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Establishment Exploits OKC Bombing Victims To Push "Extremist Threat" Propaganda
Bill Clinton, the Southern Poverty Law Center and almost the entire corporate media are not letting a good opportunity go to waste today - by dancing on the graves of 168 victims and exploiting the 15th anniversary of the false flag Oklahoma City Bombing to demonize their political enemies, the Internet, and anyone who dares to express dissent against the federal government.

Your Support Needed To Keep Propaganda Matrix Online

Obama on ‘Global Rebalancing’: American Consumers & Government Aren’t Coming Back Any Time Soon
Obama to other countries: “A purely export driven strategy of economic growth is not going to work…”

Willie Nelson talks 9/11 with Larry King on Larry King Live on CNN
Willie Nelson busting some knowledge on CNN’s Larry King Live this Friday April 16th, 2010.

Last Day for C4L Banner Bomb
Today is the final day to donate toward our C4L Audit the Fed banner bomb project.

Goldman May Face U.K., German Inquiries After Suit
Goldman Sachs Group Inc. faces a regulatory probe in Britain and scrutiny from the German government after the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission sued the firm for fraud tied to collateralized debt obligations.

Goldman Sachs’ Bloody Nose

Knee-Jerk No Fly Ban Discredits Global Warming Alarmists
With European governments coming under increasing pressure from airline groups to re-open airspace following dozens of successful test flights directly through the volcano ash cloud, it appears as if the infamous UK MET Office, which relies on similar voodoo science in proliferating its fearmongering about global warming, has once again been completely discredited at a cost of widespread chaos on top of hundreds of millions of dollars a day in lost revenue.

NPR and CNN worry that Global Warming may have caused Iceland’s Volcano!!!
How exactly could global warming cause a volcano to go off?

Air France, Lufthansa Press for Airspace Re-Opening
Economy impact to rise sharply if ash cloud lingers
Test Flights Through Iceland Volcano Ash Cloud Successful
Volcano Ash May Reach Canada Coast, MET Office Says
European Airline and Travel Stocks Plunge
Why the Precautionary Principle always works

US strike could delay Iran nuclear program-Mullen

The nation’s top military officer said on Sunday that a U.S. strike against Iran would go “a long way” to delaying its nuclear program but that he considered doing so his “last option” right now.

Congressmen Urge Dramatic Expansion Of Goldman Investigation, Demand Big Payback To AIG
The easiest reason to think that the Goldman Sachs (GS) news will metastasize is that so many players potentially have an interest in seeing it expand.

Goldman Cracks

Facebook’s new content-sharing button ‘will not track users’ web history’
Facebook is denying claims that its new content-sharing button will allow it to serve advertising based on its users’ web history.

Support for full-body scanners ‘lower than reported’
Just two thirds of Brits support the roll-out of full-body scanners at UK airports, according to new research by Cheapflights UK.

Clean air, a problem?
Here’s a headline I thought I’d never see.

Al-Qaeda Chief In Iraq: Captured, Killed, Never Actually Existed, Re-Captured, Now Killed Again
U.S. and Iraqi officials have today announced that two “Al-Qaeda in Iraq” leaders have been killed in an air strike carried out by American troops. A major flaw in the story that seems to have been overlooked, is that both of the men have already been reported captured and killed on several occasions, with U.S. officials also having previously declared one of them a “fictional character” that was invented by the other!

CFR Journalist Calls Tea Party Talk Seditious
Joe Klein is worried. All this constitutional talk on the part of the Tea Party movement may actually lead to significant change (not Obama faux change, but the real McCoy).

Kucinich: Obama’s drone attacks in Pakistan ‘inspire radicalism’
Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) forcefully criticized President Obama’s drone strikes in Pakistan as inspiring the anti-American sentiments they seek to quell, touching upon a consequence of the policy rarely discussed in the media but well-recognized in the region.

Britain’s flight ban to be LIFTED tomorrow
The blanket ban on flying to and from the UK will be lifted as early as 6am tomorrow, airport sources revealed this afternoon.

Netanyahu Calls for ‘Crippling Sanctions’ Against Iran
Amid recent tensions between the United States and close ally Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for President Obama and the international community to consider “crippling sanctions” to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapons program.

Congress may get fined by its own health-care law
Congress may be fined tens of millions of dollars a year under its own health-care law, in part because the bill dumps members of Congress and their staffs from their current health-care plans.

High-tech speed cameras which use satellites to track motorists on secret trial in Britain
Apart from the occasional misguided instruction, sat-nav has so far proved an extremely popular device with British motorists.

Youth reject Facebook’s death of privacy claims
Young people do care about their privacy, a new survey has found, contradicting the claims of Silicon Valley plutocrats.

Right-wing radio host calls tea parties ‘the Sarah Palin movement’
The tea parties are all about expressing American freedom and coming together to celebrate and protect God-given liberties. This, of course, is why anyone who disagrees must be screamed at until silenced.

Poll: Americans’ distrust of federal government is deepening

If The U.S. Economy Goes Into The Toilet Will It Result In A Complete And Total Collapse Of Society?
If the United States experiences a horrifying economic collapse (and it most definitely will), will that cause a complete and total collapse of society?

The War On You….Or Dave

Afghanistan: More than 100 dead in bloody week
More than 100 people including dozens of civilians were killed in violence related to Afghanistan’s ongoing war against the Taliban in the past week, authorities said Sunday.

100 Years of US Medical Fascism
One hundred years ago today, on April 16, 1910, Henry Pritchett, president of the Carnegie Foundation, put the finishing touches on the Flexner Report.

Critics of GM crops vindicated over time
Just over a decade has passed since the use of genetically modified crops on Prairie farms became widespread.

Another Phony Bin Laden Tape

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura


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