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In Supporting The Ground Zero Mosque, Barack Obama Falls On His Sword
With President Barack Obama’s political dynasty already on life support, his decision to publicly back the hugely unpopular building of a Muslim mosque near Ground Zero confirms that Obama, or rather the advisors that pull his strings, have decided to commit political suicide and cut him loose from the Washington power structure, with the hope of fooling Americans with another establishment Republican as a legitimate alternative in 2012.

Obama, the one-term president
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China targets U.S. troops with arms buildup
China is aggressively building up military forces to strike U.S. forces in the western Pacific and elsewhere as part of what the Pentagon calls an array of high-tech “anti-access” missiles, submarines and warplanes in its latest annual report.

China, U.S. playing risky game on the high seas

Russian Scholar Warns Of ‘Secret’ U.S. Climate Change Weapon
As Muscovites suffer record high temperatures this summer, a Russian political scientist has claimed the United States may be using climate-change weapons to alter the temperatures and crop yields of Russia and other Central Asian countries.

Weather Wars and the Devil’s HAARP
The weather forces of Earth are volatile indeed. Even in the human era we have passed through cataclysmic times of both fire and ice, destruction and rebirth; recorded throughout the world in legends and religious texts. Are the current weather events part of that natural wave pattern of upheaval and stability, man-made global warming, a cyclical eruption of the sun, or are there clear manufactured patterns emerging?

Dreaded Hindenburg Omen Will Play Out Within 4 Weeks
UBS Financial Services Director Art Cashin says that we'll know within 3 or 4 weeks whether the dreaded Hindenburg Omen, a set of market factors that precede a stock market collapse, will unfold as many are now predicting.

US breast cancer drug decision ‘marks start of death panels’
America’s health watchdog is considering revoking its approval of the drug Avastin for use on women with advanced breast cancer, leading to accusations that it will mark the start of ‘death panel’ drug rationing.

Anger over ex-Israeli soldier’s Facebook photos of Palestinian prisoners
A former Israeli soldier’s Facebook page has provoked outrage after she posted pictures of herself on duty posing next to handcuffed, blindfolded Palestinians.

Goldman Sachs Could be Largely Unaffected by ‘Financial Overhaul’
The Obama administration is seeking authority from Congress that would compel internet service providers (ISPs) to turn over records of an individual’s internet activity for use in secretive FBI probes.

Washington’s Idea of Fiscal Restraint
No Exit – Stage Left or Right
Tons of gold imports turn to dust on arrival
China Slashes U.S. Government Bond Holdings By The Largest Amount Ever

Suicide Spike Among Border Patrol Agents
Ten U.S. Border Patrol have committed suicide since the beginning of 2009, the biggest surge in more than 20 years. Now the agency is responding, producing a video to help spot signs of trouble.

Top Climate Scientists Speak out on the Satellitegate Scandal
US Government admits global warming satellite sensors “degraded” – temperatures may be out by 10-15 degrees. Now five satellites in controversy. Top scientists speak out.

Green taxes could treble by 2020, costing taxpayers more than £16billion a year

Chinese babies growing breasts from milk hormones?
Premature development in young girls is becoming a problem in China, where growth hormones used in milk production have been found in certain baby formulas.

Former Pakistani Intel Chief Fears World War Three Is Imminent
Former Pakistani General and intelligence chief Hamid Gul appeared on the Alex Jones Show yesterday for a full hour in what turned out to be a fascinating extended interview, addressing the major geopolitical issues that are shaping modern history.

Neocon Bolton Renews Call for Israel to Bomb Iran

Ban Ki-moon’s Top Advisor: Scientific Elite Should Spearhead Global Population Control
“The fertility reduction and stabilization of population is crucial. He (Sachs) concluded by urging for the adoption of a globally agreed action plan at next year’s Summit to achieve the MDGs by 2015, and proposed to form Working Groups with members of the delegations around particular themes. He characterized this effort as not negotiation, but as global problem solving and suggested that the Working Groups would brainstorm on the globally agreed plan.”

William Engdahl: No pull-out in 2011, US will spread Afghan war
The commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan says he is NOT bound by the July 2011 date set for a troop pull-out.

Iranian F4 Fighter Crashes Near Nuclear Reactor

Arizona Sheriff Arpaio Refuses to Comply With Feds
The Maricopa County Sheriff’s office will not release any more documents on Tuesday despite a deadline from U.S. Department of Justice, which is investigating possible civil rights violations.

Health Care Premiums Are Already Soaring In Advance of Obamacare
This past month millions of Americans got notice from Blue Cross/Blue Shield providers across the country that their insurance premiums were going way up effective immediately. Here is the terse reason CareFirst/ Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Washington gave its subscribers for raising a monthly premium from $333 to $512 on a middle aged man who is healthy, is not a smoker and is not obese: “Your new rate reflects the overall rise in health care costs and we regret having to pass these additional costs on to you.”

Obama Administration Spending $63 Billion On “Global Health Care” Program

Former Pakistani ISI Chief Hamid Gul: “God Help America!!” – The Alex Jones Show
In a landmark interview, Alex talks with former director of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence, Hamid Gul. Mr. Gul recently characterized the “leaked” Wikileaks documents implicating him in a string of attacks against US and NATO forces in Afghanistan as “malicious, fictitious, and preposterous.”

Hal Turner Betrayed and Burned by Government He Served
On Friday, a jury found “National Security Intelligence” asset Hal Turner guilty of threatening to kill a judge. Prosecutors argued the former radio host threatened federal judges Richard Posner, William Bauer and Frank Easterbrook after they upheld a law banning handguns in Chicago.

William Engdahl: No pull-out in 2011, US will spread Afghan war
The commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan says he is NOT bound by the July 2011 date set for a troop pull-out.

Fahrenheit 451 Author: United States Needs a Revolution Against Big Government
Famed US author Ray Bradbury on Monday told the Los Angeles Times that this country needs a “revolution” and that he gets burned up by the idea of his works going digital.

Obama Sees New Lows in Job Approval
“Those Voices Don’t Speak for the Rest of Us”
65% of Voters Are Angry At Federal Government’s Policies
10 Signs The U.S. is Becoming a Third World Country
18 Signs That America Is Rotting Right In Front Of Our Eyes

Landing gear of plane used in 911 attack crashed through roof of proposed mosque site
On Sept. 11, the landing gear assembly of one of the planes used in the attack crashed through the roof of what was then a Burlington Coat Factory.


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