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Rosalind Peterson: The Chemtrail Cover-Up
In this 1-hour plus video exclusive for Prison members, Rosalind Peterson of California Skywatch exposes how chemtrails are being sprayed in our skies as part of a clandestine NASA-military program to geoengineer the environment, and how this project is poisoning not only our air but also our water and food supply. This is a fascinating and detailed insight into who is behind the spraying, what consequences it is having and why they are doing it.

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South Korea Threatens Airstrike Attack On North Korea
South Korea on Friday threatened to bomb North Korea if it tries a repeat of last week’s attack, raising its rhetoric after the United States warned of an “immediate threat” from Pyongyang.

UN Executive Invokes Mayan Goddess At Cancun Global Warming Summit
With United Nations climate negotiators facing an uphill battle to advance their goal of reducing emissions linked to global warming, it’s no surprise that the woman steering the talks appealed to a Mayan goddess Monday.

Michael Braverman: “Worldwide Water Conspiracy”
They call it “Blue Gold.” Water is the new oil. Once a human right, it’s now a valuable commodity, and corporations and super-rich oil dynasties are believed to be buying up water rights, controlling nations and populations. Jesse looks into the possibility of these activities finding their way to American shores and uncovers what may be a plot to literally steal the Great Lakes.

CNN Reporter Put On Watch List After Criticizing TSA
In light of new reports alleging that the TSA is creating a watch list of individuals who criticized the agency as a form of collective punishment, it's revealing to note that CNN journalist Drew Griffin was also put on a TSA watch list immediately after he filed reports critical of the organization back in 2008.

Radiation scientists agree TSA naked body scanners could cause breast cancer and sperm mutations

WikiLeaks moves website to Switzerland after its web address is ‘killed’ by U.S. firm
Wikileaks today moved its website to Switzerland after it was effectively taken off the internet when the U.S firm that ‘translates’ its address withdrew its services.

Cable reveals US behind airstrike that killed 21 children in Yemen

Japan refuses to extend Kyoto treaty at Cancun
The delicately balanced global climate talks in Cancún suffered a serious setback last night when Japan categorically stated its opposition to extending the Kyoto protocol – the binding international treaty that commits most of the world’s richest countries to making emission cuts.

UN & Big Business Call for Global Light Bulb Ban to Save Climate

From the “Wealth of Nations” to the “Debt of Nations”
As everyone from Paul Krugman to Simon Johnson has noted, the banks are so big and politically powerful that they have bought the politicians and captured the regulators.

12 Simple Things You Can Start Doing Right Now To Prepare For The Coming Financial Apocalypse
Delaying Tax Vote Could Crash Stock Market
The Confiscation Con

New York City to deploy more emergency ambulances to harvest victims’ organs
The City of New York recently launched a new emergency services pilot program that seems more like something out of a science fiction movie than a real-life initiative.

City Lays Off Quarter Of Its Entire Work Force

NASA confirms: Aliens are among us
NASA held a press conference Thursday afternoon in which they revealed the discovery of arsenic-based life forms on Earth. Many believe that this proves there is the possibility life was or is on other planets already. Space Entrepreneur Jeff Manber says this is a huge discovery because it changes the way scientists view how life can be sustained.

ACLU: Flying Americans Fear Being Put On Government Watch List
The American Civil Liberties Union announced today that it is still receiving high volumes of complaints about the new airport screening procedures, and that some travelers say they have not filed official complaints with the TSA because they are fearful of being placed on a government watch list.

“Rebellion”: State Lawmakers Prepare To Kick Out TSA Goons

Federal Government Has Repeatedly Broken Law To Spy On Americans
The federal government has repeatedly violated legal limits governing the surveillance of U.S. citizens, according to previously secret internal documents obtained through a court battle by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Wave goodbye to Internet freedom

Economy Needs To Create 235K Jobs A Month To Return To Pre-Depression Levels By End Of Obama Second Term
When we last ran this number, the economy needed to create 232,400 jobs per month to get to the same unemployment rate as last seen in December 2007, just before the depression started, courtesy of today’s massive disappointment we can now increase the creation requirement to 235,120.

Rangel Lashes Out: I Don’t Deal in ‘Average American Citizens’
Kerry Pickett, Washington Times: Following a vote to censure Rep.Charles Rangel on Thursday night, the congressman spoke to reporters and lashed out when I asked if an average American citizen would be punished more severely if the individual committed similar violations.

“Like The Great Depression”: Hundreds Line Up In Freezing Cold For Federal Aid To Pay Heating Bills
Despite the freezing temperatures, hundreds fought for a place in line in Marietta to apply for federal aid to help pay their heat and power bills this winter.

Feds tracking credit cards, store purchases without warrant: report
Trillions In Secret Fed Bailouts For Global Corporations And Foreign Banks – Has The Federal Reserve Become A Completely Unaccountable Global Bailout Machine?

“Police State” episode of hit Ventura show covering FEMA camps pulled from air
Alex Jones, a consultant to TruTV’s Conspiracy Theory, can confirm that the controversial episode “Police State,” which dealt with FEMA camps and fusion centers, has been pulled from air and essentially “memory-holed” due to behind the scenes pressure.

Joe Lieberman’s Campaign To Trample The First Amendment Is Proceeding Right On Schedule
As if it wasn’t enough that America’s ruling oligarchs were sufficiently happy with abdicating their governing duties to the Federal Reserve, they have now decided to imitate China in every possible way.

Bachmann: ‘There Needs To Be an Insurrection’ Against GOP Leaders If They Don’t Hold Straight Vote to Repeal Obamacare
Rep. Michele Bachmann (R.-Minn.), founder and chairman of the House Tea Party Caucus, told that there will need to be an “insurrection” against the House Republican leadership if it does not hold an independent, straight up-or-down vote on repealing the entire Obamacare law that does not tie this repeal to other policy initiatives including any effort to “replace” elements of Obamacare with new federal health-care reforms.

Trained state police observers to patrol retail outlets
Now “mall cop” has a whole new meaning.

Van Jones: Burning Oil is Like Burning Kittens
Still can’t figure out why Obama fired this guy.



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