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Video: Caught On Tape: Cops Use Taser Gun On Man Trying To Get Home

Officers in hurricane-ravaged Fort Myers used a Taser gun on a man allegedly trying to get by a police barrier to get home, and it was caught on tape.
>>Socialism: A Con Game of the Economic Elite

>> Kerry's royal roots will give him victory, says Burke's

>> Iran Threatens Israel on Nuclear Reactor
>> Reuters, AP Reporters Get Death Threats From Iraqi Police

>> Bush Defends Pursuit of Missile Defense System

>> 'Terrorist Notebook' Read 'Brother,' Not 'Commander'

>> Universities: Tyranny's Breeding Grounds
>> Legal bid to place two children in lesbian home

>> 'Plot' to kill British PM thwarted: C'mon they had an A-Z Map, surely that's proof

>> Google bans Christian ad

>> Google Playboy spread raises eyebrows

>> FBI accused of concealing link to mercenary jailer in Afghanistan
>> Police want you to pay for their wire taps
>> UK's Independent Newspaper Falsifies Venezuela Election Results!
>> Iraqi Delegation Flies to Najaf in Peace Bid
>> Mortar attack hits Baghdad street
>> Syria has Saddam's WMD: Bomb 'em!
>> Abu Ghraib whistleblower faces death threats

Paul Joseph Watson is a regular guest on The Alex Jones Show once a week on the GCN radio network. Click here for the live streaming audio.

>> The Vanity Fair Interview

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Pondering the Telescreen: A Tale of Two Cities

Denunciations of television have become as routine as breathing: the programming is crass, stupid, propagandistic, so bad that only an idiot would watch it yet everybody does. Actually things are worse. They are much worse.

Rebutting "Pentagon 9/11: Getting the Facts Straight"

"Pentagon 9/11: Getting the Facts Straight", by Dennis Behreandt, represents a full-scale frontal attack on the work of 9/11 researcher Thierry Meyssan.
American Dictators documents the sorry state of democracy in the (alleged) Land of the Free at the start of the new millennium.
>> Our Story So Far
>> Skull and Bones
>> Closed For the Duration

Iranian diplomat has been kidnapped by Iraqi intelligence-security organization: sources

Informed sources within the Iraqi Interior Ministry have announced that the so-called Islamic Army group in Iraq which claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of Iranian diplomat in Karbala does not exist literally.

Journalist Killed in Iraq After Witnessing Bombing of Civilians

AN Iraqi freelance journalist working for Germany's ZDF television has been killed in the flashpoint city of Fallujah, the network said today.
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American Dictators

>> Rings, torch have ties to Hitler's Nazi propaganda

>> McCain, 9/11 panel want national ID debate

>> 'Secret Pentagon' hidden under mountain

>> Increase in state databases 'a threat to civil liberties'
>> Taiwan warned against declaring independence
>> Highway Terror: Disgusting CNN Stasi Report
>> In Najaf, Iraqis bring peace plan; U.S. bombs cemetery