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London Telegraph Admits Plan For Bank Of The World, Global Currency
The international business editor of the London Telegraph has today penned a piece admitting that the fallout of the G20 summit sets the stage for a global central bank and a global fiat currency.

How José Manuel Barroso (Bilderberg Member) quietly transformed the world’s financial future G20 summit
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Hawaiians May Need Special ID to Buy Gas in 2010
In a move completely ignored by the corporate media, the state of Hawaii has introduced resolutions in the Senate and House to initiate a study by the Insurance Commissioner to determine how best to deny gasoline purchases to uninsured motorists.

Suspected US strike kills 13 in Pakistan
A suspected US missile strike killed 13 people including alleged Al-Qaeda militants in a Pakistan extremist stronghold on the Afghan border on Saturday, security officials said.

Anti-NATO protests continue in France
NATO heads of state are meeting on the outskirts of French city of Strasbourg to mark the organizations’ 60th anniversary amid protests.

Inquiry into torture allegations announced
MPs are to undertake the most far-reaching inquiry into Britain’s role in human rights abuses in decades as allegations mount to suggest that officials repeatedly breached international law.

Police ordered to release 7/7 footage
Police have been ordered to release footage of the July 7 bombers after a three-year freedom of information battle.

Biden vows to tackle gun violence after NY massacre
United States Vice President Joe Biden says a new approach must be taken to deal with senseless gun violence after the shooting deaths of 14 people in New York state.

Republicans slam Barack Obama over ‘American arrogance’ speech
President Barack Obama’s unprecedented critique of past American behaviour towards Europe aroused predictable ire among his conservative foes and praise from liberals in the US.

Should Obama Control the Internet?
Should President Obama have the power to shut down domestic Internet traffic during a state of emergency?

Senate Measure For Fed Bailout Disclosure Is Not Good Enough
The Senate has introduced a measure into the budget blueprint asking the Federal Reserve to disclose the names of institutions that received bailout money. Good, but not good enough, because it will not be enforced.

Unseen Footage: Riot police attack peaceful protesters at G20
While the police stood off the hardcore anarchists smashing up the windows of the Royal Bank of Scotland, riot squads were ordered to wade into the “climate camp” protesters, a few streets away, and “kettle” them into a very confined space.

Peter Power: Some Companies Used G-20 Protests As “Training For Flu Pandemic”
Protesters battle police ahead of NATO summit

Toxic Asset Plan Will Leave The Same Amount Of Toxic Assets In The System, But With the Taxpayers Now Liable For Most Of The Losses
The most succinct description of what is wrong with Geithner’s PPIP toxic asset plan comes from the Financial Times.

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Administration Seeks an Out On Bailout Rules for Firms
Minister: Britain should not fear asking for IMF cash

Infowars Story on Illegal Tennessee Checkpoint Prompts Action by Governor

In response to a number of calls to the Tennessee Governor’s office, the Whiteville, Tennessee police have canceled a planned seat belt checkpoint operation that was to be conducted in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security and the 251st Military Police in Bolivar, Tennessee.

From Twin Towers to Twin Camelots
The world falls in love with a charismatic young president, his stylish wife, and their charming young children. In the campaign for the presidency he has defeated his opponent in part by charging Republican failure in the war against America’s enemies.

One in 10 Americans gets help to buy food
A record 32.2 million people — one in every 10 Americans — received food stamps at the latest count, the government said on Thursday, a reflection of the recession now in its 16th month.

Ex-AIG chief: Bailout will not succeed

Mexico’s president given George Orwell’s 1984 by the Queen
The president of Mexico received one of the more unusual gifts given by the Queen during an incoming state visit today - a copy of the classic dystopian novel 1984.

Democrats duck Bush torture probe
Despite overwhelming evidence that ex-President George W. Bush and many top aides engaged in a systematic policy of illegal torture, national Democrats appear to be shying away from their recommendation last year for a special prosecutor to investigate these apparent war crimes.

Phoenix police raid home of blogger whose writing is highly critical of them
In what should send a frightening chill down the spine of every blogger, writer, journalist and First Amendment advocate in the United States, Phoenix police raided the home of a blogger who has been highly critical of the department.

UKBA to exchange fingerprints with US
The UK Border Agency plans to start exchanging fingerprint data with the US, Canada and Australia in the near future.

‘Privacy risk’ of new mobiles that give away location and stored details to marketing firms

The Great Global Warming Hoax

RAND Wants WWIII to Save US Economy

Paul Watson & Alex Jones - Mumbai Terror Attacks

Paul Joseph Watson: Internet Censorship a Growing Cancer

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