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Last Updated: Wednesday 7th December, 2005, 03:45 GMT

Bush Illegal Immigration "Tough Talk": Smoke and Mirrors
With President Bush "talking tough on immigration" you have to ask the question, why are his policies on illegal immigration all geared towards allowing more of it?

AP Poll: Most Say Torture OK in Rare Cases

Saddam Hussein is an evil monster when he tortures but when the US government do it, it's just fine. Next month will it be OK to torture children in rare cases? How about torturing terrorists' babies to make them talk? Was it OK when American troops got tortured by the Koreans?

Wake To Employ Wireless Surveillance System
About $200,000 in Department of Homeland Security funds is being used to pay for surveillance at the State Fairgrounds, Carter-Finley Stadium and the RBC Center.



Hunter: torture ban staying in bill
"Torture" takes on new meaning
Lieberman wants 'war cabinet'
MP wants talks on torture flights
Diana warned about 'accident'
Total Surveillance
U.S. Presses Russia on Iran Missile Deal
Bush Shoot Out
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Condi to Europe: 'Trust Me': Who will trust this woman who won’t answer a question but says "trust me"?

How Greenspan Skewered America: The foremost proponent of hardnosed social-Darwinism and exclusionary economics.

America's covert war in Iraq: The war on terror is the "seminal lie" from which all the administration's criminal excesses are mere tributaries.


Colbert Report: Never

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