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Rep. Miller Calls For Climategate Investigation
Representative Candice Miller has called for a Congressional investigation into the climategate scandal, saying that the deliberate destruction of data by scientists intimately involved in the UN IPCC in order to avoid FOIA requests was a “criminal act” and blows away the whole foundation for the cap and trade legislation.

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Russia has no evidence of Iran nuclear bomb-Putin
Russia has no evidence that Iran is trying to build a nuclear weapon, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said on Thursday.

Putin says no plans to leave power

The ‘Real’ Jobless Rate: 17.5% Of Workers Are Unemployed
As experts debate the potential speed of the US recovery, one figure looms large but is often overlooked: nearly 1 in 5 Americans is either out of work or under-employed.

Climategate Crooks Recast Themselves As The Victims
In a pathetic effort to make the climategate scandal go away, the crooks involved in manipulating data to "hide the decline" in global warming are recasting themselves as the victims of the whole affair, attempting to shift the blame to criminal hackers who stole data, when all the evidence suggests the CRU emails were leaked from the inside.

Stock Up on Gold—Prices Could Reach $5,000: Market Pro
Gold prices hit record highs above $1,200 an ounce, with funds lengthening positions due to expectations of more dollar weakness and more central bank buying.

Rosie On $2,600 Gold
Robert Reich Confirms Permanent Destruction of Jobs in America
An Answer to Bernanke
Held to ransom by the bankers: Bosses at RBS (Yes, YOU own it) threaten to quit if they can’t dole out huge bonuses

China Christians sent to labour camps: rights group
Police in northern China have sentenced five Christian church leaders to two years of “education through labour” after they protested against a police raid on their church, a rights group said Wednesday.

Your Right to Photograph
Infowars has posted numerous stories and videos documenting police and security guards harassing photographers and videographers in public spaces.

The Sun: falling into an even deeper funk
With Climategate sucking all the oxygen out of the blogosphere, we’ve neglected some of our regular reporting duties here at WUWT.

Climategate Outrage Explodes As Carbon Tax Agenda Threatened
Outrage surrounding the climategate scandal is increasing as desperate apologists for the crooks caught manipulating data to "hide the decline" in global warming attempt to distance themselves from the perpetrators, burning a few scientists to save the larger carbon tax gravy train in a cynical damage limitation exercise.

Majority Of Americans Say Scientists Have Faked Global Warming Data
Fifty-nine percent (59%) of Americans say it’s at least somewhat likely that some scientists have falsified research data to support their own theories and beliefs about global warming.

Holdren Grilled Over E-Mail Controversy

Gore cancels on Copenhagen lecture – leaves ticketholders in a lurch
It seems the uncertainty about Copenhagen is growing. When Al baby pulls the plug, you know it’s hosed.

Climate e-mail hack ‘will impact on Copenhagen summit’

Bunning Berates Bernanke For Creating Fake Financial Bubble
Sen. Jim Bunning (R-KY) takes Fed Chairman Bernanke to task for virtually everything he’s done during his tenure. Bernanke offers his response.

Sen. Sanders Attempts to Block Fed Mob Boss Second Term
The world’s most powerful banker is humbled
Effort to block Bernanke nomination will fail – Dodd

Climategate: ABC filters working beautifully
Why this coverup, guys?

CSIRO climate researcher resigns rather than be censored
Climategate: Which part of ‘over’ don’t these people understand?
Professor in climate change scandal helps police with enquiries while researchers call for him to be banned
Copenhagen: climate change talks ’should fail’
Senator Barbara Boxer’s new name for Climategate
Stop the Climate Scientific Global Dictatorship! A Call to Action

What Empires Have Said Throughout History: “One More Surge”
A leading advisor to the U.S. military, the Rand Corporation, released a study in 2008 called “How Terrorist Groups End: Lessons for Countering al Qa’ida”. The report confirms what experts have been saying for years: the war on terror is actually weakening national security.

North Korean misery as currency evaporates
North Korea has been plunged into chaos, and its shops and markets paralysed, by a shock announcement from the government that it would devalue the country’s currency by a factor of 100 to one.

Gargantuan Industry Of Climate Alarmism Exposed By ClimateGate
The leaking of thousands of emails from the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit has shined a light on an industry of climate change alarmism, highlighting the hypocritical claims of corporate cronyism on behalf of proponents of the anthropological global warming theory (AGW).

East Anglia CRU: welcome to the Piltdown Institute of Mann-made Global Warming

Another Phony Bin Laden Tape

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura


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