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Report: Google Seeking To Cut Net Censorship Deals
Google Inc is lobbying internet providers and phone companies to establish a separate internet traffic lane in order to prioritize the search engine giant’s content, according to a leading report today.

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Massive Chemtrail Attack: Public Responds
I asked locals if they knew what all the strange lines in the sky were and why the planes were spraying. I encountered several foreigners who said the same thing happens in their countries, and met one recent police academy grad who stated that he would do anything, including confiscating people’s firearms, if it meant keeping his job.

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Russian warships head for Cuba
Russia said on Monday it was sending a group of warships to Soviet-era ally Cuba in its latest defiant naval move around US waters, part of a drive to revive old Cold War ties with Latin America.

Putin to return to Kremlin by summer - Russian political scientist
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US: India gearing up for Pakistan attack
The Pentagon says that India becomes ready to attack Pakistan in retaliation for the recent Mumbai attacks that killed about 200 people.

Mystery grows over general’s slaying in Pak

Iraq cheers reporter for Bush shoe attack
Citizens in Baghdad have ennobled a frogmarched Iraqi reporter for throwing his shoes at lame duck US President George W. Bush.

Shoe-Throwing Reporter In Custody

What Do NORAD’s 9/11 Computer Chat Logs Reveal?
In April 2006, journalist Michael Bronner received in the post 30 hours of recordings he had requested from the Pentagon.

Innocent Britons ‘may be branded criminals abroad’ after databases agreement
Innocent British citizens may be drawn into foreign criminal investigations after the Government agreed to EU-wide access to its 'Big Brother' databases, the Conservatives have warned.

Russian police arrest 150 at protests
Russian authorities arrested Sunday at least 150 people taking part in opposition demonstrations in Moscow and St Petersburg organised by former world chess champion Garry Kasparov, police said.

“Hundreds Dead” in Failed Drug Trial
The National Institutes of Health's (NIH) National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute has announced the early cancellation of one part of a major diabetes and cardiovascular disease study after discovering that patients undergoing that treatment were more likely to die from heart attacks and strokes.

Greece-Style Riots Coming To U.S.
Frighteningly accurate trends forecaster Gerald Celente says that America will see riots similar to those currently ongoing in Greece and that the cause will be a hyper-inflationary depression, leading to the inevitable use of troops and mercenaries to deal with the crisis as Americans are incarcerated in internment camps.

Greek protesters call for more action

Bush on the invasion of Iraq leading to al-Qaeda presence: ‘So what?’
In an interview with a reporter following a shoe being thrown at his head, President George W. Bush had a snippy answer for the fact that al Qaeda didn’t take a stand in Iraq until he invaded: “So what?”

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Wanted terror suspect is ‘Scotland Yard advisor on Muslim extremism’
A man wanted by Interpol for terrorist offences has been advising Scotland Yard, it has been reported.

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US: Detainee dies in US custody in Iraq
The U.S. military says a detainee has died of an apparent heart attack while in custody at a U.S. detention facility in Baghdad.

Global Sea Ice Trend Since 1979 - surprising
Much importance has been ascribed to tracking the change in Arctic sea ice, but what about the global trend? That doesn’t seem to get much press. However there is some important information that needs to be presented related to the global trend of sea ice as measured by satellite since 1979. The results are surprising.

The Economics of Trust
I have previously argued that the economy cannot recover until we restore trust in our government, our leaders and our systems.

As Rates Race to Zero, Printing Presses Gear Up
Charts Predict: Gold at $1,500
Dollar Staggers as U.S. Unleashes Cash
Home values to lose well over $2 trillion

Torture trail seen starting with Bush
A bipartisan congressional report traces the U.S. abuse of detainees at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib to President George W. Bush’s Feb. 7, 2002, action memorandum that excluded “war on terror” suspects from Geneva Convention protections.

Its Official: Torture Doesn’t Work

‘Prophet’: Obama won’t make it to the White House
Disaster will prevent President-elect Obama from taking his seat in the Oval Office, says a self-proclaimed prophet out of Utah.

Chinese Regime Resumes Blocking Websites Opened During Olympics
Under pressure from foreign media, the Chinese government withdrew the ban on several overseas websites during the Beijing Olympics.

Chinese Reporter Chasing Corruption Claims Disappears

Mother told to take down her Christmas lights… in case they offend
A woman has spoken of how she was told to remove her Christmas lights by a housing association worker - in case they offended her non-Christian neighbours.

Paul Watson on the Alex Jones Show: The Gold Rush & The Economy

Paul Joseph Watson: Internet Censorship a Growing Cancer

Steve Watson: British Kids Encouraged To Become "Climate Cops"

Steve Watson: Terror Stopped For Putting My Hand in My Pocket


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