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‘No sign Gaddafi bombed Tripoli – NATO wages war on false claims’
Sukant Chandan, who has just returned from a monitoring mission in Libya, believes there’s no justification for NATO’s actions.

US carries out first drone strike in Libya: Pentagon
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Libya: Nato strikes hit bunker in Gaddafi’s compound
Nato bombs have hit what appeared to be a bunker in Col Gaddafi’s Tripoli compound, as the Libyan government said it is ready to withdraw from Misurata and let tribes deal with rebels in the besieged city.

Embattled Yemeni president agrees to step down
Ali Abdullah Saleh, the embattled President of Yemen, has agreed to step down and hand power to his deputy in exchange for immunity from prosecution.

Syrian troops fire on funerals, kill 13
At least 13 mourners were shot dead on Saturday as Syrians swarmed the streets to bury scores of demonstrators killed in massive protests and two MPs resigned in frustration at the bloodshed.

Video Reporting Possible CIA/Saudi Snipers in Syria
Color Revolution’s Mystery Gunmen

North Korea Threatens “Full-Scale Destruction Fire At Any Area, Any Time” In Response To Propaganda Campaign
Kim Jong-il oftens threatens to attack South Korea, and some times he actually does it.

Outrage at ‘dictators’ invited to royal wedding
Peter Tatchell has accused the Queen of putting “royalty before human rights” as dictators prepare to join celebrities at this week’s royal wedding.

Helen Caldicott Talks About the Horror of Fukushima
Australian physician, author, and anti-nuclear advocate Helen Caldicott talks about the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe and what we can expect. It ain’t pretty.

Fukushima Evacuation area officially expanded

Nazi Lover Schwarzenegger: Make Me President of European Union
Arnold Schwarzenegger, the washed up B-actor who served a disastrous stint as California’s governor, is now gunning for the presidency of the European Union.

IT’S OFFICIAL: Apple Has Brainwashed The Whole Country — How Else To Explain The Lack Of Outrage Over Apple’s Secret Location Tracking?
Your iPhone has been secretly tracking and recording everywhere you go for the past several years.

Ron Paul on CNN Newsroom
Ron Paul discussed the troubles with our military intervention, occupation, and nation building experiment in Afghanistan on CNN Newsroom.

Why Investors Are Buying Silver As If There Is No Tomorrow
The price of silver has been absolutely exploding lately. It has reached heights not seen since the Hunt Brothers attempted to corner the silver market over three decades ago.

Don’t Like a Weak Dollar? Might as Well Get Used to It
24 Signs Of Economic Decline In America

Obama on Bradley Manning: “He broke the law”
Following a fundraising speech on Thursday, President Obama was asked about the case of whistleblower Bradley Manning.

Church leader likens inaction on climate to crucifying Christ
The Moderator of the Uniting Church Synod of NSW and ACT, the Reverend Niall Reid, said in his Easter message that climate change was the result of ”unsustainable, unfettered and unthinking addiction to economic growth”, and those who could not entertain a less destructive path were like those who sent Jesus to the Cross for expediency’s sake.

TEPCO finds radioactive concrete emitting 900,000 microsieverts per hour of nuclear radiation
The operator of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant says that concrete debris emitting a high level of radiation has been found near the Number 3 reactor.

Japan: Fukushima 50 criticise ‘inconsistent’ information

TSA officer charged in distributing child pornography
A passenger screener at Philadelphia International Airport is facing charges that he distributed more than 100 images of child pornography via Facebook, records show.

Heroes Villainized: FBI to investigate 9/11 first responders for terrorism
A provision in a new draft of the 9/11 healthcare bill will force the FBI to investigate tens of thousands of cops, firefighters, construction workers and others for ties to terrorism by comparing names to those on the Terrorism Watch List.

Short Life Expectancy for BP Whistleblowers?
The investigation, if it can properly be so called, of the unsolved murder of the former high ranking Pentagon official and presidential advisor John P. Wheeler III, who was also an expert on chemical and biological weapons, may be taking a turn in the direction of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Economic Recovery Evades Fed and Congress Efforts
Economic recovery does not seem to be taking effect in spite of more massive expenditures by Congress and the Fed. The IMF says financial stability has improved, but then again their vision is almost always clouded.

Will Adverse Regulatory Changes Cause Further Deterioration In Shadow Banking And Force The Fed’s QE Hand Again?

Warmonger McCain in Benghazi
American foreign policy became surreal as long time “War on Terror” peddler John McCain surveyed the rebel stronghold of Benghazi calling for them to be recognized as the official government of Libya.

NATO conducts fresh attacks on Tripoli

Propagandists seeking US intervention, shift blame on puppet Obama
It is no secret that Syria has been marked for regime change for at least two decades.

Libyan soldiers say army retreating from Misrata
Libyan troops captured by rebels in Misrata said on Saturday the army had been ordered to retreat from the western port, marking a possible shift in a two-month revolt against leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Obama condemns Syrian government
US President Barack Obama has strongly condemned the Syrian government for its use of violence against demonstrators after 70 people were killed by security forces on Friday.

Carving Up Pakistan: The Balochistan Gambit
With NATO providing Al Qaeda air cover in Libya as they commit an array of egregious war crimes in their bid to seize the country, the last shred of legitimacy for America’s official narrative regarding their war on the Afghan-Pakistani border disappears before our eyes.

Royal Wedding Is Drawing a Yawn From Many Americans
How fascinated are Americans with Prince William’s and Kate Middleton’s nuptials next week? According to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll, not very. Only 6 percent have been following news about the wedding very closely, and an additional 22 percent are following it somewhat closely.

Using police to enforce a Big Pharma medication agenda is a violation of civil rights (and a waste of good cops)
In a new video posted today (link below), I argue that using police officers to enforce a Big Pharma medication agenda is not merely a violation of civil rights, but a crime against human rights. It is a grave misuse of state power and a waste of law enforcement resources that are already stretched thin across the country.


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