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Israel Accused Of Massive War Crime Atrocities
A new IAF cockpit video shows an air strike targeted against an alleged rocket launching site located between two civilian homes, as UN Professor Richard Falk accused Israel of massive violations of international humanitarian law.

Barak: Israel in ‘all-out war’ with Hamas
Israeli Troops Mass Along Border; Arab Anger Rises
How Israel tricked Hamas before launching Gaza strikes
Rand Rises as Gold Reaches 11-Week High on Middle East Tension
World protests Israeli massacre in Gaza
The Boming of Gaza
Barack Obama on Israel’s deadly attacks on Gaza: ‘No comment’
Crude Oil Rises After Israeli Attacks on Gaza Roil Middle East

Veterans of ’90s Bank Bailout See Opportunity in Current One
A tight-knit group of former senior government officials who were central players in the savings and loan bailout of the 1990s are seeking to capitalize on the latest economic meltdown, enjoying a surge in new business in their work now as private lawyers, investors and lobbyists.

Pros Say: Employment Collapse is Coming
Holiday Sales Slump
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UK House Prices Fall 8.7% this Year
Housing prices in England and Wales fell 8.7 percent in 2008, bringing the average price of a house to 159,900 pounds ($235,800), property consultant Hometrack said in its monthly survey on Monday.

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Northcom Combat Team Conducts “Humanitarian Support” Exercise in Maryland
The Armed Forces Press Service has initiated a propaganda campaign designed to convince the American people that deploying the 3rd Infantry Division in the United States in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act is a good thing. The propaganda piece appeared on the Hinesville, Georgia, Coastal Courier’s website on December 26.

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Israel launches fresh strikes on Gaza
Fresh airstrikes have been launched on Gaza by Israel after 271 people were killed during a bloody 24-hour period in the Middle East.

Gaza Airstrikes: Did Israel target School Children?
Pelosi: US must stand strongly with Israel

Activists hold anti-Taser vigil after year of deaths
In Santa Rosa, Calif., residents are not happy with their local law enforcement.

Pakistan’s army chief calls for calm with India
Pakistan’s powerful army chief called Monday for an easing of tensions with India, the military said, one month after the Mumbai attacks sent ties between the nuclear-armed neighbours into a tailspin.

NKorea may stage nuke test
34 Die in Blast In Pakistan
Suicide attack rocks southeast Iran

Homeland Security: Respect civil rights
Americans have a right to move about without fear of being groundlessly stopped by law enforcement.

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US Polycracy
The number of gears in the government machine greased by taxpayer money is staggering. Currently, the US government has 15 major departments, with over 450 supporting and independent agencies.

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Report Shows Long Term Use of Cell Phones Linked to Brain Tumors
A report by Toronto Public Health advises children to limit their use of cell phones as much as possible, citing studies that have linked long-term mobile phone exposure to an increased risk of brain tumors.

Cash-strapped states weigh selling roads
Minnesota is deep in the hole financially, but the state still owns a premier golf resort, a sprawling amateur sports complex, a big airport, a major zoo and land holdings the size of the Central American country of Belize.

Pakistan, India can’t afford war: analysts
The risk of war between nuclear-armed India and Pakistan has increased with the redeployment of troops along the common border, but neither can afford the cost of such a conflict, analysts say.

Is the ‘New World Order’ Changing Yet Again?
A “New Multi-polar World Order” is now emerging that is likely to create a balance of power with a hope for stability.

Manufacturing, Home Prices Probably Sank: U.S. Economy Preview
Manufacturing in the U.S. probably shrank at the fastest pace since 1980 as the deepening global recession forced customers in North America, Europe and Asia to cut back, economists said before reports this week.

Big Brother CCTV to spy on pupils aged four - complete with CPS evidence kit
Schools have installed CCTV cameras and microphones in classrooms to watch and listen to pupils as young as four.

Paul Watson on the Alex Jones Show: The Gold Rush & The Economy

Paul Joseph Watson: Internet Censorship a Growing Cancer

Steve Watson: British Kids Encouraged To Become "Climate Cops"

Steve Watson: Terror Stopped For Putting My Hand in My Pocket


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