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Standard & Poor’s downgrades U.S. debt rating
The rating agency has gone ahead with the change, lowering the U.S. from AAA to AA+.

As promised, S&P downgrades United States AAA credit rating
Flashback – Geithner: No Risk U.S. Will Ever Lose AAA Credit Rating
AAA-rmageddon: S&P downgrade knocks off US credit crown

13 Reasons Why The U.S. Is Now OFFICIALLY BANKRUPT
Corporate journalists and financial pundits know NOTHING about budgets.

America Loses AAA Credit Rating (Being The Military Superpower And Money Printer In Chief Did Not Protect Our Credit)
We Americans have always thought we were different.

U.S. Will Roll Out QE3 After S&P Rating Cut, Li Daokui Says
The U.S. Federal Reserve will extend its program to purchase the nation’s debts.

Jim Rogers: US never scraped out of 2008 depression
Asian investors are getting cagey on the back of what’s been a tough week for America’s economy. Jim Rogers says they’re ditching bonds.

Capitalism in crisis, a warning from history: Eighty years ago, a banking collapse devastated Europe, triggering war. Today, faith in the free markets is faltering again
Exactly 80 years ago, international capitalism stood on the verge of meltdown.

Alex Jones speaks about his 50 guns
The ATF has new regulations that make gun store owners in Border States report multiple sales of semi-automatic rifles.

Threat analyst says medical devices can be hacked remotely
A computer threat analyst on Saturday will show a gathering of hackers how easy it is to wirelessly take control of an insulin pump on which a diabetic’s life could hinge.

Russian Envoy: NATO Is Planning Attacks on Syria, Iran
Even as it finds itself still embroiled in Libya, NATO is preparing to launch a military assault on Syria in order to create a beachhead for a future attack on Iran, claims Russia’s envoy to NATO Dmitry Rogozin.

Mob of Hundreds of Black Youths Beat White People In Racial Attack
“It looked like they were just going after white guys, white people.”

US Economy Has To Generate 256K Jobs Per Month Until The End Of Obama’s Second Term To Regain Lost Jobs Since December 2007
Somehow America needs to add 16,356,500 jobs over the next 64 months.

Va. Beach ponders approving homeless ‘tent city’

Breaking News: Rawesome Foods raid victims stripped of First Amendment rights with court gag order
Victoria Bloch was released from jail in LA County last night, but only under the condition that she completely give up her First Amendment rights

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Super Congress: A Financial Death Panel That Will Help The Banks Loot & Rape America
The power of life and death over what’s left of the American economy now rests in the hands of twelve bought off officials.

Taliban Shoots Down NATO Helicopter, Killing 38 In Deadliest Attack Of War
Insurgents shot down a NATO Chinook in eastern Afghanistan on Friday night, killing everyone aboard.

The Stalling Syrian Gambit
Brookings’ Shaikh: BRIC Nations are Spoiled Brats.

Globalist Lies: Truth Behind Pakistan Unrest
The George Soros-funded Human Rights Watch (HRW) is pulling out the stops.

U.S. soldiers dangerously over-medicated with antipsychotic drugs
As if American soldiers sent to fight America’s undeclared wars in Iraq and Afghanistan haven’t suffered enough.

Health Ranger: ‘FDA fights organic farmers’
For the past several years organic foods have received an increase of attention due to the lack of pesticides and not being genetically altered. Many people are demanding that their food be untouched.

8 Reasons Raw Foodies Are Dangerous Extremists (Satire)

TSA Illegally Confiscates Pregnant Woman’s Insulin As “Explosives Risk”
Keeping America safe from diabetes sufferers.

Infowars Special Report with Gerald Celente: US Dollar Isn’t Worth The Paper It’s Printed On
Gerald sounded the bell today saying that the US dollar isn’t worth the paper it is printed on.

China Says Debt Financing Unlikely ‘to Save’ US, EU

Infowars Special Report with Mike Adams: FDA & CDC Are Perpetuating a Culture of Sickness and Death
Both the FDA and CDC continue to allege that raw milk is dangerous and that it leads to disease.

Researchers Show Off Wi-Fi Hacking Drone at Black Hat

Food stamp use rises to record 45.8 million
Nearly 15% of the U.S. population relied on food stamps in May.

Just 58% of work-age Americans have jobs, lowest since July 1983

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