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Cybersecurity Lie Exposed: Power Plants Are Not Connected To The Internet
Senator Joe Lieberman's draconian Internet takeover legislation, the 197-page Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act, is being promoted as a vital tool to protect vulnerable infrastructure hubs from terrorist attacks, but as a recent Wall Street Journal report makes clear, large industrial power and water plants are not even connected to the public Internet.

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State of Texas sues BP over 40-days of toxic emissions
The state of Texas accused BP of putting profits before environmental safety and sued the British energy giant Monday for the mass release of pollutants after a fire at its troubled Texas City refinery.

Iran Retaliates Against Sanctions: To Drop All Trade In “Filthy” Euro, Dollar
Yet another step in the escalation between Iran and the US came earlier today.

9 Reasons Why You Won’t See A Jobs Recovery Anytime Soon
In two words: small businesses.

Federal Employees Earn 30 to 40 Percent More than Private-Sector Workers, Study Finds

Hillary for Vice President Movement Gains Traction
As President Obama sinks in the polls, Democrats and liberal pundits inevitably are searching for a scapegoat.

Guantanamo detainee Ibrahim al-Qosi’s plea agreement is kept secret
A former cook for Osama bin Laden’s entourage in Afghanistan has reached an agreement with the U.S. government that will allow him to serve any sentence at a minimum-security facility at Guantanamo Bay, according to statements by lawyers at a military commission on Monday.

Wikileaks falls out with human rights groups
Wikileaks faces criticism from human rights groups over its publishing of the names of intelligence sources in Afghanistan.

Facial-recognition technology used to catch identity thieves
If the eyes are the window to the soul, then facial-recognition technology might be regarded as the soul’s window cleaner — at least by state officials nationwide who are increasingly using it to catch identity thieves and other fraudsters trying to get driver’s licenses.

Did Google Block "Barry Soetoro" Search Term?
Screenshots obtained by a Prison Planet reader suggest that Google may have moved to de-list "Barry Soetoro" as a popular search term shortly after it rose to the top of the Google Trends charts after yesterday's effort by radio talk show host Alex Jones to focus attention on Barack Obama's real name.

Gallup Predicts A Ruling Party Rout In The Midterms Based On Obama’s Popularity Rating
Gallup presents some troubling statistics for the democrats as we approach mid-term elections (a mere three months away).

Fair tax is a trap: Demand NO vote on H.R. 25
The other night on the boob tube I caught a commercial featuring a talk show host named Neal Boortz, Michael Reagan (adopted son of former president, Ronald Reagan) and the vile Newt Gingrich.

New Iranian Submarine Threat Could Send Oil to $200 a Barrel
You might wonder how the media – and, more to the point, the oil markets – have missed an important story like this.

San Francisco Fed: “A Recessionary Relapse Is A Significant Possibility Sometime In The Next Two Years”
Presented without commentary, suffice to say that idiots who look at the LEI and factor for the curve inversion subindicator deserve all they get.

The Oil Price Surge Indicator Says There’s A 100% Chance Of A New Recession
No, that headline is not a typo.

Gold Prepares To Make Yet Another All Time High
The US Government’s Secret Plan to Destroy the Dollar

Former Obama Campaigner Caught Provocatuering As 'Racist' Tea Party Member
A man purporting to be a Rand Paul supporter was caught on film brandishing a racist sign at a rally in Kentucky this past weekend, then later spotted marching with supporters of Paul's political opponent.

Gerald Celente On the Alex Jones Show: Double Dip Depression Will Lead Us Into War
The white shoe boys are taking us into the worst depression in history.

Google and Verizon DID do a deal for new internet ‘first class’ superhighway
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Tel Aviv acted lawfully in attacking a Gaza-bound aid convoy, which killed nine Turkish civilians onboard the fleet.

Google-Verizon Pact: It Gets Worse

Russia battles to defend nuclear sites from fires
Russia fought a deadly battle Tuesday to prevent wildfires from engulfing key nuclear sites as alarm mounted over the impact on health of a toxic smoke cloud shrouded over Moscow.

The Government is Dealing with the Oil Spill Like the Soviets Dealt with Chernobyl
The Soviet Union was famous for covering up its environmental disasters.

BP Critic Matt Simmons Found Dead

The Cycle of Violence in Afghanistan
Last week the National Bureau of Economic Research published a report on the effect of civilian casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq that confirmed what critics of our foreign policy have been saying for years: the killing of civilians, although unintentional, angers other civilians and prompts them to seek revenge. This should be self-evident.

A Plea for Freedom
On June 5th, 1933, Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed into law the Emergency Banking Act which declared America bankrupt and insolvent. Twenty years after the 1913 Federal Reserve Act authorized a private central bank to loan money to the government at interest, the country declared its bankruptcy.

The Grinch Who Stole Conservatism
The GOP is frantically searching for the person who will lead them to the Promised Land (translate: White House) in 2012.

Now Brussels wants to tax Britons directly with EU-wide levies on banks and air travel
Brussels has launched an audacious bid for new powers to impose taxes in Britain.

Is This Flying Drone Google’s Next Privacy Controversy? Update: Google Says No
If you felt that Google Street View violated your privacy, wait until you’ve got one of these hovering over your back porch.

TV Is A Psycho-Social Weapon
I think most right thinking people are agreed that physical effects aside, the content of the majority of TV programming today (I emphasise the word programming, a process that involves a passive receptor of information) is designed to instil a social worldview and value system that is self-centric and is in fact the opposite of what a healthy and enduring society requires.

Mass. residents fight aerial insecticide spraying
In response to recent reports about the growing number of Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) and West Nile virus infections occurring from mosquito bites, some municipalities in the Eastern U.S. are planning to conduct aerial insecticide spraying on neighborhoods and farms.

Biofuels emit 400 percent more CO2 than regular fuels
A recent report issued by the European Union has revealed that biofuels, or fuel made from living, renewable sources, is not really all that beneficial to the environment.

‘Never mind the heat, climate change is hoax by gravy-train scientists’


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