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Last Updated: Sunday 4th December, 2005, 18:12 GMT

300 CIA Flights Landed in Europe
Over 300 flights operated by US intelligence agency CIA have landed at European airports, a UK daily writes, while the alleged existence of CIA jails on EU territory is set to dominate a European trip by US foreign secretary Condoleezza Rice next week.

Sex lessons planned for all children

Compulsory sex lessons for primary school children as young as five are to be backed by the government's official advisers on sexual behaviour in an unpublished report obtained by The Observer.

Europe plans to track all emails and phone calls

EUROPEAN ministers have agreed on plans that will force telecommunications companies to retain phone and email logs for at least six months, to help investigations into terrorism and other serious crimes.



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Rabia: Another al-Qaeda Middle Ranker - Abu Hamza Rabia, due to his connection to al-Libbi, is basically a nobody

America’s Covert War in Iraq: The war on terror is the “seminal lie” from which all the administration’s criminal excesses are mere tributaries.

"Your Papers Please": American Cities On The Verge Of Becoming Police States - Miami Police have announced plans to conduct what they are calling "high profile ID sweeps"


Google search and seizure

Limbaugh likes kidnappings in Iraq


Colbert Report: Never

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