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Chief suspect in US anthrax attacks found dead
The chief suspect in the 2001 anthrax postal attacks in the US has died from an apparent suicide just as the Justice Department was to file criminal charges against him.

Rightwing parties in Israel push for early poll after Ehud Olmert resigns
Israel's ultra nationalist parties yesterday seized on Ehud Olmert's decision to stand aside as prime minister to push for an early election, which would most likely return the hawkish Likud leader, Binyamin Netanyahu, to the helm.

Iran: West monopolizes N-technology
US backs down from Iran deadline

Google Says Privacy Doesn't Exist, Get Used To Everyone Knowing Everything About You
The headline practically says it all. Google is being sued by a Pittsburgh couple for posting images of its house on the Internet in Google's Street Views pages. Google responded, in court no less, that complete privacy simply doesn't exist in today's world and the couple should stop crying about it.

Against Jingoism and Hypocrisy
Statement before the US House of Representatives, July 30, 2008, on H. RES. 1370, Calling on the Government of the People's Republic of China to immediately end abuses of the human rights of its citizens

"Al Qaeda's Mad Scientist" Rises From The Grave... And Is Killed Again
Reports announcing that a man dubbed "Al Qaeda's Mad Scientist" was killed by a CIA drone strike on the Afghanistan-Pakistan Border have conveniently ignored the fact that the same guy was already announced dead two years ago by Pakistani authorities.

Thug NYPD Cops Beat Already Restrained Man Senseless
The day after a video emerged of a cop knocking a cyclist to the ground, a second video alleging police brutality surfaced today in which an NYPD officer is seen whaling away at a man's legs with a baton.

Trillions of Dollars Are Invested in "Socially Responsible Investing" . . . Why Not Invest in Freedom, Justice, 9/11 Truth, and Other Key Battles?
Trillions of dollars of investment capital is working against us and powering efforts to undermine freedom and justice.

Pakistani Intelligence Aided Attack in Kabul, U.S. Officials Say
American intelligence agencies have concluded that members of Pakistan’s powerful spy service helped plan the deadly July 7 bombing of India’s embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, according to United States government officials.

Jesse Benton on the Alex Jones Show: Jesse Ventura at Rally
Ron Paul's campaign coordinator Jesse Benton appeared on the Alex Jones show and made a major annoucement.

Ventura to speak at Ron Paul rally
Ventura May Run for ‘Big One’ in 2012

Stressed banks borrow record amount from Fed
Banks borrowed a record amount of funds from the Federal Reserve in the latest week as the year old credit crisis took a persistent toll, while the commercial paper market continued to contract, signaling tough conditions for short term borrowers.

More Arrows Seen Pointing to a Recession

Watchdog: Bush turning intelligence agencies on Americans
President Bush seems to be slowly turning the nation's massive surveillance apparatus upon its citizens, and some worry that administration assurances to protect civil liberties are nothing but empty promises.

New US defense strategy centers on 'long war'
A new defense strategy released Thursday places the "long war" against extremism above potential conventional challenges from China and Russia as the top priority of the US military in the coming years.

Flu jabs 'can't stop pneumonia'
One of the main benefits of flu jabs for the elderly - protection against pneumonia - may not exist, US scientists have claimed.

The Carbon Credit Scam: Windfall Profits?
Existence Of Water On Mars Confirmed

Saint John Hunt on the Alex Jones Show: Secret Government
Alex interviews Saint John Hunt, the son of JFK conspirator E. Howard Hunt.

Congress Should Rescind the State of Emergency Declared by Bush
The Impeachment Hearing

Olmert Declares Intent to Step Down
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, facing a widening corruption investigation, announced Wednesday that he will not compete in his party's leadership primary in September.

Lords hush up Saudi deal’s case

Steve Watson: British Kids Encouraged To Become "Climate Cops"

Steve Watson: Terror Stopped For Putting My Hand in My Pocket

Paul Watson on the Alex Jones Show: The state wants your children.

Truth Rising: Sneak Peek

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