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Mosque Imam's Wife Injects More Religious Fervor Into Ground Zero Debate
The wife of ‘Imam’ Feisal Abdul Rauf, the founder of the proposed mosque three blocks away from ground zero in lower Manhattan has further fanned the flames of the controversy by comparing opposition to the project to a hatred of Jews.

Masterminds, mosques and mass insanity
Your Support Needed To Keep Propaganda Matrix Online

Watch This Bizarre Interview, Where Swedish Prosecutors Claim Rape Charge Against Wikileaks Founder Was Normal Procedure
Are you confused about this weekend’s bizarre incident which saw WIkileaks founder Julian Assange get charged with rape in Sweden, only to have the charges revoked a few hours later?

Cop harasses videographer, then admits it was solely to “intimidate” him
Adam Mueller of Cop Block was videotaping a motorcycle cop from a respectable distance in a New Jersey strip mall parking lot when the cop got off his bike and stormed toward him in an aggressive manner.

Huge Mansion-Owning NYT Columnist Worried About Climate Change
Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman is “bummed out” over America’s lack of progress taking on climate change.

Glenn Beck Channels Alex Jones In NY Times Bestselling Book
One of the primary characters in Glenn Beck's New York Times number one bestselling novel The Overton Window is blatantly a caricature of our own Alex Jones, according to a reader who sent us his review of the book. Jones is fictionalized as "Daniel Baily," the patriot movement leader who tries to prevent the U.S. government from carrying out a false flag terror attack on Los Angeles.

1992 John Holdren Publication Reaffirms Devotion to Population Control through “Global Effort”
Yet another writing has surfaced authored by current science czar John P. Holdren, detailing his enduring vision of a depopulated planet and the global efforts that should be made to accomplish it.

Economists Warn Of Inflationary Holocaust
Interest rates could increase 16-fold within two years to 8 per cent – adding £900 to the average monthly home loan bill, it was claimed last night.

CEOs Blame Consumer Class for Joblessness: Admit Economy Grows From Bottom Up
Even Tony Robbins Is Warning That An Economic Collapse Is Coming
Hussman: Bernanke’s Quantitative Easing Is About To Trigger A Collapse In The US Dollar

Combat brigades in Iraq under different name
As the final convoy of the Army’s 4th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, based at Fort Lewis, Wash., entered Kuwait early Thursday, a different Stryker brigade remained in Iraq.

Karzai: Private contractors ‘looting and stealing,’ working with terrorists
U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq After the Last Combat Troops Withdraw
Corporate Media Poll Claims Majority of Americans Support Iran Attack
As public sours on war, GOP senator backs Afghan pullout deadline

US Homeland Security to Expand ‘Secure Communities’ Nationwide
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) plans to broaden its Secure Communities program nationwide by 2013, according to a DHS release.

Frederick Forsyth Claims NSA Wrecked Wife’s Computer by Remote
Philly requiring bloggers to pay $300 for a business license

Obama Scrubs White House Website of Climate Change Promises, Media Mum
Despite the fact that President Obama made Cap and Trade and other green policy plans a focal point of his early days in office — not to mention his campaign for president — the White House has quietly scrubbed from its official website many of Obama’s promises and green initiatives. I guess the era of Obama really is “change you can believe in.”

Muse Urges Its Fans To Take The Red Pill
Alternative rock megaband Muse have urged their millions of listeners to take the "red pill" and reject the babylon system of mindless popular culture and meaningless music - by inviting people to visit Alex Jones' Prison and via links on the band's official website.

Portions of the Gulf are So Toxic that Dolphins, Fish, Crabs, Stingrays and Other Animals are “Trying to Crawl Out of the Water”
Danny Ross, a commercial fisherman from Biloxi… said he has watched horseshoe crabs trying to crawl out of the water, and other marine life like stingrays and flounder trying to escape the water as well. He believes this is because the water is hypoxic.

Iran launches assault boats with warning
Iran kicked off mass production of two high-speed missile-launching assault boats on Monday, warning its enemies not to “play with fire” as it boosts security along its coastline.

Housing Fades as a Means to Build Wealth, Analysts Say
Many real estate experts now believe that home ownership will never again yield rewards like those enjoyed in the second half of the 20th century.

Why “Fair Play” In A Central Bank Interventionist World Is A Doomed Strategy

Just 2 People Sign Up For Obamacare in NJ
Just two people in New Jersey will begin receiving coverage Monday under new plans created by federal health care reforms.

Israeli Official Warns: ‘We’re Preparing for War’
Likud member of Israel’s Knesset, Danny Danon, appeared on Aaron Klein’s WABC radio program Sunday Afternoon. “We are prepared for all risks,” Danon said. “And I think our enemies should know that even though we are speaking of peace, we are getting ready for a time of war, as well.”

Mexican Police To Patrol NY?
In a series of events which has caused wide notice and a storm of protests, the government of Mexico, through its consulate in New York in the United Nations, has announced it will begin patrolling the New York City borough of Staten Island to “safeguard” its nationals there.

New Logan searches blasted
Logan airport security just got more up close and personal as federal screeners launched a more aggressive palms-first, slide-down body search technique that has renewed the debate over privacy vs. safety.

Left and the Right Demagogue Mosque, Islam
Is the controversy over building a mosque near ground zero a grand distraction or a grand opportunity? Or is it, once again, grandiose demagoguery?

WikiLeaks boss Julian Assange blames Pentagon for rape ’smears’ as Swedish authorities revoke his arrest warrant
THE controversial founder of a whistle-blowing website yesterday pointed to ‘Pentagon dirty tricks’ as the likely source of a rape allegation against him.

Good Enough For Hitler….Professors To Debate Sterilizing “Mentally and Morally Unfit” On BBC Radio
Edward Stourton chairs a live debate in which Professor David Marsland defends his view that the mentally and morally unfit should be sterilised.

Scientists Hack Into Cars’ Computers — Control Brakes, Engine
It sounds like a Hollywood movie: cybercriminals in a van use a laptop to hack wirelessly into the computer-controlled systems of the car on the road ahead. In seconds the target car’s engine, brakes, and door locks are under their nefarious control.

FDA exploits salmonella eggs recall to pursue food sterilization agenda
It’s always amusing to see how quickly consumers can be worked up into a false fear frenzy by health authorities. We saw it last year with the overhyped H1N1 swine flu scare which was fanned into a flaming fear fest by WHO advisors on the take from vaccine manufacturers.


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