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Disapproval of Congress Hits All Time High of 84%
Disapproval of Congress has hit an all time record high of 84% according to a Gallup poll released today, barely a week after pollster Pat Caddell warned that a dramatic loss of confidence in the country’s leadership meant Americans were now “pre-revolutionary”.

Obama clashes with Tea Party member
President Obama came face-to-face with the Tea Party last night in Iowa.

Libyan rebel “gains” smokescreen for talks in Tunisia to end war
On the table, according to our sources, is a step-by-step process, whereby Muammar Qaddafi will relinquish power in stages.

US says would consider staying in Iraq beyond 2011
The White House said Monday it “would consider” any Iraqi request for a US troop presence past 2011.

Stagflation Threatens Western Economies – Gold A Bubble, To Correct Or Go Parabolic As Per 1970’s?
All major currencies have fallen against gold today

Euro Zone Second Quarter GDP Growth Slows to 0.2 Percent

10 years after 9/11, did bin Laden or America win?
A decade on, nearly 100,000 US troops remain in Afghanistan and almost 7,500 US and allied soldiers have died there and in Iraq.

Ron Paul: ‘They Call Me Extreme – They’re The Extremists!’
During an interview with CNN last night, presidential frontrunner Ron Paul explained how the establishment is finding it more and more difficult to portray his ideas as “extreme,” pointing out how his viewpoints are becoming part of mainstream thinking as the real “extremists” in charge continue to follow the same course even as America’s economy crumbles.

Ron Paul on Texas Straight Talk: U.S. Government Debt Is Becoming Worthless

Obama: Forcing People to Buy Health Insurance ‘Should Not Be Controversial’
“If you can afford it, you should get health insurance just like you get car insurance.”

BART spokesman blames protesters for cell phone service shut down
He claimed law enforcement had evidence that the protesters were intent on causing chaos.

Big Brother 2.0: 10 New Ways That The Government Will Be Spying On You And Controlling Your Behavior
Are you ready for Big Brother 2.0?

Visual Rituals: Television As The Greatest Myth-Making Force in Human History
The cunning State creators of the 9/11 myth had a wild imagination.

FCC to probe BART for cutting off cell phone service
BART shut off cell phone service to “ensure the safety of everyone at its stations”.

Ron Paul got ‘shafted’ by the media: Politico’s Roger Simons
“Why was Paul’s virtual tie good enough only to relegate him to being ignored?”

NYTimes: Polar bear-gate a ‘minor sideshow’
The Times ought to be questioning that “broad array” of “suggestive” evidence.

Rick Perry’s Campaign Strategy: Become Ron Paul
Texas Governor Rick Perry has shown his hand immediately. His presidential campaign strategy consists of attempting to steal away Ron Paul supporters while the mainstream media aids him by refusing to even acknowledge Paul exists.

Jon Stewart Destroys Media For Ignoring Ron Paul

Rick Perry on Al Gore, the NAFTA Superhighway, and Bilderberg
If Rick Perry is going to successfully project the image of a god-fearing Christian Tea Party Republican, he will have to put distance between himself and Al Gore.

Feds Who Ran ‘Fast and Furious’ Gun Program Receive Promotions
No senior crime figures were arrested during the 15-month program.

Police accessed BlackBerry messages to thwart planned riots
In effect by last Monday afternoon they were able to monitor BlackBerry messaging.

Democrat questions TSA over Israeli-style ‘chat downs’
Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) on Monday called for the TSA to halt the implementation of a new behavioral screening program.

Shell, govt spin machine keeps lid on worst UK oil spill for decade
Royal Dutch Shell says there are now only two barrels of oil a day leaking from one of its North Sea rigs.

Col Gaddafi fires scud missile at rebel territory as Nato braces itself for final violent showdown
Gaddafi’s Libyan government appears to be preparing for a last violent final showdown.

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Israel wages multiple strikes on Gaza
At least one person has been killed and five others injured after Israeli warplanes launched several airstrikes on the besieged Gaza Strip.

16 Statistics Which Prove That The American People Are Absolutely Seething With Anger
According to a whole host of polls and surveys, the American people are incredibly angry right now.

High food prices threaten poorest: World Bank
Food prices near record peaks.

No, Mr. Krugman … War is Not Good for the Economy

Lew Rockwell: Death of the Dollar
Pakistan gave China access to the previously unknown “stealth” helicopter.

Too Late To Jump On The Goldwagon?
Moody’s Lowers Economic Growth Outlook

Rick Perry backed an already-climate-crusading Al Gore in ’88
Lew Rockwell, chairman of Ludwig von Mises Institute, tells us who’s to blame for the death of the dollar.

Cenk Uygur rips CNN’s Fareed Zakaria for saying ‘liberals need to grow up’
The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur criticized the “Washington conventional wisdom” of CNN’s Fareed Zakaria on Monday.

Fined after parking for exactly 17 seconds: Spy cameras hit innocent drivers as tickets soar fivefold
Persecuted motorists are being handed five times as many parking tickets as they were a decade ago, figures show.

What is a Coronal Mass Ejection and Why Should You Care?
A large solar strike may hit earth with the potential to disrupt our daily lives in an unpredictable manner.

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