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Top Geopolitical Author: U.S. Risks Nuclear War With Russia
Political economist and best-selling geopolitical author F. William Engdahl says that the U.S. risks stumbling into a nuclear war with Russia over the situation in Georgia and South Ossetia, as President Bush and Condoleezza Rice both heightened their rhetoric against alleged military breaches of the cease-fire.

Military Report Touts Brain Altering Drugs, Mind Control To Make Soldiers Want To Fight
A newly released report for the US military suggests that in the future soldiers could have their minds controlled and be administered brain altering drugs in order to make them want to fight.

U.S. and Poland sign missile shield deal
Poland finally agreed on Thursday to host elements of U.S. global anti-missile system on its territory after Washington improved the terms of the deal amid the Georgia crisis.

Iran: We will protect our waters
The Iranian Navy is more capable than ever in protecting our waters in the Persian Gulf, says Iranian Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari.

Dearth Of Sunspot Activity To Herald New Ice Age?

A top observatory that has been measuring sun cycles for over 200 years predicts that global temperatures will drop by two degrees over the next two decades as solar activity grinds to a halt and the planet drastically cools down, potentially heralding the onset of a new ice age.

Forgot your ID? You must be a terrorist
The US Transportation Security Administration has done a backflip on a policy of adding people who had forgotten their ID to its database of suspect fliers.

"President Bush, Will You Please Shut Up?"
The neoconned Bush Regime and the Israeli-occupied American media are heading the innocent world toward nuclear war.

White Americans to be minority by 2042
Higher birth rates among minority residents, especially Hispanics, is accelerating the demographic changes brought by immigration and will lead to an end of the US' white majority around 2042.

This War Has Been Approved By Your Government
We Americans got a graphic illustration of the demise of any independent American corporate news media these past few days as the coverage on TV and in print was saturated with reports about John Edwards’ infidelity and, equally important, Russia’s invasion of Georgia.

Russia says Georgian move for South Ossetia was 'like 9/11'
Ceasefire gives way to PR war
Russian Troops Withdraw From Gori
Ghost Recon: Scenario for Russian-Georgian war of 2008 was written in 2001
Russia says U.S. playing dangerous game
Russia launches genocide probe
Putin Walks into a Trap

U.S. court rules Saudi Arabia immune in 9/11 case
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, four princes and other Saudi entities are immune from a lawsuit filed by victims of the September 11 attacks and their families alleging they gave material support to al Qaeda, a federal appeals court ruled on Thursday.

Hair Samples in Anthrax Case Don't Match
Federal investigators probing the deadly 2001 anthrax attacks recovered samples of human hair from a mailbox in Princeton, N.J., but the strands did not match the lead suspect in the case, according to sources briefed on the probe.

Explosions in Georgian towns as Russian forces remain
Earlier claims that Russian troops had commenced a withdrawal from Gori were dismissed as at least five explosions were heard in the town.

Georgia Files Suit Against Russia, Charging Racial Discrimination

McCain: ‘In the 21st century, nations don’t invade other nations.’
In recent days, Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) rhetoric toward Russia has mostly been overblown bluster, including an accusation that the country wanted to restore its old empire.

McCain: Worse than you think
Same As the Old Boss: Both McCain and Obama's Advisors Want War in Georgia

Crude Oil Rises a Second Day on Lower U.S. Gasoline Supplies
Crude oil rose for a second day after a U.S. Energy Department report yesterday showed a bigger- than-forecast decline in inventories of gasoline as refiners shut units and imports fell.

Insight: Oil prices have peaked

Spotless days: 400 and counting
As many of you know, the sun has been very quiet, especially in the last month.

Decade has had fewest 90-degree days since 1930

Ed Asner Wants Ballot Referendum for New 9/11 Probe
Watch your back, Dick Cheney! Actor Ed Asner, former Dallas Cowboy Mark Stepnoski, and formerly famous hip hop group Arrested Development are leading a petition drive to get a referendum on New York City’s November ballot that would establish a new 9/11 investigation.

Games chief criticises western media
A senior official for the Beijing Olympics today criticised parts of the international media for coming to China "to peek, to be critical, to dig into the small details and find fault" in the country's human rights record.

Colbert: US Constitution doesn't say 'don't torture'
VeriChip and remote-controlled societies

CIA Had Killer Anthrax
We previously heard that 16 labs possessed the RMR-1029 anthrax used in the 2001 attacks. It appears that we should now add the CIA and its contractors.

Greenspan sees house price bottom in 2009

Paul Joseph Watson: Internet Censorship a Growing Cancer

Steve Watson: British Kids Encouraged To Become "Climate Cops"

Steve Watson: Terror Stopped For Putting My Hand in My Pocket

Paul Watson on the Alex Jones Show: The state wants your children.


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