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Attack Video Reveals Why Pentagon Wanted To “Destroy” Wikileaks
The sickening video released today of U.S. troops slaughtering innocent civilians, including two Reuters reporters in Baghdad in July 2007, clearly indicates why the Pentagon was intent on destroying Wikileaks, the whistleblower website that it now has little chance of putting out of business.

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US Military Releases Official Investigation Results Relating To Wikileaks Iraq Massacre Video
The US Military issues its official retort to the Wikileaks video. Here are the official US Army recommendations based on that episode

Ron Paul Discusses America’s Moral Decline & Economic Collapse on The Alex Jones Show
Alex talks with Republican Congressman for the 14th congressional district of Texas, Ron Paul. Dr. Paul’s latest books are End the Fed and The Revolution: A Manifesto.

Philadelphia DA decriminalizes marijuana, but police to continue arrests
The district attorney in America’s City of Brotherly Love intends to stop prosecuting people caught with less than 30 grams of marijuana, according to published reports.

Damage control: Greenpeace removes threats
“We got this one wrong, no doubt about it. I’m holding up my hands on behalf of the organisation and saying sorry for that. Peaceful action is at the very core of what we do, so any language that even comes close to suggesting that’s not the case is something we cannot support.”

Neo-Cons Defend Massacre Of Iraqi Journalists, Children
Bloodthirsty neo-cons who would defend barbecuing Arab babies on the White House lawn if they were told it was part of the "war on terror" are disgracefully scrambling to defend a shocking video released by Wikileaks which shows U.S. Apache helicopters massacring Iraqi journalists and children in Baghdad while laughing about it.

Ret. intel officer: US troops violated Rules of Engagement in Reuters shooting
During a Monday appearance on MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan Show, a retired intelligence officer claimed that U.S. forces violated the military’s Rules of Engagement in events depicted by a video released by whistleblower site WikiLeaks, which allegedly shows the murder of civilians and journalists in New Baghdad, Iraq.

Wikileaks Video Exposes Apache Murders of Journalists, Children In Iraq
“Oh Yeah, Look At All Those Dead Bastards”

Santelli: $4 Gas, $150 Oil Coming This Summer
With summer driving season upon us, it’s important to note that there’s a traditional jump in gas prices. But will this seasonal adjustment benefit commodities, specifically oil and make the price of gasoline even higher?

Government and Gasoline

IRS Launches New Global Program to Target ‘High Wealth Individuals’
Some pundits have posed the question: Why do anyone need this thing? Indeed, even those of you are lining up and standing outside stores may be wondering, Why am I doing this?

Digital Bill to strip Britons of their rights
Britain is hoping to put itself at the forefront of the fight against Internet piracy with the new Digital Economy Bill, to be debated in parliament later on Tuesday.

Yet Again with the National ID
Fresh from their defeat in forcing national identity papers on us with REAL ID, the Feds are trying once more. Their plea this time isn’t terrorism but immigration — though they’re pretty much the same, or so the State has convinced some Americans.

Are Federal Officials Above the Law?
A federal judge’s ruling in a case challenging the Bush administration’s infamous and illegal domestic surveillance case will likely demonstrate, once again, the hypocrisy and deceit of Barack Obama and his merry band of liberal statists.

Targeting Journalists in Iraq is Pentagon Policy
The Baghdad snuff video released by WikiLeaks has yet to receive much corporate media play. MSNBC, however, covered the video. In a discussion of the video, Brett McGurk of the Council on Foreign Relations and an NSC member for Bush and Obama, defended the mass murder episode. McGurk said the soldiers fired on journalists because they thought they saw an RPG launcher.

This Is Why They Hate Us

Court: FCC has no power to regulate Net neutrality
The Federal Communications Commission does not have the legal authority to impose strict Net neutrality regulations on Internet providers, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday.

UK MP: Web control bill a sledgehammer to crack small nut
‘Draconian’ digital bill can cut off Internet in fight for copyright

Covering Up Civilian Deaths
The recent news brought reports of two incidents in two countries where US troops killed civilians and then lied to cover up the evidence. These are but the latest of a steady stream of lies from military and Pentagon sources about the killing of civilians.

Welcome to Obama’s War

JPMorgan Instructs Homeowners To Stop Making Payments Then Takes Their Homes
JPMorgan Chase instructed homeowners to stop making mortgage payments, as that was the only way to be considered for a loan modification, then repossessed their house when they followed the bank’s advice, a couple claims in Federal Court.

UK Conservatives may reopen probe into Iraq war whistleblower’s death
The death of a whistle-blower who said the UK government had “sexed up” a dossier on Saddam Hussein’s military capabilities in order to sell the Iraq war has been one of the most intriguing and confusing elements of the war’s history.

Tyranny Response Team Engages Gestapo Youth
All great tyrannies work at capturing the minds of the youth. No longer are our children going to be learning survival skills, camping and hunting abilities. Instead they will be training to police and control us.

Brown Sets May 6 Vote as Polls Show Hung Parliament
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown called an election for May 6, setting up his first nationwide test as U.K. leader in a ballot that may fail to result in a governing majority.

Former Deputy Defense Minister Says Israel May Be Compelled To Attack Iran’s Nuclear Facilities By November
Who would have thought that Obama’s fate would be decided not by his passage of the “historic” healthcare reform, or his pathological inability to disengage from the kleptos on Wall Street, or even the exponential growth in the US debt, but by what is shaping up to be a November (potentially Nuclear) D-Day out in the middle east.

Israel’s Bellicose Threats Against Iran

Is Gordon Brown Proposing To Print Climate Money?
Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi says the high level Advisory Group on Climate Change Financing has identified various financial sources to help developing countries combat climate change and set directives for further activities.

US mine explosion leaves 25 dead
Twenty-five miners were killed and at least four were still unaccounted for today after an explosion in a mine in West Virginia – the worst US mining disaster for more than 25 years.

Guard begins to return
A group of 120 members of the 41st Infantry Brigade Combat Team that includes the 1st Battalion, 82nd Cavalry Regiment from Lebanon and the Corvallis-based 2nd Battalion, 162nd Infantry, began returning from deployment in Iraq last week.

More “hiding the decline”
Steve McIntyre points out some inconvenient data from Law Dome.

CNN Weather Guy Chad Myers Accuses Climate Scientists Of Corruption
Arctic ice recovers from the great melt

Another Phony Bin Laden Tape

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura


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