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Finland Suspends Swine Flu Shots After Vaccine Linked With Neurological Disorder
Finland's National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) has suspended the use of the H1N1 vaccine over fears that the shot is linked with a 300 per cent increase in cases of the neurological disorder narcolepsy among children and young people over the last six months.

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Study: Oil spill cleanup workers suffered chromosome damage, respiratory issues
Spanish fishermen who took part in a clean-up operation after the Prestige oil tanker spill in 2002 have shown symptoms of chromosomal damage and respiratory problems, a study released Tuesday said.

MI6 Worker Found Dead: Sim Cards, Cell Phones Arranged In Ritualistic Way
An MI6 worker whose body was found in a central London flat had been stabbed, Sky sources have revealed.

Alex Jones: Government Wants to Control Your Music
Alex covers the hysteria over “i-dosing” and the ultimate plan by government to control our minds and emotions.

Students told to plan terror attack
An assignment that asked West Australian high school students to plan a terrorist attack that would kill as many innocent people as possible was inappropriate, insensitive and disappointing, according to the education Director General.

US military’s top secret X-37B shuttle ‘disappears’ for two weeks, changes orbit
AMATEUR astronomers are enjoying a cat-and-mouse game with the US military in keeping track of its secret space plane, the X-37B.

4th Amendment Violating Mobile X-Ray Scanners Hit The Streets
As we warned at the beginning of the year, X-ray body scanners currently being used and abused in airports across the world are set to hit the streets as American Science & Engineering reveals that "more than 500 backscatter x-ray scanners mounted in vans that can be driven past neighboring vehicles to see their contents" have been sold to government agencies.

Charges Against Drug War Activist Barry Cooper Dismissed
Ector County prosecutors will not prosecute former narcotics agent turned marijuana activist Barry N. Cooper and two others on charges filed this summer by the Texas Rangers in connection with the December 2008 Kopbusters hoax.

Should the Rich pay More in Taxes?
In a CNBC debate last week, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich presented a set of contradictory beliefs that unfortunately reflect the conventional wisdom of modern economists.

Economy Caught in Depression, Not Recession: Rosenberg
Ron Paul Calls for Audit of US Gold Reserves : Kitco News Exclusive
Let the Housing Market Normalize!
Third Hindenburg Omen Confirmation
Home Sales Drop 27 Percent In July And Things Are Only Going To Get Worse For The U.S. Housing Industry

‘CBS Evening News’ Ties All-Time Low
The network newscast ratings for last week are in and “CBS Evening News with Katie Couric” tied its all-time low in total viewers with an average of 4.89 million tuning in during the five days.

After Hurricane Katrina, NOLA cops told to shoot looters
In the chaotic days after Hurricane Katrina, an order circulated among New Orleans police authorizing officers to shoot looters, according to present and former members of the department.

Bagels With a Slice of Tax
Have you noticed bagel shops tacking on a few more cents to your beloved pumpernickel and cream cheese? Blame Albany.

Electromagnetic pulse can be used to disrupt morality in the human brain
The ability to evaluate other people’s actions as right or wrong can be disrupted with an electromagnetic pulse to the brain, according to a study conducted by researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

52% Concerned About Safety of Vaccines
Vaccinations are common requirements for children all over the country in order to attend public school and college. However, half of American adults (52%) say they are concerned about the safety of vaccinations for children, including 27% who are Very Concerned.

Lock up your Daughters – Suspected Serial Killer Due for Release – It’s Called Gardasil!

U.S. Court Rules That Government Can Secretly Track You With GPS, Privacy is For Rich People Only
A Report in TIME magazine details how it is now perfectly legal in nine states for the government to attach secret satellite tracking devices to your car and monitor you wherever you go, without a search warrant.

Megalomaniacs Push For Orwellian “Safe” City, Controlled Internet

Biometrics R&D firm Global Rainmakers Inc. recently unveiled a plan to place iris scanners and other tracking devices in what they toted as the “most secure” city in the world.

WikiLeaks to release CIA paper on Wednesday
WikiLeaks, the whistleblower website that infuriated the Pentagon when it published thousands of classified military reports, said it will release a fresh set of documents Wednesday.

Dow Reclaims 10,000 as Stocks Pare Losses
Stocks opened lower for a fifth straight day Wednesday as disappointing reports on new home sales and durable-goods orders stoked worries about the economic recovery.

The Housing Holocaust

US Census Counted Everyone as Citizens
The $14.5 billion US Census asked your national origin. But it didn’t ask if you were a US citizen. An estimated 20 million illegal immigrants were counted as citizens.

Cutbacks force police to curtail calls for some crimes
Budget cuts are forcing police around the country to stop responding to fraud, burglary and theft calls as officers focus limited resources on violent crime.

Following EPIC FOIA Lawsuit, US Senators Raise Questions About Retention of Body Scanner Images
The Chairman and Ranking Member of the Homeland Security Committee, along with four other Senators, have sent a letter to the head of the US Marshal Service to ask why the federal agency stored more than 35,000 images from whole body imaging scans taken at the Orlando federal courthouse.

9/11 Mosque Imam Boasts, Quote: ‘Obama’s historic speech in Egypt came from me’
Walid Shoebat a former Islamic terrorist, whose mother tongue is Arabic as well as understanding the mindset of people from the Middle East has been doing extensive research in the Arabic speaking media on what Imam Rauf has been saying and writing in the Arabic.

John McCain’s Attack On Liberty
Anyone paying attention knows that John McCain has been a Big-Government Globalist Neocon (BGGN) for virtually his entire senatorial career.

Iran says U.S., Israeli attack “unlikely”
A senior military adviser to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Tuesday that the United States and Israel are unlikely to launch an attack against Iran, local satellite Press TV reported.

British oil company’s Arctic find fuels hope of huge new reserves
The Arctic is set to become the world’s last dash for oil after a British energy company reported a discovery off the coast of Greenland.

Discovered beyond the sun: Solar system with seven planets
A solar system containing up to seven planets orbiting a sun-like star has been detected 127 light years from Earth.

Sheriff Mack: Hypocrisy Epidemic!
The US constitution is violated daily, and the main perpetrators are the president and top federal government officials. That is the view of Richard Mack, a former Arizona Sheriff who is now advocating state sovereignty as the only way to keep constitution-abiding America intact.

Disapproval of Obama Rises to All-Time High, Says Gallup
For the first time in his presidency, Barack Obama’s average weekly “disapproval” rating has hit 50 percent, according to the Gallup Poll.

Soldiers deployed to Anchorage schools to lend a hand
A new partnership between the Anchorage School District and the U.S. Army Alaska will add a military presence to local schools.


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