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Google Plans To Kill Web In Internet Takeover Agenda
The net-neutrality ending deal with Verizon is just the beginning of Google’s plans to kill the open and free Internet as part of their takeover agenda to completely control the world wide web and force independent media websites, radio and TV shows out of existence for good.

Your Support Needed To Keep Propaganda Matrix Online

Nearly Half of United States Considering Arizona-Style Immigration Legislation
Twenty-two states are now in the process of drafting or seeking to pass legislation similar to Arizona’s law against illegal immigration.

Negotiators confirm ACTA not really a “counterfeiting” treaty
What’s in a name? Not much, when it comes to the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. As Luc Devigne, the top EU negotiator on ACTA made clear today, he has no intention of limiting ACTA to, you know, its name.

Establishment Fails Again: Rand Paul Maintains Lead Over Conway
The latest establishment media smear attempt against Rand Paul, in which they falsely reported for over a week that the Kentucky Senatorial candidate had "abducted" and "force drugged" a woman while in college, has completely failed again, with the very latest Rasmussen poll showing that Paul has retained a healthy lead over Democratic opponent Jack Conway.

Ron Paul: The American Empire Can’t Afford Another War!
Alex welcomes back Congressman Ron Paul to the show to discuss the latest on Iran, legislation in the house, and more.

CIA Launches “Counterproliferation Center” as Iran Attack Rhetoric Kicks Into High Gear

Is Islam A Global Threat or Just Propaganda by The Establishment? – Alex Jones Tv
Alex talks with a caller who says, Islam can’t be trusted.

Attorney General opens door to new inquiry on Kelly death
A fresh investigation into the death of Dr David Kelly could be launched if new evidence comes to light, the Attorney General said yesterday.

New Data Emerges On Gulf War Illness
At an Aug. 6 conference on Gulf War Illness held near Dallas, AFP had a chance to talk with Ross Perot, a former U.S. Navy man who ran for president in the early 1990s and is among the last of the original self-made Texas billionaires.

Remember Obama Youth Corps, And Boy Scouts Training To Become Homeland Gestapo, Well Spain has Gone A Step Further With The Kiddie Police (Video)
The indoctrination of our kids has taking a surge forward with Spain introducing the Kiddie police. Training the next generation to police themselves and their parents on how to be good citizens in The New World.

Walgreens announces flu shot gift card; give the “gift” of a vaccine
Summer isn’t even over yet and the big push for the mass vaccination of the entire population is already under way.

Power of ‘Caught on Tape’: Denver beating video sheds light on police brutality
Denver police officers were caught on video tackling and beating a 23-year-old man who was doing nothing but talking on a telephone.

Vaccines destroy the lives of children in China
More than 70 children in the northern Chinese province of Shanxi have suffered severe side effects from defective vaccines in the past several years, the China Economic Times has reported.

Magnetic mega-star discovery challenges black hole theory
A neutron star with a mighty magnetic field has thrown down the gauntlet to theories about stellar evolution and the birth of black holes, astronomers said today.

Biometric Iris Scanning Technology Rolled Out Across Entire City
A biometrics research and development company is set to roll out iris recognition technology across an entire city in a move that it claims will create a real life Minority Report society where anyone taking a train or shopping in a department store will have their eyes scanned by hi-tech sensors.

Obama’s pledge to close down Guantanamo is ‘not even close’
Barack Obama’s pledge to shut down Guantanamo Bay will not be honoured until at least a year after the President’s self-imposed deadline – and may not be completed in his first administration.

Obamas to begin sixth holiday of the year
Barack Obama is Muslim, according to nearly one in five Americans surveyed

US-Vietnam Military Drills Crank Up Tensions With China
The U.S. Navy just began military exercises with Vietnam in the South China Sea and China, which had in the past been more accepting of the U.S.’ naval power in the region, is now showing its anger, according to The Asia Times.

Poll: ‘No’ to US wars at all time high
51% Say U.S. Should Help Israel If It Attacks Iran
Last of the Combat Troops Leaving Iraq? – Only in your Dreams

Weekly Jobless Claims Post Surprise Jump, Hit 500,000
New U.S. claims for unemployment benefits unexpectedly climbed to a nine-month high last week, yet another setback to the frail economic recovery.

Health Dept: Speed Drug and Vaccine Approvals For Biological Threats
The U.S. government proposed big changes on Thursday to the way it works with companies to fight new disease threats such as flu, including reform at the Food and Drug Administration and setting up centers to make vaccines quickly.

Study to test gas effects at subway stops
Researchers working for the US Department of Homeland Security will release odorless, nontoxic gases in more than 20 MBTA subway stations for a week, beginning tomorrow, to study the possible effects if airborne contaminants were to be released there, officials said.

Obama mosque stance hurting, Gallup finds, as Americans disapprove of it and him
The new survey found that among the 57% of Americans with an opinion, 37% of Americans disapprove of the Democrat’s mosque comments. Twenty percent support them. Another 41% said they don’t yet know enough to have an opinion.

Bombshell: Barack Obama conclusively outed as CIA creation

No criminal charges for school that spied on kids through laptops
The federal prosecutor investigating the case of a Pennsylvania school district that spied on its students via remote-controlled laptop cameras says the school district won’t face criminal charges in the case.

Afghan ban of security firms irks US
US has made and indirect threat that a ban on mainly Western private security firms in Afghanistan can adversely affect development and aid projects in the country.

Media Use Crazy Weather to Hype Global Warming, Despite Admissions Weather Isn’t Climate
Last winter, as blizzard snowfalls piled up into several feet in the nation’s capital, conservatives mocked global warming alarmists for trying to link weather incidents to global warming.

The Sun Affects the Earth More Than You Might Realize

Western Economies Face Hyperinflation: Gold Bull
It’s widely predicted that China’s economy will be the largest in the world by 2020, overtaking the U.S. Only this week the country surpassed Japan to become the world’s second biggest economy by GDP.

US Prepares For Gold Standard
5 Trillion More Dollars To Fix Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac???


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