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Presidential candidate Ron Paul is on course to smash the record for fundraising in one day and is likely to make anything up to $7 million dollars by midnight as donors flood the campaign coffers on Tea Party day. The Congressman is set to make at least $6 million today, which would eclipse John Kerry's $5.7 million in one day record.


Next Texas evacuees will face criminal checks

Russia may dump weakening US dollar in its energy deals


Estulin: Elitists Consider Assassinating Ron Paul
Over 100 Prominent Scientists Challenge UN Move For Global Carbon Tax
Peter Power Flees From Confrontation On 7/7 Drill
Ron Paul Warns Middle Class Being "Wiped Out"
Skeptical Climate Scientists Shunned At UN Bali Meeting
Londoners Interrogated Over Journey Plans

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Ron Paul Hits Fundraising Goal of $12 Million for Quarter

Austin is a stronghold for Ron Paul campaign

Lawyer Says Ron Paul Would Be Endorsed by the Founding Fathers

Ron Paul rakes in the cash in rising presidential bid

Dad, Let Me Tell You About Ron Paul

Poor College Students Sacrificing Christmas cash for Ron Paul

Ron Paul Introduces the Property Tax Deduction for All Act

A closer look at the Ron Paul Revolution

Plot posed a real, immediate threat, experts say

Wider Spying Fuels Aid Plan for Telecom Industry

BBC staff rewrote Wikipedia pages to water down criticism

At last the great divide is coming into focus

So, what did we achieve After four years and 174 dead? Britain's lead role in Basra is over

Turkish planes bomb northern Iraq

Russia warns of US missile shield retaliation

Vaccine Nation

Scottish School To Get Talking CCTV Cameras

Birching Congress on the North American Union

Ron Paul Set to Honor Tea Party

At least 31,000 Plan to Donate on Sunday to Ron Paul

Tea Party Rally Planned for Ron Paul

Ron Paul's Son To Speak At Boston ‘Tea Party 07’ Rally

Paul: 'There's no constitutional authority to rule the world'

Ron Paul on PBS NOW

Paul would remove America from War

NIST's New Factsheet: Not Based on Fact

U.N. Conference Adopts Global Warming Pact

Musharraf lifts emergency rule in Pakistan

Bush urges full NKorea nuclear disclosure after Kim's reply

India speeding up nuclear missile production

Daniel Estulin On Bilderberg & Ron Paul Assassination Plot



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