaul of the industry is unconstitutional because it forces people to buy insurance, a federal judge ruled, striking down the linchpin of the president’s plan.

Did Anonymous Take Down Amazon?
Late Sunday the corporate media was abuzz with headlines making the case that the internet hacker group Anonymous was responsible for the takedown of Amazon in the UK and Europe.

Australia feared Israeli strike on Iran could spark nuclear war, WikiLeaks cables reveal
Julian Assange wined and dined at US Embassy
WikiLeaks cables name UK banker as middleman in Kazakh corruption ring
The New McCarthyism, The Real Terrorists—The Case of Wikileaks, Part II

National electronic ID cards planned for Afghanistan
War-torn Afghanistan lacks basic national infrastructure, yet on Sunday the government unveiled plans for a $100 million electronic identification system with cards to be issued to all Afghans within five years.

Home Secretary set to ban anti-Islam pastor who wanted to burn Koran on 9/11 from entering UK
The Home Secretary Theresa May may ban the U.S. pastor who threatened to burn the Koran on the 9/11 anniversary from visiting Britain, she said today.

The Consequences of Excessive Money and Debt
Believe it or not the euro zone and European Union crisis is still in the formative stages. The bailout packages arranged for Greece and Ireland are not to bail out those two countries, but to bail out the European banks that lent to them and bought their bonds when it was imprudent to do so.

The 99ers
Start A Business? In The United States? Are You Kidding Me?
Derivatives: The Quadrillion Dollar Financial Casino Completely Dominated By The Big International Banks
John Williams, Hyper-Inflation Coming in 2011

Exclusive: Internet was never free or open and never will be, media studies prof. says
Secrets outlet WikiLeaks’ continuing struggle to remain online in the face of corporate and government censorship is a striking example of something few truly realize: that the Internet is not and never has been democratically controlled, a media studies professor commented to Raw Story.

NSIDC Shows Antarctic Spring/Summer Sea Ice Above Normal For Two Straight Years
Antarctic ice anomalies are located at lower latitudes than Arctic ice anomalies, so they have a larger effect on the Earth’s radiation budget – by reflecting sunlight back into space. Global sea ice anomalies cool the planet.

US life expectancy continues to plummet, but not because of inadequate health care
A new report published in the journal Health Affairs says the U.S. has dropped to 49th place in overall life expectancy among the nations of the world.

Nine month old twins die just minutes after measles vaccination



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