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The Secret The TSA Doesn’t Want You To Know
While many Americans think they can skip being sexually molested at the hands of the TSA by avoiding airports, Big Sis has been quietly preparing the groundwork for the total takeover of all public transport and highways by federal government goon squads.

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Max Keiser’s Plan To Destroy JP Morgan Goes Mainstream, After The Guardian Posts His “Silver Squeeze” Thoughts
As Zero Hedge readers know, the reason why the US mint sold a record amount of silver American Eagle coins in November is unlikely a coincidence, and very possibly an indication that the recently disclosed plan as espoused by the MKs (Mike Krieger and Max Keiser) to destroy JP Morgan is working.

Chinese Gold Imports Surge By 500% Through October

NASA to announce ‘alien’ bacteria that survives in arsenic
With NASA set to hold a press conference on Thursday, speculation has mounted as to whether the U.S. space agency will confirm the existence of life outside of the earth.

Lieberman Has Power To Shut Down Websites With A Phone Call
Senator Joe Lieberman, the man behind legislation to give President Obama a kill switch for the Internet in the move towards a Chinese-style government controlled world wide web, now has the power to shut down websites with a mere phone call, as was underscored yesterday when Amazon axed Wikileaks from its servers after being pressured to do so by Lieberman's Senate Homeland Security Committee.

WTC Steel Was So Hot It Bent Without Cracking & Fused With The Concrete
Carbon fire can’t melt steel.

9/11 Family Group: Judge Napolitano and Geraldo Rivera Are Right to Question Building 7 Collapse

Fed May Be `Central Bank of the World’ After UBS, Barclays Aid
Federal Reserve data showing UBS AG and Barclays Plc ranked among the top users of $3.3 trillion from emergency programs is stoking debate on whether U.S. regulators bear responsibility for aiding other nations’ banks.

Fed Wealth Grows While Others Drown In Debt
Fed Data Shows Foreign Banks Huge Beneficiaries of Emergency Lending Programs, Hedge Funds, McDonald’s, Harley-Davidson and Others Also Bailed Out
Debt = Money, Money = Debt

Swedish royal family hit by fresh Nazi allegations
Sweden’s royal family has been rocked by a new scandal which has exposed the hidden Nazi past of the Queen’s father, only weeks after its reputation was shattered by lurid disclosures about the king’s secret sex life.

Madison County to Evict Man Living in Camper on His Own Land
Thompson faces eviction from his 38 acres in Madison County. The county lawyer tells 24-Hour News 8 it’s because Thompson is breaking too many rules, laws and ordinances; Thompson has no water, no sewer and no electricity in his recreational trailer that he calls home.

Cancun vs. Copenhagen: Have the Media Forgotten About Global Warming?
A Year after broadcast network-hyped U.N. Climate Change Conference in Denmark, same networks don’t even mention same event in Mexico.

Ron Paul: US “Counterfeit Machine” Will Lead To Political, Social Chaos
Texas Congressman Ron Paul, active member of the Committee on Financial Services, appeared on MSNBC today and issued a stark warning to viewers regarding the continuing debt crisis: reduce the deficit now or face mass political and social chaos.

Bailout Funds Went To MSNBC Via General Electric

Arrest Assange? Arrest the Banksters Instead
So-called “fiscal conservative” radio talk show host Todd Schnitt has posted a $50,000 reward for information leading to the capture of “WikiLeaks menace” Julian Assange. Schnitt, who hosts a radio show in Tampa, Florida, says Assange is a terrorist and an enemy combatant “who needs to be treated as such,” according to a wanted poster on Schnitt’s website.

Warrant To Be Issued For Cheney Arrest Via Interpol

‘NK could target mainland next’
Future attacks by North Korea could target mainland South Korea, not a border island, a Japanese newspaper reported as the South remains on its highest alert after Pyongyang’s deadly shelling of Yeonpyeong Island.

Passers-by ignored for FIVE HOURS pensioner, 77, who had collapsed on city pavement
A frail pensioner who collapsed in the street nearly died of hypothermia after passing members of the public ignored him – for nearly five hours.

It’s The Bankers Or Us
Problem, Reaction, Solution: Derivatives, Crash, Too Big To Fail, Bailout, Nationalization, Budget Crisis, Privatization, Debt Slavery, Austerity, Evaporating Pensions, Central Banks, Big Government, World Government. It’s been quite a saga, but this economic crisis has been planned sabotage by design.

European banks took big slice of Fed aid

Harvard pair sue TSA over screenings
Two Harvard Law School students are suing the Transportation Security Administration, claiming the so-called “nude body scanners” and intrusive pat-downs used to screen airline passengers are unconstitutional.

TSA now setting up Nazi-style “VIPER” security checkpoints at bus terminals

WikiLeaks II – A Government Caught Up in Mendacity and Lies
The reaction to WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange tells us all we need to know about the total corruption of our “modern” world, which in fact is a throwback to the Dark Ages.

Why haven’t British police arrested WikiLeaks boss on Interpol wanted list even though they know where he is?
Bolton vs Napolitano on Wikileaks
Taiwanese animator creates WikiLeaks ‘Cablegate’ video
Obama White House pressured Spain to drop Bush torture prosecution, leaked cable shows

Obama’s Mistakes: 12 Examples That Show That Just About Everything That Barack Obama Tries To Do Turns Out Badly
Why does it seem like virtually everything that Barack Obama tries to do turns out badly? There is a reason why his approval rating has fallen so precipitously.

S 510 Food Safety bill now dead in the water due to blue slip mistake
It is now being revealed that US Senators slipped up in a big way when passing the Food Safety Modernization Act on Tuesday: They added what are effectively “new taxes” into the bill, and according to the U.S. Constitution, only the House of Representatives can initiate legislation requiring new taxes.



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