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10-year-old arrested, handcuffed over scissors

A 10-year-old girl was placed in handcuffs and taken to a police station because she took a pair of scissors to her elementary school.

>> Old folks should kill themselves rather than be a burdan says ethics "expert"

>> US Troops Ordered To Commit War Crimes

>> Discovery Network to launch The War Channel

>> Man 'was offered sex to spy for US'

>> Giuliani `heartbroken' and `embarrassed' by Kerik withdrawal

>> Burglars have rights too, says Attorney General

>> Philippines market blast kills 13

>> Doctors: Yushchenko was Poisoned

>> Arafat’s medical records fail to halt rumors

>> Rescue workers silenced after exposing 9-11 whitewash

>> U.S. opens winter offensive in Afghanistan

>> Rumsfeld under fire for 'hillbilly armour' used to defend army

>> UK bank accused over cash for terror

>> Premeditated Death and Destruction
unleashed against a Sovereign Nation and People

>> Fallujah To Be A Virtual Concentration Camp

>> Another Neo-Con Imperial Plot: Who's behind the Oil-for-Food Scandal?



>> Maker defends Taser, stun-gun in the sights of scandal

>> Watch list checks to grow

>> Soviet-era restrictions return

>> Guantánamo torture and humiliation still going on, says shackled Briton

>> US senator presses Pentagon over suppression of evidence in prisoner abuse cases

>> New Police Powers Flow from 9/11 Law

>> In Chhattisgarh, police don’t let activists speak

>> Iran warns it will quit nuclear talks with EU if no progress made

>> High-energy neutron experiments in Iran raise suspicions

>> U.S. Money Helped Opposition in Ukraine

>> Shades of Big Brother in license rules

>> FDA Classifies Implantable Chip

>> What the FDA Won’t Tell You about the VeriChip

>> Says Applied Digital is 'Potential Disaster Stock'

>> Paul Joseph Watson is a regular guest on The Alex Jones Show once a week on the GCN radio network. Click here for the live streaming audio.

>> The Vanity Fair Interview

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New Spy Plan Said to Involve Satellite System

A highly classified intelligence program that the Senate Intelligence Committee has tried unsuccessfully to kill is a new $9.5 billion spy satellite system that could take photographs only in daylight hours and in clear weather, current and former government officials say.

Bush's Torture, Incorporated

When the devil comes knocking on your front door, looking for a way to spread his evil inside, he won't be sporting horns and a tail.

Investigating Vote Fraud Allegations

>> Let's Start A War

>> Zip It Up

>> Glossing Over Evil

Feith to 'Post': US action against Iran can't be ruled out

The US hopes that Iran will follow Libya's lead in abandoning its nuclear program, but nobody should rule out the possibility of military action against Teheran's nuclear sites if it does not, US Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Douglas J. Feith told The Jerusalem Post in an exclusive interview.

Kelly death paramedics query verdict

The Hutton inquiry found that the scientist caught in the storm over the 'sexed up' Iraq dossier committed suicide. Now, for the first time, the experienced ambulance crew who were among the first on the scene tell of their doubts about the decision.
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