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Media Distorts Truth To Propagandize For NATO-Backed War On Syria
A whistleblower living in Syria has contacted us to express his disbelief at Western claims, dismissing them as little more than fabricated fairy-tales designed to law the groundwork for yet another NATO-backed military intervention based on contrived "humanitarian" grounds.

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NATO Says It Is Broadening Attacks on Qaddafi Targets
NATO planners say the allies are stepping up attacks on palaces, headquarters, communications centers and other prominent institutions supporting the Libyan regime, a shift of targets that is intended to weaken Col. Muammar Qaddafi’s grip on power and frustrate his forces in the field.

US evacuates staff, EU ups pressure on Syria
The United States has ordered embassy families and some staff out of Syria as it hardens its tone on Damascus’s crackdown on protests.

Republicans And Democrats Have No Interest To Fix The Deficit – Ron Paul On Sean Hannity Show
The Congressman promotes his new book, Liberty Defined, and announces he is to set up an exploratory committee for a 2012 Presidential run.

WH Working on Executive Order That Critics Say Will Stifle Political Speech
In what the White House calls a push for transparency, a pending executive order would require companies doing business with the federal government to disclose political contributions to independent groups, but would not place the same requirement on public employee unions or federal grant recipients that typically donate to Democrats.

U.S. to regulate electronic cigarettes as tobacco
The government said on Monday it plans to regulate electronic cigarettes as tobacco products.

Ron Paul 2012: Last Chance To Rescue America?
With Ron Paul now all but certain to officially announce his bid for the 2012 presidency, it is imperative that Americans understand that the Texas Congressman represents the United States' last hope of preserving its position as a pre-eminent economic superpower and avoiding a Soviet-style collapse into an abyss of debt, depression and decay.

Why The Ron Paul Presidential Run Will Be A MUCH Bigger Deal This Time Around
Ron Paul on The View: Whoopi Goldberg Frustrated When Audience Cheers Ron Paul

Secrets of the Royal Wedding Exposed!
Alex Jones breaks the spell surrounding British royalty and Prince William’s supposed fairytale wedding.

Britain’s Royal Wedding Fiasco and its “Dirty little Secret” in Bahrain

US tipped off about al-Qaida cell that did not exist

The US military created a detailed intelligence file on a London-based al-Qaida cell that did not exist, as a result of its reliance on tip-offs from one of its detainees, the Guantánamo files reveal.

‘Al Qaeda Bomber Worked For UK Intelligence’

US, China to hold economy meeting in May
Top officials from the United States and China will meet in Washington early next month, the Treasury Department said Monday, as tensions between the two economic superpowers simmer.

Apmex Starts Reverse Inquiry: Seeks To Buy “Any Quantity” Of Silver From Clients At $3 Over Spot

Gallup: Majority of Human Race Does Not See Global Warming as Serious Threat
Most of the human race does not see global warming as a serious threat, according to a Gallup poll released last week that surveyed individuals in 111 countries.

Forest fires around Chernobyl could release radiation, scientists warn
A consortium of Ukrainian and international scientists is making an urgent call for a $13.5m (£8.28m) programme to prevent potentially catastrophic wildfires inside the exclusion zone surrounding Chernobyl’s ruined nuclear power plant.

Modern British Royalty: Eugenicists, Nazis and Neo-Feudalists
The operator of the troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is carefully monitoring the situation at the Number 4 spent fuel pool, where the water temperature is rising despite increased injections of cooling water.

The Queen Controls The Militaries of Britain, Canada And Australia, She Is The Only Person Who Can Declare War
A manifesto for British republicans

CNN investigation: Obama born in U.S.
Was Barack Obama really born in America?

Poll: 31% of Republicans, say Trump would make a “poor” or “terrible” president

Corbett: Govt grip on Fukushima info repeats Chernobyl mistakes
As world marks Chernobyl’s anniversary, there are questions over whether the world has learned the lessons on nuclear safety that the tragedy provided. Journalist James Corbett who’s in Osaka in Japan, says the handling of the crisis at Fukushima power plant is repeating the 25-year-old mistakes.

Dollar Hits Record Low Against Swiss Franc
The dollar tumbled to an all-time low point of 0.8745 Swiss francs.

Obama Links America’s Greatness With Government Spending — Again

Duluth Police want to cover city with surveillance cameras
More than 50 public surveillance cameras to cover most of Duluth.

Roberts: ‘America must blame itself for economic fall to China’
As the IMF predicts China to overtake the US as the economic leader by 2016, who can we look to blame for this downfall of the dollar? Former Regan administration official and ex-US Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Paul Craig Roberts says America has no one to blame but itself and that this comes as no surprise.

Waking Up to Economic Realities

‘Give up now or we’ll kill you,’ Liam Fox warns Gaddafi as he starts talks with U.S. on widening scope of airstrikes
Defence Secretary Liam Fox will meet senior U.S. commanders today to draw up a final plan to finish Colonel Gaddafi.

Libyan Rebels Under Siege Despite Successes
Libya and the Imperial Re-Division of Africa

Syria violence: US warns citizens to leave
The US has warned its citizens to leave Syria, as the government of President Bashar al-Assad intensifies its campaign against peaceful protests.

More drivers running out of gas on the road
The rising price of gas appears to be leaving many drivers trapped on the side of the road, choosing to take a chance rather than filling-up.

Court files prove Maryanne Godboldo had full legal authority to stop administering dangerous drugs to daughter; CPS raid nothing but illegal kidnapping
New developments in the case of Maryanne Godboldo — the Detroit, Mich., woman whose house was recently raided by a SWAT team with a tank, and whose daughter was subsequently kidnapped by these armed terrorists — are set to hopefully clear the mother of any wrongdoing in the matter.

Americans raiding retirement funds early
Nearly one-fifth of full-time employed Americans have raided retirement accounts in the past year to cover emergencies, according to a national Bankrate survey.

State Department wants passport applicants to reveal lifetime employment history
The U.S. Department of State has proposed a new questionnaire that would make it almost impossible for some people to get a passport.


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