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Iraq Reinstates Capital Punishment

Iraq reinstated capital punishment for people guilty of murder, endangering national security and distributing drugs, the government announced Sunday, saying the death penalty was necessary to help put down the country's persistent insurgency.

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Sensing the eyes of 'Big Brother'

In the end, the concerns over the Patriot Act -- real or phantom -- were enough to compel the Tumwater City Council on July 20 to join more than 330 communities and four states that have condemned or expressed worry about the act.

NeoCons and Dems Kicking Each Other Under the 9/11 Table

Despite their public charade of being opposed to each other, the Democratic and Republican parties have actually done a great job for over one hundred years of insuring that our country’s policies never actually change.
Washington DC isn't very tourist friendly at the moment.
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Iran, North Korea have advanced on nuclear arms: report

Intelligence officials and nuclear experts say Iran and North Korea have both made "significant progress" developing nuclear weapons programs in the past year, the New York Times reported today.

American's bogus beheading video dupes international media

An American computer expert duped international media on Saturday into believing Islamist kidnappers had executed a hostage in Iraq by staging his own mock beheading on the internet.
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Greetings From Washington DC

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