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Obama Hits Struggling Americans With Energy Rate Hikes
Following Barack Obama's vow to "bankrupt" the coal power industry, Americans are set to be hit with a wave of utility bill hikes as draconian EPA regulations drive up the cost of energy while General Electric, one of Obama's biggest campaign donors, gets a waiver and is completely exempt.

NATO Hands Terrorists Who Killed U.S. Troops Control of Libya
While U.S. troops are dying in Afghanistan and Iraq in the supposed fight against terrorists, those same terrorists are now being handed control of an entire country, along with its lucrative resources, as a massive NATO bombardment of Tripoli aids the Al-Qaeda backed rebels in their overthrow of Colonel Gaddafi.

Gaddafi defiant as tanks defend compound – but where is leader?
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Globalist Richard Haas Calls for NATO Occupation of Libya
The Financial Times has featured an editorial penned by Council on Foreign Relations president Richard Haas titled, “Libya Now Needs Boots on the Ground”.

NATO SLAUGHTER IN TRIPOLI: “Operation Mermaid Dawn” Signals Assault by Rebels’ Al Qaeda Death Squads
On Saturday evening, at 8pm, when the hour of Iftar marked the breaking of the Ramadan fast, the NATO command launched its “Operation Mermaid Dawn” against Libya.

ROVE: Sarah Palin’s Probably Running, Will Have To Announce Next Week
Former Bush advisor Karl Rove says he believes Sarah Palin is more likely to run for president than not.

NATO Loots Libyan Gold As Tripoli Falls
Precisely as we predicted last month, NATO forces and their Al-Qaeda backed rebels launched a massive assault on Tripoli in order to wrap up the looting and conquest of Libya in time for crucial talks at the UN on Palestinian statehood set to begin in less than two weeks.

1,300 dead in attack on Tripoli: govt spokesman
Libyan government spokesman Mussa Ibrahim insisted Libya’s regime “is still strong and thousands of volunteers and soldiers are ready to fight.”

The Battle For Libya Is Almost Over… As Is The Battle For Its 144 Tons Of Gold
Toppling Tripoli: ‘Gaddafi plans massive counter-attack’
Libyan rebels arrest dictator’s sons: ‘We’ll give Gaddafi safe passage… if he steps down’
Activist Critical of NATO Shot In Libya
Head of Libyan Security Services calls out NATO for supporting al Qaeda
Time to end Nato’s war in Libya
‘Libya likely to become next Iraq’

Wall Street Aristocracy Got $1.2T in Loans
Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke’s unprecedented effort to keep the economy from plunging into depression included lending banks and other companies as much as $1.2 trillion of public money.

30 Questions That Children Should Be Asking Their Parents About The U.S. Economy
There are a whole lot of things about the U.S. economy that don’t make any sense whatsoever.

Bloomberg reveals massive corruption in the private Federal Reserve
Visualizing What $1.2 Trillion In Secret Fed Bailouts To The Banking Kleptocracy Looks Like

CNN’s Zakaria Promotes ‘Superior’ Parliamentary System vs. American System
There’s nothing like being lectured to about how inferior the American political system is by a man whose father was a member of the Indian Parliament (which is clearly superior).

US, NATO Officials Openly Admit To Arming, Training Libyan Rebels, Forcing Regime Change
International mandate to “protect” civilians is and always was a complete hoax.

Ron Paul: Liberty is More Important Than the Illusion of Safety
In Ron Paul’s weekly Texas Straight Talk address, he talks about how people have been conditioned by mainstream media to view the state as our protector.

WikiLeaks’ Bank Of America Bombshell May Have Been Destroyed
Former WikiLeaks spokesman Daniel Domscheit-Berg claims to have destroyed more than 3,500 unpublished files being held by the site.

Warning as children shun books in favour of Facebook
One in six children are failing to read books as they spend an increasing amount of time texting friends, sending emails and searching Facebook and Twitter, research suggests.

Martin Luther King memorial made in China
The decision to outsource to China the carving of a new national memorial to Martin Luther King has raised eyebrows in the United States.

Irene: Caribbean, U.S. Threat
Hurricane Irene became the first hurricane of the 2011 Atlantic hurricane season early Monday morning.

Oldest known fossils prove life began more than 3.4bn years ago
The fossilised remains of the oldest known lifeforms on Earth have been discovered.

Children defy police in Washington, purchase lemonade at Capitol
Several activists gathered at the west lawn of the capitol in Washington, DC to sell lemonade and were arrested.

21 Signs That The New Reality For Many Baby Boomers Will Be To Work As Wage Slaves Until They Drop Dead
All over America tonight, millions of elderly Americans are wondering if their money is going to run out before it is time for them to die.

Is Alex Jones for real?
One of the most common question I’m asked these days is also one of the easiest to answer: Is Alex Jones for real? In a word, yes.

Defiant Assad addresses Syria on TV as UN arrives in Damascus
In a comment that appeared designed to include Turkey, he warned “countries close and far away” against intervening.

Chinese Think Tank Implies America May Be Falsifying Its Accounting, Says US On Way To Default
Joe Biden came to China, saw, and failed to conquer the locals’ ridicule.

Texas authorities actively hid evidence of radiation in drinking water
TV station KHOU of Texas, reported a cover up conspiracy regarding radioactive levels in Texas drinking water in May 2011.

The Obama administration love affair with GMOs is selling America down the river to agricultural ruin
The freedom to grow one’s own food is a foundational pillar of civilization, and one that absolutely must persist if humanity itself is to exist.

EPA Says That Freezing People In The Dark Is Good For Their Health
The head of the Texas Public Utility Commission expressed concern Friday that a new federal air quality rule, set to take effect Jan. 1, will cause disruptions in electric service.

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