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Tourists Or Terrorists? Police Erase London Sightseers Photographs Citing Terrorism
Two Austrian tourists visiting London were forced to erase large portions of their holiday photographs by police officers who told the pair that they were duty bound to "prevent terrorism".

Dimon Says He’s Eager to Repay ‘Scarlet Letter’ TARP
JPMorgan Chase & Co. Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon, who today reported first-quarter profit that beat analysts’ expectations, said his firm could repay U.S. government rescue funds “tomorrow.”

With recent police activity, anti-terror adverts and CCTV everywhere no wonder we’re all scared stiff
So it has now become one of the main causes of anxiety. Among all the other worries that people face - the recession, crime, hospital superbugs and terrorism - a new fear has emerged: that of the Big Brother state.

Michigan: 16-year-old dies after police Taser shooting

Man Detained As Terror Suspect For Photographing Police Car
Despite police claiming that an ambiguous section of the UK Counter Terrorism Act of 2008 would not outlaw taking photographs or film of police, a man was detained as a terror suspect this week simply for taking a photograph of a police car in order to document police misconduct.

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ACLU fears Obama Administration may destroy evidence at CIA ‘black sites’
The Bush Administration’s legacy of torture interrogation may dip further into obscurity if the Obama Administration’s vow to decommission overseas detention black sites means evidence of torture would be destroyed.

Don’t Fall For the Old Divide And Conquer Trick
The powers-that-be are trying to distract us from the looting of our wallets by the big banks by creating a left-versus-right, us-versus-them drama.

Robert Shiller’s Fatal Prescriptions
Economist Robert Shiller now prescribes a strong dose of medicine – actually poison – for the U.S. economy (see here). Shiller’s diagnosis and doctoring are the same as those of the Bush-Obama-Bernanke regimes. He only wants greater and more persistent doses of the poisons.

BBC rebukes its Middle East correspondent Jeremy Bowen for anti-Israel comments

The BBC’s Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen faced calls to quit tonight after he was criticised for breaching the broadcaster’s rules on accuracy and impartiality in two reports about the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Texas could secede from the union, governor says
A fired-up Texas Gov. Rick Perry told an Austin crowd gathered as part of the national “tea party” protests that while there was “no reason” to dissolve the union, “but if Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people, you know, who knows what might come out of that.”

Big Pharma’s Thalidomide Drug was Actually Developed as Nazi Chemical Weapon (Today It’s Used as Chemotherapy)
The notorious drug thalidomide, which produced birth defects in the children of women who were prescribed it as a treatment for morning sickness, appears to have been developed by Nazi concentration camp doctors as a nerve gas antidote.

Why Third Year Arctic Ice Will Increase Next Year
In spite of the excess global sea ice area and the freezing Catlin crew, AGW proponents have recently ramped up the rhetoric about “melting ice caps.” This has been based on a couple of points.

MSNBC Cuts Deal with Napolitano: Network Allowed 1 Question, No Follow-Ups on Extremism Report
“Yeah. So this morning, I got a call that she [Janet Napolitano] was going to be on the show and they said we could only ask one question …”

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NSA spied on member of Congress and broke new laws, report says
An article in The New York Times detailing new violations of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act reports that the National Security Agency has been intercepting the communications of Americans on a scale going well beyond the broad legal limits established last year by Congress.

Obama likely to redact key CIA torture memos

Robert Fisk: How can you trust the cowardly BBC?
The BBC Trust’s report on Jeremy Bowen’s dispatches from the Middle East is pusillanimous, cowardly, outrageous, factually wrong and ethically dishonest.

Senior Russian senator hits out at U.S. nuclear deterrence report
A senior Russian politician has expressed “surprise” and “indignation” at the contents of a report by an influential U.S. think tank that calls for “minimal nuclear deterrence.”

China’s Economy Grows 6.1%, Slowest Pace in Almost a Decade
China’s economy, battered by collapsing exports, grew at the slowest pace in almost 10 years, probably marking its low point.

How Goldman Posted a Profitable Quarter: They “Skipped” December
Watch out this weekend
Gold May Retest $1,000

Rick Perry’s Cynical Effort to Exploit the Tea Party Movement and States’ Rights
Texas Governor Rick Perry’s says the state may secede. Perry made the comment after a Tax Day Tea Party speech he delivered at the Austin City Hall.

CNN Correspondent Claims Tea Parties ‘Anti-government,’ ‘Anti-CNN’
CNN is finally covering the tea parties – by attacking the participants. After anchor Anderson Cooper made an obscene sexual joke about attendees, CNN correspondent Susan Roesgen rudely interrupted one of the protestors and slammed the event for being “anti-government,” “anti-CNN,” and “not really family viewing.”

Ron Paul: Bring back private pirate hunters
A congressman from Texas who’s known for broadsides at U.S. foreign policy says Somali piracy has an age-old solution” - letters of marque” empowering private citizens to chase the criminals from the oceans.

Israel’s Peres says no to military option on Iran issue
Israeli President Shimon Peres said on Thursday that there was no military solution to arch-foe Iran’s controversial nuclear programme.

US warns Israel against attack on Iran

Protest over G20 police tactics
Protestors will be gathering outside Scotland Yard on Thursday voicing their dissent over police tactics during the G20 demonstrations in London.

The Great Global Warming Hoax

RAND Wants WWIII to Save US Economy

Paul Watson & Alex Jones - Mumbai Terror Attacks

Paul Joseph Watson: Internet Censorship a Growing Cancer

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