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Iraqi police seize journalists at gunpoint in Najaf

Firing their guns in the air, the dozen odd policemen, some masked, stormed into the rooms of journalists in the Najaf Sea hotel and forced them into vans and a truck.

>> The Politics Behind Fox News

>> Was Bush Spy Pick on Agency Hit Team?

>> US warplanes violate Iran's air space

>> U.S. checking possibility of pumping oil from northern Iraq to Haifa, via Jordan

>> Oil prices slide

>> Britain to deploy fighter planes to Afghanistan

>> Iran will not initiate any offensive: defense minister

>> US seeks 'coalition' to force Zimbabwe regime change

>> Russia Turns to Black Boxes for Plane Crash Clues

>> Website shows beheading of 'CIA spy' in Iraq

>> Distraught father torches self in Marine van

>> Two Turks risk execution - TV

>> FSB sees no signs of terrorism in plane crashes

>> Russian Jets Hijacted Before Crash - Report

>> Russia plane crashes: Terror likely

>> Abu Ghraib: 27 more named

>> General: Some abuse at Abu Ghraib amounted to torture

>> U.S. 'no-fly' list curtails liberties

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>> The Vanity Fair Interview

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Satellite tracking unit keeps tabs on wandering children

A TRACKING device will use satellite technology to find children who wander away from their parents.

Election 2004: Alien vs. Predator

"Whoever wins ... We lose," runs the tagline for last week’s top-grossing movie, "Alien vs. Predator." That’s also the best description of the 2004 presidential election featuring Alien Kerry vs. Predator Bush.
Democrats don't look much different.

>> Pentagon Strike

>> GOP Convention Security

>> Satire website on UK govt. terror leaflet

Iran Could Develop Bomb In 2005

Iran could complete development of its first nuclear weapon in 2005.

Russian Computer Expert Predicts Internet Terrorist Attack For August 26

Terrorists will paralyze the Internet on August 26, a Russian expert in antivirus programs said on Tuesday.
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Republicans Flocking to New York City

>> Big Brother, big business