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UNBELIEVABLE: Fukushima Workers Trying To Plug Radiation Leaks With Bits Of Newspaper, Garbage Bags, Diaper Like Material
The impact of the radioactive material on sea life could be catastrophic as over 11, 500 tons of contaminated water is now being intentionally released into the Pacific ocean by workers at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in a last ditch desperate effort to clean out the area.

This Is What Happens When Establishment Control Of The Media Cracks For A Moment
Every once in a while, establishment control of the mainstream media cracks for a moment. In an effort to achieve higher ratings, mainstream news programs will invite guests on that promise to be “interesting”, but then they will say something that is not part of the script and the entire system will go into a state of chaos for a moment.

US agrees to continue Libya airstrikes
The United States has agreed to a NATO’s request for a 48-hour extension of American participation in the Western coalition’s airstrikes on Libya.

Ron Paul And Dennis Kucinich Slam Obama Misuse Of War Powers
2 Qaddafi Sons Are Said to Offer Plan to Push Father Out
The U.S./Israeli Endgame in The Middle East: Total War, Total Enslavement

U.S. Shifts to Seek Removal of Yemen’s Leader, an Ally
The United States, which long supported Yemen’s president, even in the face of recent widespread protests, has now quietly shifted positions and has concluded that he is unlikely to bring about the required reforms and must be eased out of office, according to American and Yemeni officials.

How a big US bank laundered billions from Mexico’s murderous drug gangs
As the violence spread, billions of dollars of cartel cash began to seep into the global financial system. But a special investigation by the Observer reveals how the increasingly frantic warnings of one London whistleblower were ignored.

MI5 files: Nazis plotted to kill Allied troops with coffee
The Nazis planned to kill Allied troops with poisoned coffee, chocolate and cigarettes, as part of a terrorist campaign in liberated Europe, newly disclosed MI5 documents show.

Ever wondered why Mars is red? One scientist thinks he knows (and it could happen on Earth, too)
According to Dr John Brandednberg, about 180 million years ago, a planet-shattering yet naturally occurring nuclear reaction may have wiped out everything on Mars, sending a shockwave that turned the planet into dry sand.

Study: Pesticides, toxins can absorb directly into crops through soil
A recent study put forth by Nanjing Agricultural University and funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China provides further insight into the delicate relationship between plants and the soil in which they are grown.

US And Egyptian Special Forces May Be Covertly Training Libyan Rebels
U.S. and Egyptian special forces are training Libyan rebel fighters in the use of advanced weapons, according to a report from Al Jazeera.

‘War for Libyan oil planned long ago, no one cares about people’
Ex-Mujahedeen Help Lead Libyan Rebels

Regular FOX Contributor Charles Payne “This Is About A One World Government”
One person talks some sense amongst the idiocy passing for analysis on Fox News.

Bob Chapman: The Road of Inflation Will Only End in Tears
Cycles and booms and busts just don’t happen. They are planned that way. In the late 1990s Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan commented on irrational exuberance and said he hoped the market would cool down.

Paul bid wouldn’t get snub this time, son says
If Ron Paul runs for president again, he won’t receive the same brush-off he experienced from the Republican establishment four years ago, his son said Saturday.

FDA says you have no right to real food unless they give you permission first
In a response to a lawsuit filed by the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF), the FDA has articulated its belief that there is no such thing as a right to health or to purchase or consume any given food.

Genetically modified cows produce ‘human’ milk

Queen dissolves Canadian Parliament for third time in 3 years
In news that was alarmingly under-reported even in the alternative media, Queen Elizabeth’s Governor General David Johnston approved Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s request to dissolve Parliament on March 26 for the third time in 3 years.

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Lindsey Graham Advocates Killing First Amendment

In response to the idiotic and pointless burning of the Koran by a Florida pastor and the deadly riots that followed, Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina has proposed limiting the First Amendment.

Newly released TEPCO data provides evidence of periodic chain reaction at Fukushima Unit 1
Recent press reports have discussed the possibility that Fukushima Unit 1 may be having a nuclear chain reaction.

I WANT TO ESCAPE JAPAN! Japanese Protesters Take To The Streets In Tokyo
Potential April 6th Fukushima Fallout Forecast Shows U.S. West Coast Under Threat

Feeling Depessed? 27 Depressing Statistics About The U.S. Economy That Will Make You Feel Even Worse
If you know someone that believes that the U.S. economy is in great shape, just show that person the following statistics.

Rand Paul On The Spending Disconnect
Senator Rand Paul addresses the crowd at an Iowa Republican Fundraiser, urging attendees to stand on principle and imbue the party with values.

Rep. Paul Plans Hearings on Fed Loans
The Fed Is on ‘Different Monetary Planet’: Economist

Obama announces 2012 re-election bid
President Barack Obama on Monday formally announced his 2012 re-election bid, saying the country needed "to protect the progress" it had made.

Alex’s “You Are Children of Death” Rant
One of Alex’s classic rants.

NY Times contributor confirms California rainwater 181 times above drinking water standards for radioactive iodine-131
Radiation from Japan rained on Berkeley during recent storms at levels that exceeded drinking water standards by 181 times and has been detected in multiple milk samples…

Japanese Government Official Reveals Awful Truth: It Could Take Months To Stop Radioactive Leak
Update on Japan’s Nuclear Crisis
Mainstream media journalists flunk high school physics when reporting on radiation

Ivory Coast: aid workers find 1,000 bodies in Duekoue
The single biggest atrocity in the long battle for control of Ivory Coast has emerged after aid workers discovered the bodies of up to 1,000 people in the town of Duekoue.

US renews call for I. Coast’s Gbagbo to go

Regulator Says Radioactive Water Leaking Into Ocean From Japanese Nuclear Plant
In order to avoid completely losing their businesses and livelihoods to the predatory business model of Monsanto, 60 family farmers, seed businesses and organic agricultural organizations have collectively filed a preemptive lawsuit against the multinational biotechnology giant.

GREENPEACE Measures EXTREME RADIATION 40KM From Fukushima – Why No Evacuation?
Flashing Blue Light Seen Above Exploded Nuclear Reactor
Reactor Core Was Severely Damaged, U.S. Official Says
Analysis Of New Photos Of Fukushima Reactors
Radiation In Milk?
Radioactive Material Found in Illinois

Medical doctors speak out about why they avoid naked body scanners at airports
For those still contemplating whether or not the radiation emitted from airport naked body scanners is serious enough to avoid, you may be interested to know that many doctors routinely “opt out” and choose the full-body pat down instead because they recognize the inherent dangers associated with any level of radiation exposure.


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