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Bush As The Joker – Acceptable, Obama As The Joker – Offensive/Violent
Censorship of the viral “Jokerbama” image continues on one of the largest social network websites on the internet, Myspace.

The Poster Revolution: Infowars Launches New Contest

“There’s a Growing Sense Among Progressives [and Conservatives] That They Have Been Punked”
Progressives are furious that the giant gamblers which caused the financial crisis have gotten taxpayer money showered on them by the government, without any reform.

Your Support Needed To Keep Propaganda Matrix Online

Holdren Proposed Geo-engineering Option at 2007 Goldman Sachs Conference
It seems there is no limit to the outrageous proposals issued by current science czar and neo-Malthusian miscreant John P. Holdren.

Oil surges to 10-month high
Oil prices soared on Friday to their highest level since October as investors grow hopeful that a recovery of the world economy is in sight.

Michael Moore’s latest film: ‘I made this movie as if it was going to be the last movie I was allowed to make.’
“I made this movie as if it was going to be the last movie I was allowed to make,” the Michigan native concluded before adding “Oh, and by the way, it’s a comedy.”

Teenager At Center Of Obama Joker Poster Controversy; Police Watched Me Post Flyers
The personal account of the teenager at the center of the Obama Joker poster controversy in Clermont Florida makes it clear that the "outrage" surrounding the story is a media contrived hoax and that police were disinterested in the dastardly "crime" of posting flyers until Florida media outlets started whipping up fake hysteria around the issue.

Health Care Bill Would Allow Feds To Snoop in Your Checkbook
Half of Congress is in recess, but debate continues over President Obama’s health care program concerning privacy.

Infectious disease risk in swine flu jabs
LEADING infectious disease experts have called on the Federal Government to abandon its mass swine-flu vaccination plan because of fears the vaccine is a contamination risk that could spread blood-borne diseases.

Baghdad bombings an inside job?
This week’s Green Zone bombings may have been an ‘inside job’ that was aimed at embarrassing the Iraqi government ahead of January elections.

No-warrant terrorism raids proposed
The Federal Government has unveiled plans to toughen its counter-terrorism laws, including a change to allow police to break into a suspect’s home without getting approval from a judge.

Another CIA secret prison revealed, CIA calls report ‘irresponsible’
A new report today has identified the location of yet a third CIA secret prison provided by a European nation, a disclosure called “irresponsible” by the CIA, and denied by the alleged facility host, the former Soviet state of Lithuania.

10-Year-Old Girl Busted For Lacking Lemonade Stand Permit
A 10-year-old girl in Riverside Park was slapped with a fine for setting up a lemonade stand without a permit Saturday.

Drinking Cola Causes Muscle Weakness, Bone Loss
People who drink more than two quarts of cola per day may induce severe and possibly fatal potassium deficiency, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Ioannina, Greece, and published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice.

Sea Surface Temperatures “warmest on record”…but
There is a lot of wailing an gnashing of teeth today over this Associated Press story title…

High Desert Ghetto Birds Fly Over Neighborhoods and Announce Suspect Descriptions with Megaphones
They buzz rooftops on an almost daily basis, blaring descriptions for criminals on the loose from a megaphone.

Worse Than The Great Depression... Hyperinflation Is Coming! Own Gold & Silver! Real Money-Real Protection!

Obama Joker Poster Labeled “Cultural Terrorism”
The image has been the subject of much debate in the US, with some commentators dubbing it “an act of cultural terrorism”.

The Pentagon Wants To Use The Taliban To Gain Control Of Central Asia
The profits from Afghan heroin are being used by the USA to pay for its Afghan campaign.

Blackwater role in hit squad unconstitutional: expert

Raising terror alert for Bush re-election may be criminal, Nixon adviser says
A former senior adviser to President Richard Nixon says an alleged Bush Administration effort to raise terror alerts around the time of the 2004 election could be criminal if true.

Suit filed over mass arrest during DNC

Artificial life will be created ‘within months’
Artificial life will be made to order in the laboratory within four months, a controversial biologist has claimed.

Olbermann Spins Viper Militia Story to Demonize Patriots and Open Carry
On August 19, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann took the airwaves warning us of the danger posed to the nation by the Arizona man who brought an AR-15 to an Obamacare event.

“The Real War Is Not Between the Left and the Right. It Is Between the Average American and the Ruling Class …Who Would Make Us Their Slaves”

Stiglitz Sees Risk to Dollar, Need for Reserve System
The dollar’s role as a good store of value is “questionable” and the currency has a high degree of risk, said Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz.

Learn to Love the Depression
Days Away From Economic Chaos?
The Free Market as Regulator

Indian involvement in the Mumbai attacks
On 20 August 2009, Kashmir Watch had an article by Waqar Ahmed entitled Indian Non Cooperation in the Mumbai Investigations.

GERMANY: Terror Plot Emerges as Secret Service Game
It was announced as a terror plot busted. German police had captured three young Muslim men in the small village Medebach-Oberschledor, some 450 km southwest of Berlin Sep. 4 in 2007.

US drone strike kills 13 in Pakistan: officials
A pre-dawn US missile strike Friday killed at least 13 people in a border tribal area of northwest Pakistan known as a Taliban hideout, officials said.

Demand rises for publicly funded burials
The rough economy is inflicting hardship on people even in death.

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura

9/11 Truth Hit Piece Propaganda


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