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Maine TV Station Airs Report on National Guard and Flu Pandemic Riots

WMTW, a television station in Portland, Maine, owned by Hearst, has produced a slick propaganda piece as part of an emerging effort to stampede people into submitting to a toxic and cancer virus flu vaccine this autumn.

Would Obama-As-The-Penguin Posters Have Been OK?
Vandalism is likely to be the charge in the case of the Clermont, Florida Joker posters.

Obama on ObamaCare Coverage: ‘TV Loves a Ruckus’
The president argued that away from television’s glare, people were holding “civil, honest” conversations about change, at a time when some 46 million Americans have no health care insurance whatsoever.

Lockerbie links to Franklin, Dutroux, Mossad, McKee
Reportedly, the drugs ring involved ‘CIA-asset’ Monzer al-Kassar, a Syrian with links to the brother of Syria’s President Assad.

Protesters aim message at Hagan
Critics of President Barack Obama’s efforts to overhaul the health-care system finished an intense week of opposition Friday by picketing the Raleigh district office of Democratic U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan.

Parents are worried about the swine flu vaccine
Parents are confused and concerned about the swine flu vaccine due to be introduced in October.

New Jersey police ask Bob Dylan for ID
MUSIC icon Bob Dylan can probably get into a lot of places just with his name – except New Jersey.

“The World’s Source for Global Temperature Record Admits It’s Lost or Destroyed All the Original Data That Would Allow a Third Party to” Model Climate
The world’s source for global temperature record admits it’s lost or destroyed all the original data that would allow a third party to construct a global temperature record.

Florida Authorities In Hysterical Crusade Against First Amendment
Police and media outlets in Florida are hysterically characterizing the placement of Obama Joker posters as some kind of assault on the people of Clermont, creating "victims" and leading to demands for arrests and criminal charges, a shocking indictment of the state of free speech and the evisceration of the first amendment in America.

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The Truth Behind The Lockerbie Bombing
Megrahi, the man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing, has applied to abandon his second appeal against his conviction, his lawyers said on 14 August 2009.

US preparing to prosecute 150 UBS account holders
US authorities are building cases for possible criminal prosecution of some 150 wealthy American clients of Swiss banking giant UBS as part of a probe into tax evasion, the New York Times reported Friday.

Forced Vaccination Program Feared
ALTHOUGH SOME CONJECTURE is unavoidable when it comes to the “swine flu pandemic,” some troubling aspects of this issue have been factually established or are coming into focus.

No Wonder the Poker Game is Ending: The Wealthiest Have Taken All of the Chips
A new report by University of California, Berkeley economics professor Emmanuel Saez concludes that income inequality in the United States is at an all-time high, surpassing even levels seen during the Great Depression.

Colonial BancGroup becomes biggest bank failure of 2009
Worse Than The Great Depression... Hyperinflation Is Coming! Own Gold & Silver! Real Money-Real Protection!
Less Government or Lower Wages? You Decide

“Incestuous” relationships between Blackwater and U.S. government
Obama did extend the contract for Blackwater in Iraq because the infamous contractor and the government are closely tied, believes investigative journalist Wayne Madsen.

Suicide car bomb at Nato base in in Kabul kills seven and injures 91 in Taliban attack
A large suicide car bomb which exploded in the Afghan capital of Kabul this morning has killed at least seven civilians and wounded 91.

Obama Joker Poster Banned From Workplace
Pro-Obama messages allowed, anti-Obama sentiment frowned upon.

Florida Police Interrogate Suspect in Obama-Joker Poster Crime
Equal Opportunity: Bush as Joker Poster for Download

Study: Global warming bill could cost 2.4 million jobs, $1,250 per household
A carbon emissions plan under consideration in Washington aimed at global warming and climate change could cost the U.S. economy between 1.8 million and 2.4 million jobs over the next two decades.

Democratic lawmaker: Obama willing to be a one-termer
Rep. Leonard Boswell (D-IA) says President Barack Obama is so focused on health care reform that he’s willing to stake his presidency on it.

‘06 Flashback: Pelosi Tells Anti-War Protesters ‘I’m a Fan of Disruptors’

‘Secret cargo’ fear over missing ship
A secret cargo and not just timber may be on board a missing ship whose last known radio contact was with British Coastguards, it was suggested today.

Satire: No Treats From Obama
Opie is extremely picky about who he takes his treats from.


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CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura

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