Nuclear Drills
London Bombings

Last Updated: Friday, 26th August, 2005, 18.35 BST

CIA, Military Men Agree with Pat Robertson
The issue of assassination "should be on the table," Hunt said. "I'm suggesting that we use it as a tool . . . to get those guys nervous."

Drivers battle snow Oakland County judge orders black boxes in vehicles of bad drivers

A judge in Oakland County is using black box technology to keep an eye on drivers who repeatedly run afoul of the law.

A magnifying glass and a paperAP Reported Robertson Wanted to Assassinate Bush

A screenshot taken shortly after the Robertson story broke. A mistake or an inside joke?

Sharpton to Join 'Peace Mom'
Patriot Act blocks complaint
Officers issued Tasers at schools
Consumers foot bill for spooks
Smile! it's candid camera
Setback for law on RFID limits
L.A. County workers object to new security cameras
China toasts war games with Russia with a picnic
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White House Aides Claiming Bush Has "Flipped-Out" Over Anti-War Protestors: White House aides are leaking reports that President Bush has finally flipped his lid.

The American Economy is Destroying Itself: The historian who chronicles America's decline will lay the blame on free market ideology.

Republican To Take Fall For Hillary in 2008? The possibility that Bush and his handlers are preparing to give the presidential election to Hillary Clinton is nothing new.


Driving conditions are hazardous Alex Jones At Camp Casey, Crawford

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