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The Chinese men in blue tracksuits were horribly familiar. Although they were dressed like athletes, their robotic movements, blank faces, swivel eyes and rough, menacing style reminded me of the secret policemen I had to avoid when I was in Lhasa, the Tibetan capital, some years ago.


Want to Save the Economy?

Deadly Iran mosque blast not an attack: media


Police Remove Olympic Torch Bearer On Orders Of Chinese Paramilitary Thugs

Government Scientists Propose "Geo-Engineering" Earth's Upper Atmosphere

Chinese Paramilitary Thugs Policed London Torch Relay
Ventura Cites 2nd Amendment During Revolution Talk
BBC Caught Editing Story To Appease Global Warming Lobbyist

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Paul Joseph Watson: Smear attack on Jesse Ventura over 9/11 comments.

Paul Watson & Steve Watson: Chinese Paramilitary Thugs In UK, USA.


The Alex Jones Show - L I V E - April 11th Archive



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