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Identity Of Obama Joker Designer Debunks Racism Smear
The revelation that the author of the Obama Joker poster is a politically independent Muslim-American, and not a Republican white supremacist as the establishment left had hoped, puts the final nail in the coffin of the smear that the poster depicting President Obama as Heath Ledger’s version of the Joker in Batman was in any way racist.

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TIME Article Pushes Geo-engineering Agenda
A new article in TIME magazine suggests that geo-engineering the planet may be the only way forward to prevent the climate “collapsing”.

Restrictions anger G-20 protest planners
Anger is rising among demonstrators denied permits to protest next month’s Group of 20 economic summit.

Mental Stress Training Is Planned for U.S. Soldiers
The Army plans to require that all 1.1 million of its soldiers take intensive training in emotional resiliency, military officials say.

Vaccines Are Producing The Pandemic, Not The Flu
With the overwhelming evidence now pointing to the laboratory manufacture of the H1N1 flu, it is now increasingly apparent that it is not the flu itself which will cause the pandemic, it’s the vaccine.

NASA: Extraterrestrial sample holds ingredient for alien life
NASA boffins say that they have identified an amino acid, one of the key building blocks of Earth-style life, in material recovered from a comet far out in space.

Nationwide Revolt Against Mass Swine Flu Vaccination Accelerates
The nationwide revolt against government plans to implement a mass swine flu vaccination program in the United Kingdom has picked up steam, with a poll revealing that a third of NHS nurses will refuse to take the shot.

Obama Joker artist unmasked: A fellow Chicagoan
When cryptic posters portraying President Obama as the Joker from “Batman” began popping up around Los Angeles and other cities, the question many asked was, Who is behind the image?

“Secure Flight,” Insecure Travel Rights
Starting this year, Americans will have to get government approval to travel by air.

‘Exercising My Rights’: Man Explains Why He Carried Rifle Near Obama Event
“I think people need to get up and do it more.”

FBI to probe Minneapolis police beating
The FBI has agreed to investigate the beating of a man by Minneapolis police officers, after a video of the incident was released.

Arlen Specter thinks America is a Democracy, not a Republic
Senator Arlen Specter (D-PA) appeared yesterday on This Week with George Stephanopoulos and was asked about the anger that he [and every other Democratic politician] has been subject to at town hall meetings from protesters of Obama’s health care plan.

Berkeley Law Professor Comes Under Fire
At least four people were arrested Monday during a protest on the University of California at Berkeley campus.

Economists Who Invented Cap-And-Trade Say It Won’t Work for Global Warming
I have repeatedly argued that – no wonder what you think about climate change – carbon trading (a type of cap-and-trade scheme) is a scam.

Goldman Sachs’s Cohen Says Recession Is Ending ‘Now’

The U.S. recession is ending “right now,” said Abby Joseph Cohen, a senior investment strategist at Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

Worse Than The Great Depression... Hyperinflation Is Coming! Own Gold & Silver! Real Money-Real Protection!

US troops to return to northern Iraq
General Ray Odierno, the US commander in Iraq, plans to quell the rise in violence in the north, despite their withdrawal at the end of June.

Obama: Afghan war secures America

White House Blames E-Mail Controversy on ‘Sinister Conspiracy Theories’

The White House is blaming the controversy over its Web site and mass e-mails on viral rumors, “fear-mongering” and “sinister conspiracy theories” even as it acknowledges problems with its online practices.

Former agent: Gun-toters creating ‘atmosphere of danger’ for Obama
As many as 12 people openly carrying guns showed up at President Barack Obama’s speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention in Phoenix, Arizona, on Monday, adding to concerns about the recent trend of private citizens bringing weapons to presidential appearances.

Block Obama’s Abject Surrender to Insurance and Drug Companies

China is Again Buying Long-Term U.S. Treasuries . . . Does That Mean China is Betting on Deflation?
For the first time since the financial crisis started, China is again ramping up purchases of long-term U.S. treasury bonds.

Chicago shuts down for a day to save money

Iran ready for nuclear talks with West – report
A senior Iranian official said Tehran was ready for negotiations with the West on its disputed nuclear programme based on mutual respect and without preconditions, state television reported on Tuesday.

Mubarak: Striking Iran unifies Iranians

Funding the Afghan Taliban
It is the open secret no one wants to talk about, the unwelcome truth that most prefer to hide. In Afghanistan, one of the richest sources of Taliban funding is the foreign assistance coming into the country.

White House disables e-tip box
Following a furor over how the data would be used, the White House has shut down an electronic tip box — — that was set up to receive information on “fishy” claims about President Barack Obama’s health plan.

Angry motorists torch speed camera in backlash against scores of tickets in three days
Speed cameras are being destroyed in what appears to be a revenge campaign by motorists.

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura

9/11 Truth Hit Piece Propaganda


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