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Forget the Hoax, Ron Paul is a Presidential Front Runner
The Republican establishment, spearheaded by neo-con talking heads like Rush Limbaugh, are once again party to an orchestrated hoax as part of an effort to sideline Ron Paul by claiming he is a fringe candidate even as his success in national polls prove he is a powerful front runner for the 2012 presidential election.

Ron Paul Wins Iowa GOP Debate; Is Right On Iran
Ron Paul could be a surprise victor in Ames straw poll
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Ron Paul’s message hits America
Is a new era of political thought around the bend?

Obama’s Political Support Is Collapsing
Let’s be blunt. If it was a stock, it would be a short.

Average Teen Unemployment Rate in D.C. is 50.1%, Analysis Shows
The 50.1 percent figure is almost double the average teen unemployment rate in June 2007 in the District.

Britain burns the colour of ‘A Clockwork Orange’
The speed of the disintegration said everything. It took less than 48 hours for London to descend from self-styled capital of the world into a circuit of burning dystopian hells.

The Meaning of the British Riots

Creator of Obama “Hope” poster beaten up in Denmark misunderstanding
Two men accosted Shepard Fairey outside a Copenhagen nightclub last Saturday, and accused him of being an “Obama illuminati,” and told him to “go back to America.”

Location of downtown Tampa surveillance cameras will be kept from the public
Whether it’s the Republicans or the Democrats, conventions are almost always a flashpoint for police and protestors.

Yemen: Barack Obama warned that al-Qaeda planning ricin attack
US officials are reported to have told Mr Obama that an attack is not imminent and that the terrorist arm has yet to formulate a means for dispersing it as a weapon.

Army suicides hit record in July
The U.S. Army suffered a record 32 suicides in July, the most since it began releasing monthly figures in 2009.

Shell confirms oil leak in North Sea
Royal Dutch Shell has said it is working to contain an oil leak at its Gannet Alpha platform in the North Sea, but declined to specify the size of the leak.

Insider: CIA Orchestrated Operation Fast and Furious
Federal government allowed Mexican drug cartel to import tons of cocaine into United States.

Breivik Called Police at Least 10 times to Surrender
Considered “taking his life or continuing with what he called his operation, and decided to continue until police arrived.”

What QE3 Will Look Like
The recent financial fireworks in the US and in Europe have made it clear that QE3 is close at hand.

Parents of Homeless Man Beaten to Death by Fullerton Cops File Suit
Six officers have been placed on paid administrative leave in connection with the case.

INFOWARS SPECIAL REPORT: Globalists’ Extermination List Exposed
In a Special Infowars Report, researcher Aaron Dykes exposes the global population database apparatus used by eugenicists to target populations for reduced births, soft kill and extermination.

UNICEF using African refugee crisis to target 300,000 Kenyan children for vaccination
You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.

Shaming of our spooks: MI6 produced bogus Iraq war evidence under pressure from Downing Street
Tiny sparks of dubious information picked up in the backstreets of Baghdad and elsewhere were fanned into giant flames.

Fukushima update: Radiation danger continues
Five months ago today, the nuclear crisis began in Fukushima, and the government began lying about the threat and the dangers to its people.

Bush and Clinton Counter-Terrorism Czar Alleges Massive 9/11 Cover Up
Richard Clarke – the top Bush and Clinton counter-terrorism czar – alleges that there was a high-level decision in the CIA to suppress key information.

Both Consumer Confidence And The Labor Participation Rate Are At A 30 Year Low … That’s Not A Coincidence
A new poll from Thomson Reuters and University of Michigan shows that consumer confidence is the lowest its been for 30 years.

The World’s Money Is Draining Away … Where’s It Going?

Ron Paul Vs GOP Warmongers: Congressman Romps To Victory In Iowa Debate
Paul is the only candidate who will end ceaseless foreign invasions.

Ron Paul’s Iowa Fox GOP Debate Question Answers
Ron Paul Wins Another Straw Poll

Thousands Riot in China’s Guizhou Province: Xinhua
When cops beat homeless people to death, Americans stand back and watch. Home of the brave?

Wisconsin State Fair Attacks: Whites Were “Easy Targets”

Appeals Court Rules Obamacare Is Unconstitutional
A U.S. appeals court ruled that it was unconstitutional to require all Americans to buy insurance or face a penalty.

Evidence of U.S. Effort to Arm Syrian Opposition Emerges
Arms smugglers connected to group supported by U.S., Israel and Saudis.

British Prime Minister Does a 180 on Internet Censorship
Cameron is practically tripping over himself in his eagerness to sacrifice liberty for security.

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