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Fox News Poll: Majority Think Swine Flu Vaccine Deadlier Than Virus
According to a Fox News poll, the majority of respondents think that the swine flu vaccine is deadlier than the actual virus itself, emphasizing the growing momentum in the revolt against government plans to institute mass H1N1 vaccination programs.

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Obama To Keep Bush Airport Laptop Search Policy
The Obama administration will largely preserve Bush-era procedures allowing the government to search — without suspicion of wrongdoing — the contents of a traveler’s laptop computer, cellphone or other electronic device.

Taxpayers will foot bill to defend CIA interrogators
Who’s paying to defend CIA employees alleged to have tortured detainees abroad? You are.

Sunspots Do Really Affect Weather Patterns, Say Scientists
A new study in the journal Science by a team of international of researchers led by the National Center for Atmospheric Research have found that the sunspot cycle has a big effect on the earth’s weather.

‘Beginnings of Another Enemy?’: Beck Targets Barack Obama’s Civilian Army
“Mr. President, is your civilian national security force to protect us from things the Missouri State Police, your own Homeland Security and the liberal Southern Law Poverty Center have come out and said were a threat: militia groups; tea party goers; folks with “Don’t Tread on Me” flags; me; Sarah Palin?”

TSA may hand cash rewards to tipsters about crimes or security violations
TSA is considering a program under which it would give cash rewards to individuals who provide it with key information about crimes or transportation security violations.

False Flag at Dem Headquarters in Colorado?
It turns out the man accused of smashing windows at the Dem headquarters in Denver is a former Democrat. Earlier in the week a Democratic Party chairwoman said the vandals were people opposed to Obamacare.

Economic Collapse: Bank Runs, China, Peter Schiff, Gerald Celente, Max Keiser
Max Kaiser speaks about the predicted bank run and currency destruction of the US economy.

Swiss Negotiator for UBS Says IRS May Seek More Data

China: US should end naval patrol in China sea
China’s defense ministry expresses anger over the US military surveillance operations in its coastal waters, but warning apparently falls on deaf ears in Washington.

Israel not to attack Iran ‘in near term’
Amid Israeli concerted efforts to halt Iran’s nuclear work, a US defense official says Tel Aviv is not going to launch an attack on Tehran in the near term.

Facebook gave millions of users’ details to firms
Facebook has made sweeping changes to its privacy policy after complaints about it handing the personal details of tens of millions of users to private companies.

Tenants fuming as flats turned into ‘Big Brother house’ with 112 CCTV cameras installed inside
Furious tenants say security cameras have turned their flats into a huge Big Brother house.

International Paper Treads Monsanto’s Path to ‘Frankenforests’
International Paper Co., the world’s largest pulp and paper maker, plans to remake commercial forests in the same way Monsanto Co. revolutionized farms with genetically modified crops.

ABC Hypocrisy Over Ad Critical Of Nationalized Healthcare
ABC, the network that completely turned over its news coverage to the government for an Obama healthcare special, has now refused to air an advertisement that is critical of nationalized health care, calling it "partisan".

Bill would give president emergency control of Internet
Internet companies and civil liberties groups were alarmed this spring when a U.S. Senate bill proposed handing the White House the power to disconnect private-sector computers from the Internet.

Insurers Refuse To Cover Doctors Who Administer Swine Flu Vaccine
THE Federal Government’s plan to immunise the population against swine flu is in chaos because insurers may not cover doctors who administer the jab.

Fluoride Linked to Arthritis, Study Shows
A 52-year-old American man’s arthritic-like joint pain and immobility went away after he stopped brushing his teeth with fluoridated toothpaste, according to a study in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research.

Campaign Launches to Fight Bristol Flouride Plans
Fluoridation Contributes To $2 Billion Annual Health Cost

Indian Cop Lifts 6-Year-Old Girl by Her Hair
Human Rights Watch says there is gross abuse by police in India. CNN’s Sara Sidner reports.

Zac Brown, Bohemian Grove and a little ‘Chicken Fried’ success
So, an up-and-coming country singer with a hit song is palling around with Mr. Margaritaville at Bohemian Grove? How quickly we’ve risen!

UN Scientist: African Nations Rebelling at ‘measures to use climate change to maintain colonialist master-servant relationship’
There has been mounting resistance of African countries to what they perceive to be measures to use climate change to maintain the colonialist master-servant relationship. They perceive that climate change is intended to suppress the rise to economic competitiveness of the African nations.

The Liberal Fear of Guns
Liberal columnist David Sirota is scared, and he believes that the First Amendment is intended to eliminate his fear.

UN Rights Chief Says Torture Probe Must Go To The Top . . . Paging Mr. Cheney
The head of the U.N.’s human rights arm is demanding that the torture investigation go to the very top.

CDC States H1N1 Vaccine May Maim and Kill 30,000 Americans, FDA Requires Minimal Efficacy
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has officially stated that there will be as many as 30,000 serious, potentially lethal adverse reactions to the novel H1N1 vaccine, while the FDA guidelines for the novel H1N1 vaccine only require that it work in 3 out of every 10 recipients.

UN warns over swine flu in birds

Man Dies After Being Tasered by Sheriff’s Deputy
An investigation is underway into the death of a man who was repeatedly tasered by an L.A. County Sheriff’s deputy.

‘See Ya’: McCain Has Shouting Woman Removed From Phoenix Town Hall
“You’re gonna have to leave.”

Sheehan returns to rebuke Obama
After spending weeks dogging George W. Bush’s presidential vacations, anti-war protester Cindy Sheehan is now trying to make life uncomfortable for President Barack Obama.

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura

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