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Teen dies after being shot with Taser gun by Collier County deputies

A teenager died after he was zapped with a Taser gun and doused with a substance similar to pepper spray during a fight with Collier County sheriff's deputies, officials said.

>> SecDef Cohen warned of earthquake weapons

>> Strong Aftershocks Continue Near Sumatra

>> Mujahideen Blow Up House In Fallujah, Reportedly Killing 24 American Soldiers

>> U.S. dollar slips to new all-time low against euro

>> Military Lab Proposed Gay-Aphrodisiac Chemical Weapon

>> Volcano Watch: St. Helens Still Bewing

>> Where Are All the Dead Animals? Sri Lanka Asks

>> Can Animals Sense Earthquakes?

>> Massive Asian Earthquake Made Earth Days Shorter — Russian Scientists

>> Coincidence! Major quake exactly 1 year ago

>> Some knew it was coming

>> Death toll reaches 100,000

>> Large Explosion Rocks Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

>> CNN Still Refers to Child as 'Fetus'

>> Tsunami: Why America's Coast Would Be Toast

>> Images From Fallujah: GRAPHIC

>> Do Images Prove Use of Chemical Weapons in Fallujah?

>> Do The Flashes Seen In This WTC-2 Collapse Video Indicate The Detonation Of Cutting Charges?

>> Was Gary Webb ’Suicided’ To Kill New Book?

>> Politics and the Garden of Eden

Inside The Spin Machine


>> Soliders fails to halt 'stop-loss' rule

>> Most Russians Sorry USSR Gone

>> Russia's year of shrinking liberties

>> New York Gang Member Faces Trial as Terrorist

>> G8 crackdown for eight-year-olds

>> U.S. threatened North Korea 5 months after Iraq invasion

>> Kim Jong Il purges relatives after alleged coup bid

>> New cameras put the heat on shoppers

>> Paul Joseph Watson is a regular guest on The Alex Jones Show once a week on the GCN radio network. Click here for the live streaming audio.

>> The Vanity Fair Interview

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Ford, GM, Honda and Toyota Spy on Motorists

George Orwell's novel "1984" foretold of a society where government tracks every person. But even he might never have imagined that cars could be used to spy on individuals.

A Wave of Questions: What Did the US Know and When Did It Know It?

Reports on the Asian tsunami typically ignore the crucial political back stories in volatile areas like Aceh and Sri Lanka...and how "aid" efforts will be exploited for geo-political gain.

Must support the troops, but must support Rummy.

>> The Philosophy Of Liberty

>> The Reform Bill Before Christmas

>> Bush Supporter

China spying on Canada: CSIS

China's intelligence services have systematically targeted Canada's science and technology sectors and use Chinese students and visiting scientists to steal technology for military use and to enhance the country's global economic competitiveness, a senior intelligence source says.

Foreknowledge of A Natural Disaster

Why were fishermen in India, Sri Lanka and Thailand not provided with the same warnings as the US Navy and the US State Department? Why did the US State Department remain mum on the existence of an impending catastrophe?
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