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Secret Homeland Security Threat Assessment Labels Gun Owners Potential Terrorists
A Department of Homeland Security intelligence assessment equates gun owners with violent terrorists and states that radical extremists are "stockpiling" weapons in fear of an Obama administration gun ban.

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US military mulls attacking Somali pirates’ land bases; pirates vow revenge
While some Somali pirates are threatening to take revenge for two deadly international assaults which disrupted their kidnapping plots the last week, the US military is mulling taking the fight to their bases.

Captain’s Rescue Revives Debate Over Arming Crews
Somali insurgents fire mortars at US congressman

Warning that Pakistan is in danger of collapse within months
PAKISTAN could collapse within months, one of the more influential counter-insurgency voices in Washington says.

Thai troops move on protesters outside Prime Minister’s compound
Hundreds of Thai troops moved into the main site occupied by protesters outside the prime minister’s office in Bangkok today, opening the prospect of further clashes between authorities and thousands of anti-government red shirts.

Sir David Attenborough calls for UK baby limit to stop ‘frightening’ population growth
Sir David Attenborough today warned British couples to limit the number of children they have to help quell the ‘frightening’ growth in the world’s population.

Peres on Ahmadinejad: We’ll strike him
Israel ‘will’ launch its much-predicted military strike against Iran, should Washington’s overture to Tehran prove to be of no avail.

Afghan villagers say air strike kills civilians
Afghan authorities were checking reports Monday of civilian casualties from an overnight air strike by U.S.-led forces, after villagers in a remote region said five people had been killed.

Troops Open Fire Amid Bangkok Protests

“U.S. mainstream media isn’t interested in finding the truth”
The mainstream U.S. media isn’t helping in the search for truth, says Luke Rudkowski from the social justice movement ‘We Are Change’.

HAL Mech Suit Hits Production, To Increase Human Strength Tenfold
Dreams of real life robocops will be brought to life with new Japanese invention.

Humans are ‘not hurting’ the climate
AN Adelaide professor says climate change is unavoidable - but that humans are not the cause of it.

Peter Schiff: Why the Meltdown Should Have Surprised No One
The 2009 Henry Hazlitt Memorial Lecture, presented by Peter Schiff. Recorded at the annual Austrian Scholars Conference, Ludwig von Mises Institute, 13 March 2009.

Worse Than The Great Depression... Hyperinflation Is Coming! Own Gold & Silver! Real Money-Real Protection!

MSM Accuses Gerald Celente and Peter Schiff of “pessimism porn”
Corporate controlled ABC hit piece on the only economic forcasters who have been proven dead right over the last couple of years.

Jim Rogers Says Investors Should Expect More Bottoms

Bailed-Out Banks Face Probe over Fees: Report
U.S. banks that received money under the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) are facing a probe over increases in rates and fees, the Wall Street Journal said.

A Guide to the Bohemian Grove
Conspiracy theorists believe the Bohemian Grove’s idyllic grounds, in northern California, are host to right-wing, old-boy machinations about the New World Order.

Britain’s boom now a bust
Not long ago, the Church of England put out two new prayers to provide solace for those who have been laid off. “Hear me as I cry out in confusion” is a line from the “Prayer on Being Made Redundant” offered to the country’s two million unemployed.

Every teenager will have to do 50 hours of community work, Brown says

Every teenager will have to do at least 50 hours of community work before the age of 19, Gordon Brown has announced.

Mockingbird Asset Time Magazine Shills for Globalist Currency
Time Magazine says it would be good for America to drop the dollar and replace it with the SDR, short for special drawing right.

Mexican Envoy Defends Claim That Most Guns in Mexico Come From U.S.
Auturo Sarukhan, the Mexican ambassador to the United States, repeated and defended his claim that 90 percent of the weapons intercepted in Mexico come from the U.S.

The Great Global Warming Hoax

RAND Wants WWIII to Save US Economy

Paul Watson & Alex Jones - Mumbai Terror Attacks

Paul Joseph Watson: Internet Censorship a Growing Cancer

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