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DNC Police Bulletin: People With City Maps Could Be Planning Violence
The ACLU has obtained a leaked copy of a Denver Police Department bulletin which advises officers that violent protesters at the upcoming Democratic National Convention may be identified from their use of hand held radios, bikes, maps and “camping information.”

Google Caught Censoring Net, Says Hacker
An internet hacker claims to have caught Google in the act of deleting documents from its cache that showed Chinese gymnasts to be underage.

Is Georgia 2008 a Repeat of Hungary 1956?
The crisis in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia eerily recalls a tragedy of the Cold War, the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. That year, after revolutionaries challenged Soviet control of this satellite state, Russian tanks and troops rolled into Hungary.

2008 Coolest For At Least Five Years
Man-made global warming advocates are scrambling to explain away the fact that 2008 has so far been the coolest year in five years, as climate change alarmists face embarrassment amidst a barrage of evidence that the planet has embarked on a clear and natural cooling trend.

Skeptics win one! NOAA/NCDC to pull the CCSP report
Regular readers may recall on August 1st a posting where I stated my views on the NCDC report being produced by Dr.’s Karl and Peterson of NCDC (National Climatic Data Center) called Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States.

No stereotypical terrorist, intel agency says
There is no straightforward way to identify the typical extremist, research conducted by the domestic intelligence agency MI5 shows, The Guardian reported Thursday.

Journalists and bloggers under assault by Bush Gestapo

Jim Cramer Goes Off On Everybody
Cramer calls out what he regarded to be fraudulent destruction of Freddy and Fannie, shameful actions of the FED, SEC, Treasury, and Whitehouse; the damage being done to market capitalism; and directly implies that our economy is being illegally manipulated by insiders.

Fed investigated Lehman rumors: report
Oil Gains a Third Day on Tensions

WW 2 Interrogators Got Information Without Torture
Many people have noted that torture doesn't work as a method for obtaining information.

Potential Obama VP Is Pro-War, Pro-Patriot Act Neo-Con
The man who many are tipping to become Barack Obama's running mate is a pro-war, pro-patriot act, Bilderberg member who was an honorary co-chair of the neocon Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, a group that aggressively propagandized for the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Ladies and gentlemen - meet Senator Evan Bayh.

McCain On Reinstituting A Military Draft: ‘I Don’t Disagree’
Today at a townhall meeting, an audience member praised Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) for his vow to “follow bin Laden to the gates of hell.” After a long question about veterans’ care, the questioner said she believed we needed to reinstate the draft, to which McCain seemed to readily agree.

American Eagle gold coins sold out after spree
A buying spree in the popular American Eagle bullion coins appears to have depleted inventory of major North American coin dealers, contributing to supply fears and sharply higher gold prices on Thursday.

Oil surges $6 - crosses $121 mark

Israel retracts war on Iran threats
Israel's Interior Minister warns Tel Aviv against attacking Tehran saying such an attack would be a 'megalomaniacal reckless' idea.

Libby questioned on forged letter linking Saddam to 9/11

DARPA seeks 'perch and stare' spy-fly robot
Pentagon war-boffins have shelled out $4.6m to a noted aerial crazytech firm to develop a spy drone which can "perch" near a target, "stare" at it, then take off again and fly home.

Web browser to get 'privacy mode'

List of Labor Camps Released to International Journalists in China
The Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (CIPFG) released today a list of 51 labor camps for journalists to investigate while they are in China for the Olympic Games.

Beijing’s Upside Down Flag a Product of China’s Labor Camp
Beijing’s List of Fakes Keeps on 'Building'

No razor wire at DNC jail
There won't be razor wire, but anyone arrested during the Democratic National Convention will be held in locked chain-link cells in an old warehouse.

Russian troops pull out of Gori
Russian troops have started pulling back from the Georgian town of Gori which links South Ossetia with Tblisi, Russia's Defense Ministry says.

Big Russian flotilla led by Admiral Kuznetsov carrier heads for Syrian port

Moscow: U.S. missile shield may spark arms race

Russia's Foreign Ministry fears the deployment of a U.S. missile shield just 70 kilometres from its border will lead to an arms race in Europe and beyond.

Russia vows missile defence deal response

Argentina Investigates Deaths of Vaccinated Children
Argentine authorities are investigating a possible link between the deaths of 14 children and an experimental vaccine they were taking as part of a clinical trial run by GlaxoSmithKline.

Police use taser on 14-year-old at Indiana school
“Police say they were forced to use a Taser to control a student during a fight at school.”

Paul Joseph Watson: Internet Censorship a Growing Cancer

Steve Watson: British Kids Encouraged To Become "Climate Cops"

Steve Watson: Terror Stopped For Putting My Hand in My Pocket

Paul Watson on the Alex Jones Show: The state wants your children.


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