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First Black President Grovels To Virulently Racist Royal Family
The sight of any U.S. president literally bowing to British royalty is enough for many Americans to become outraged. However, the fact that the latest to do so is America’s first black president made yesterday’s exchange between Obama and the Queen of England even more troublesome.

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UN to hush up report on Israel conduct?
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon may not release the findings of a report he ordered into the Israeli war on Gaza, Press TV has learned.

New US jobless claims hit 669,000 in week
The number of new jobless claims in the United States rose more than expected last week to a 26-year high as employers slashed payrolls amid a recession, government data showed Thursday.

Who Controls The Black Bloc Anarchists?
The British authorities seemed to have little problem with allowing a group of violent black bloc anarchists to smash up the RBS building while provoking police yesterday, despite the group announcing their target in advance, yet a legitimate anti-poverty organization has had its "accreditation" to protest at the G20 removed on the orders of Downing Street.

G20 Violence: Police Warn Of Further Clashes

Alex Jones 4/1/09 on The Queen’s Stool and Obama
A nice break from the serious news…

Ousting bailed-out U.S. bank CEOs an option: Geithner
U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said on Wednesday he would consider forcing out chief executives of banks that receive government bailouts if they were not managing their businesses properly.

Miss Universe’s Fun At ‘Beautiful’ Guantanamo
Miss Universe has caused a stir after gushing over her visit to the Guantanamo Bay detention centre, describing it as a “relaxing, calm, beautiful place”.

Student finds mobile phone while out celebrating his 18th birthday and is ARRESTED after handing it in to police
A college student who found a mobile phone while out celebrating his 18th birthday was arrested after handing it in to police.

DARPA wants ‘clandestine’ 3D building-interior mapping kit
Pentagon bizarro-tech chiefs have issued a requirement for mysterious sensor systems which would be able to peer through concrete walls to produce a complete internal picture of a building. US Forces would use such kit for “overseas urban building interior awareness”.

Will Mexico’s drug war lead to tighter gun control laws in U.S.?
Hunters, target shooters and general gun owners: Try to imagine living in a country that has only one gun store. It’s run by the army, and buyers, who often wait months before receiving a permit, have to prove first that they make an honest living.

2012 may bring the “perfect storm” – solar flares, systems collapse
Long scorned as “mysticism” and “parascience,” concern about the year 2012 has now surfaced in a mainstream NASA report on the potential impacts on human society of solar flares anticipated to peak in 2012.

Man detained and harassed at airport for carrying CASH!
A man was detained by TSA in St. Louis for carrying cash. The man was traveling home following a Campaign For Liberty (Ron Paul) event. I thought the MIAC document was retracted? Apparently these goons didn’t get the word.

Worse Than The Great Depression... Hyperinflation Is Coming! Own Gold & Silver! Real Money-Real Protection!

Obama weighing more troops for Afghan war
President Barack Obama faces a decision later this year whether to send an extra 10,000 US troops to Afghanistan, amid an escalating war against Islamist insurgents, defense officials said.

Bilderberg-chairman: ‘Bilderberg helped create the Euro’
According to Belgian viscount and current Bilderberg-chairman Étienne Davignon, the Euro was helped created by the Bilderberg Group in the 1990’s. He admitted this in an interview to the EUobserver online newspaper on March 16 2009.

G20 seals $1.1 trillion deal

Video: Soccer Fans Get Even With Riot Police
The guy actually doing the beating runs away first. Bullies are also cowards.

Outstanding Credit Default Swaps Down to “Only” About Twice America’s GDP
Over-the-counter credit default swap contracts - you know, the kind which brought down Bear, Lehman, AIG, etc. - totaled as much as $62 trillion at the end of 2007.

UN chief says crisis could result in failed states
Inflationary Depression

Police ‘fusion’ centers criticized for tracking Ron Paul, Barr, McKinney supporters
Formed in the wake of 9/11 as a way to search out domestic terrorist threats, fusion centers today are being bombarded with criticism on all sides for things like improper surveillance of the supporters of third-party presidential candidates and an ambiguous mission directive that has lead to power overreaching.

Colbert tears into Glenn Beck’s “9/12? Project
“The 9/12 project is not for families directly affected by 9/11, just people building their careers on it.”

Petraeus: Pakistan could fall as state

The commander of US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and a top Pentagon official have voiced concern over the region’s growing militancy.

Surging Further Into the Afghan Abyss
North Korea ‘Fuelling Long-Range Missile’

FNC’s Napolitano Claims Bush Administration Committed ‘Extortion’ Against Banks
It’s no secret the Bush administration used fear tactics to push the $700-billion Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) through Congress last fall. Both members of the House and the Senate have come out after the fact and disclosed the details.

The Great Global Warming Hoax

RAND Wants WWIII to Save US Economy

Paul Watson & Alex Jones - Mumbai Terror Attacks

Paul Joseph Watson: Internet Censorship a Growing Cancer

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