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Ron Paul To Announce 2012 Presidential Run Within Days
Texas Congressman Ron Paul could be set to officially announce whether or not he is running for the Republican 2012 nomination this week with a series of back to back high profile media appearances.

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Small plane full of cocaine crashes in New Mexico lake
A small planed loaded with bundles of cocaine crashed into a lake in northern New Mexico on Sunday morning, apparently killing all on board, according to the New Mexico State Police.

Syria sanctions planned by US after Deraa assault
The White House is preparing to introduce new sanctions against the Syrian regime in response to a military crackdown that saw tanks and armoured cars deployed against protesters on Monday.

Nearly 500 Taliban flee in daring Afghan jailbreak

White House Spokesman Laughs at Reporters Asking Why Obama Didn’t Release Easter Statement
By comparison, the White House has released statements recognizing the observance of major Muslim holidays and released statements in 2010 on Ramadan, Eid-ul-Fitr, Hajj, and Eid-ul-Adha. The White House also failed to release a statement marking Good Friday. However, they did release an eight-paragraph statement heralding Earth Day. Likewise, the president’s weekend address mentioned neither Good Friday or Easter.

Military Patrols Begin In Columbus
The solution to drunken soldiers from the local army base beating people up is to have more soldiers patrolling the streets in total violatrion of Posse Comitatus, conditioning Americans that seeing troops on the streets is normal and routine.

Radiation Expert: “Sr-90 and Uranium and Particulates Will Be Building Up in the USA and Europe … For Now I Think It Prudent To Stop Drinking Milk”
I wrote to radiation expert Dr. Chris Busby to ask him if he thought people living outside of Japan should take any actions to try to reduce their radiation exposure.

More Drivers Running Out Of Gas
Wow. Some people are in so much denial about gas prices, and not wanting to think about filling up, that they are simply driving until they run out of gas. This is a fantastic lesson in cognitive dissonance.

American Hellholes
The US Maxes Out Its Credit Card
Silver surges 5 pct on dollar, gold at record
China Proposes To Cut Two Thirds Of Its $3 Trillion In USD Holdings

Rev. Franklin Graham On Obama’s Birth Certificate: ‘Why Can’t He Produce That?’

Reverend Franklin Graham appeared on This Week and host Christiane Amanpour got him to share his feelings on many of today’s political personalities. In addition to speaking favorably of many potential Republican candidates for President, Graham revealed that he too is curious about why President Obama has yet to produce more records related to his birth.

Protect health food and dietary supplements from attack by opposing new Congressional bill
The “Food Safety Accountability Act” — which was introduced last year by Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT), but died not long after due to significant opposition from the natural health community — has been resurrected this year as bill S. 216.

We Could Make Our Roads Into Solar and Piezo-Electric Generators
Talk about the efficient use of space: if you’re going to have roads (and hopefully you’ll have bike lanes), why not put that space to work producing energy?

No Place to Hide: Internet Tracking Probe Unveiled as New Smartphone Spy Scandal Unwinds
As the United States morphs into a failed state, one unwilling and soon perhaps, unable, to provide for the common good even as it hands over trillions of dollars to a gang of financial brigands engorged like parasitic ticks on the wealth of others, keeping the lid on is more than just an imperial obsession: it’s big business.

Something Odd Is Happening at Reactor Number 4
The operator of the troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is carefully monitoring the situation at the Number 4 spent fuel pool, where the water temperature is rising despite increased injections of cooling water.

Busby: ‘Can’t seal Fukushima like Chernobyl – it all goes into sea’

Assassinate Qaddafi? Tyrants Beware – What Goes Around Might Come Around
Lindsey Graham and John McCain, both of the meddling International Republican Institute implicated in funding and fueling the “Arab Spring” to begin with, have called for the assassination of Libya’s Qaddafi and members of his inner circle. The London Telegraph also reported that Foreign Secretary William Hague refused to rule out using US drones to assassinate Qaddafi.

Wikileaks Gitmo Files: Corporate Media Reports Information We Brought To You Five Years Ago
With much fanfare the mainstream media is today reporting on the Wikileaks guantanamo revelations, which highlight the fact that the US government knew there were no high ranking terrorists being held at Guantanamo Bay.

Normalizing Evil: The NY Times’ Curious Take on the Gitmo Files

Four Scary Words: “Silver Delivery Not Possible”
The SHTFPlan’s Mac Slavo brings us the story of one Bill Cramer who decided to cash in on his silver profits after a nearly decade holding period (under the assumption he was receiving warehousing services considering he was paying storage fees), confident that he could simply receive the metal he held with a broker, until he heard the following 5 very disturbing words: “Sorry, delivery is not possible.”

British pound devalues by 94% in 50yrs

Gas Prices Top $1-a-Gallon Higher than Year Ago; Media Don’t Blame Obama
The average price for a gallon of unleaded gasoline hit $3.86 on April 25, more than $1-a-gallon higher than a year earlier and less than 25 cents away from the record high price of gasoline set in July 2008.

Your Cellphone Has Been Tracking You For Nearly a Decade
The controversy generated as a result of computer researchers discovering a hidden file that allows Apple to track the location of iPhone and iPad users has been treated as a shocking revelation by the media, and yet since October 2001, the FCC has mandated that all wireless carriers track the location of their users down to within 50 feet.

Libya: western leaders call for Nato to target Gaddafi
Senior western leaders called for Nato to adopt an assassination policy against Col Muammar Gaddafi to salvage the bombing campaign in Libya from a descent into stalemate.

Air strike destroys buildings in Gaddafi’s compound as Nato and U.S. say Predator drones could be used to assassinate leader
Britain, the Traitor Nation: Media Disinformation and Crimes against Humanity in Libya
Financial Heist of the Century: Confiscating Libya’s Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF)

Yemen protesters reject US-backed transition
Yemen’s protest movement insisted Sunday on President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s rapid exit and prosecution after his party accepted a Gulf plan for him to quit in 30 days in a move hailed by Washington.

Kazakh man attempts to hijack plane, reroute to Tripoli
Cabin crew overpowered a Kazakh man Sunday after he tried to hijack a Paris-Rome plane and have it land in Tripoli by threatening an air hostess, Italy’s ANSA news agency reported.

Jesse Ventura: The Emperor Has No Clothes
Who would have thought twenty years ago that a wrestler would become one of the heroes of our age? Then again, it shouldn’t be so surprising because wrestlers are special men.

Wikileaks: 7 Shocking Gitmo Revelations
A massive leak of more than 700 military documents, attributed to infamous transparency group WikiLeaks, was released Sunday night.

Guantánamo Bay files: Casio wristwatch ‘the sign of al-Qaida’


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