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Libya: Tripoli Stands in Defiance of NATO
Reports of rebel leaders presiding over Tripoli a confirmed lie.

CONFIRMED: Libya War is CIA Op 30 Years in the Making

Tripoli hospital horror as patients die untreated
When the 10-year-old boy was shot in the back outside Moamer Kadhafi’s compound in the Libyan capital, he could never have imagined the even worse horror that awaited him when he got to hospital.

Libyan rebels Killing Black Gaddafi Supporters
A few minutes’ drive from the fire station, at least 15 bodies, most of them Gaddafi’s black African supporters, lay rotting in the sun at a traffic junction outside his Bab al-Aziziyah complex.

Bob Chapman’s Report: In An Unsustainable System, A Warning of Collapse
Alex Jones welcomes regular guest Bob Chapman to break down Ben Bernanke’s latest announcements.

9,173 Ounces Of Gold Transferred From HSBC To JP Morgan Gold Vaults Overnight
Are we going to start seeing counterparty concerns at the gold depository level next?

Green Police Mafia Raid Gibson Guitars
The modern environmental movement is nothing more than organized crime bent on harassing businesses while redirecting public sentiment towards petty issues rather than real enviro-catastrophes like genetic modification.

How flooding caused by Irene could be made worse by the arrival of a new moon
During new and full moons, the sun, Earth, and the moon are arranged in a straight line, with the sun and moon intensifying each other’s gravitational pull on Earth.

Mayor Orders Cops To Remove Citizen At Council Meeting For Stating His Name
Epidemic of power abuse amongst local authorities as America sinks deeper into police state.

Ron Paul: People Will Hit The Streets Over Inflation Nightmare
Police trained for civil unrest and riots following the engineered economic implosion of 2008.

Sarkozy Cuts & Runs, France ‘Riot-Ready’

Western Speculators Sell Gold; Asia and West Buy Bullion – Coin and Bar Supply Increasingly Tight
Gold is higher in most currencies but especially in dollars and Swiss francs.

BBC journalist killed during Taliban attack ‘may have been shot by US forces’
A BBC journalist who died during a Taliban suicide attack may have been shot dead by US special forces.

Obama invokes Sept 11 attacks in call for service
President Barack Obama urged Americans on Saturday to recall the spirit that united the country after the September 11 attacks and take part in a national day of service.

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Ron Paul: No FEMA response necessary
“There’s no magic about FEMA.”

Alex Jones And Ron Paul Are The Voices of Reason And Dissent Inside Babylon
The tide of truth is rising higher, and political earthquakes are in the making.

Ron Paul 2012 Infowars Special Report w/ Alex Jones and Lew Rockwell
Special guest Lew Rockwell, former campaign manager for Ron Paul, breaks down the Texas Congressman’s rise in 2012 presidential polls, the entrance of establishment favorite Gov. Rick Perry.

Media Blackout: US in Yet Another Illegal War … in Yemen
The US is now involved in almost innumerable wars in the Middle East, but most have been reported in one way or another.

TIME Magazine Pens Five Page Spread To Convince America Ron Paul Can’t Win
Writer states “Paul isn’t really running for President, at least not entirely.”

Ron Paul on Libya: We May Have Helped Radical Jihadists

NATO nations set to reap spoils of Libya war
As rebels take Tripoli, foreign powers are eyeing the prize of Libya’s high quality crude oil.

Gaddafi forces shell Tripoli airport, one plane damaged

Corporate media again admitting Western boots are on the ground in Libya yet delusion still rampant
The Western media has had no problem acting like the Libyan rebels are acting alone.

United States to steal at least $1 billion from the Libyan people with the help of the United Nations

Norwegian Police Confirm Drill Identical to Breivik’s Attack
Bomb attributed to Breivik went off only 26 minutes after the anti-terror drill finished.

Scientists still struggle to identify 9/11 remains
In a laboratory in the center of Manhattan scientists continue to struggle to put names to the remains of victims from the September 11, 2001 attacks.

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