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Angry crowd blocked from “Obama-care event”
Democrat Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s representative tries to limit videotaping and limit expected “town hall meeting” to a few people at a time.

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White House Warns Critics: Nazi Talk Puts You On “Thin Ice”
The White House struck back hard on Friday against conservative pundits and town hall protesters who have compared the President to Hitler and his policies to Nazism, saying that the critics are “on thin ice” and should “take that temperature down a bit.”

White House Move to Collect ‘Fishy’ Info May Be Illegal, Critics Say
The White House strategy of turning supporters into snitches when they see “fishy” information about the health care debate may run afoul of the law, legal experts say.

Watchdog attacks plan to hold innocents’ DNA
Ministers’ proposals to hold DNA records of those falsely accused of crimes for up to 12 years has been attacked by Britain’s human rights watchdog for being unlawful and based on unreliable research.

MI5 ‘misled MPs during torture inquiry’

MI5 faces claims that it misled MPs during a parliamentary investigation into Britain’s complicity in torture and rendition during the “war on terror”.

Antidepressants once seen as miracle drugs: now risks are becoming evident
Since the horror of the Thalidomide scandal in the 1960s, pharmaceutical companies and medicines regulators have been acutely aware of the dangers drugs may pose to the unborn child.

The Start Of The Second American Revolution?
For a long time people have been asking why Americans are not up in arms, screaming and shouting about their fast disappearing liberties along with the continuous passage of legislation that they vehemently oppose, from the banker bailout, to the cap and trade bill, to Obamacare. Well now they are screaming and shouting - and if the momentum continues to build, this rebellion could the spark to ignite the second American revolution.

Cops Taser Old Man For Sitting In Wrong Seat At Baseball Game
Yet another video has emerged of cops tasering someone for sitting in the wrong seat at a sports event. The victim this time was an old man attending an Oakland Athletics baseball game in Oakland California.

Entering the Greatest Depression in History
While there is much talk of a recovery on the horizon, commentators are forgetting some crucial aspects of the financial crisis. The crisis is not simply composed of one bubble.

US deficit climbs to 1.3 trillion dollars
The US budget deficit reached 1.3 trillion dollars for the current fiscal year in July, official data showed, news set to fuel opposition to US President Barack Obama’s ambitious health care and climate change proposals.

UK national ID card cloned in 12 minutes
The prospective national ID card was broken and cloned in 12 minutes, the Daily Mail revealed this morning.

Post Pulitzer Prize Winner: GOP ‘Political Terrorists’
The left and the media commonly blame conservatives for hate speech. But as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi proved with her Nazi comment, the left is often the real guilty party.

Geithner asks Congress for higher U.S. debt limit

U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner formally requested that Congress raise the $12.1 trillion statutory debt limit on Friday, saying that it could be breached as early as mid-October.

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What Is This “Free Market” We Keep Hearing About?

Ron Paul: Obama ‘deserves an F’

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) said Thursday that President Barack Obama deserves a failing grade for his first 200 days in office.

Lording It Up At A Rothschild Mansion: The Man Who’s Supposed To Be Running The UK
Whether mixing with the super-yacht set, or strolling poolside in Corfu, this was Lord Mandelson running Britain yesterday.

‘Attacking Iran is feasible and credible’

Former deputy commander of US forces in Europe has recommended a devastating military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities, should negotiations fail.

Russia blamed for cyber terror blitz
Russian hackers have been accused of being behind an enormous cyber attack which temporarily shut down two of the world’s most popular social networking sites in order to silence a Georgian blogger who is critical of Moscow’s policies in the Caucasus.

Union Thugs Beat Patriot at Obamacare Town Hall in St. Louis
During a demonstration Thursday evening outside a forum on aging called by U.S. Rep. Russ Carnahan, D-St. Louis, in Mehville, Missouri, a patriot was viciously attacked by union thugs.

Video Compilation: Town Hall Rebellion

Schools Set To Become Mass Swine Flu Vaccination Clinics
Schools in both the US and the UK are set to serve as mass vaccination sites in the Autumn as government officials on both sides of the Atlantic consider plans that could see a push to inoculate every child in both countries against swine flu.

Ventura Conspiracy Show Gets Go Ahead For Full Length Series
Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura is to host a series of programs on the subject of “conspiracy theories”, to be premiered later in the year.

Ex-employees claim Blackwater pimped out young Iraqi girls
Since the revelation earlier this week of allegations by two former employees of security firm Blackwater that its owner was complicit in murder to cover up the deliberate killing of Iraqi civilians, more explosive charges have continued to emerge.

Obama Continues To Pay BLACKWATER Millions To Be In Iraq

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura

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