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UPDATED: Urgent action needed on REAL ID Act

The real reasons why you should oppose this national ID card bill and not leftist spin and obsfucation.

>> FBI protecting Osama's rights

>> Aid worker uncovered America's secret tally of Iraqi civilian deaths

>> Iraqi reports of bodies found in Tigris river not verified: Pentagon

>> Negroponte Sworn In as Intel Chief

>> UK Government Pushes to Kill Babies

>> Senate Set to OK $81B War Spending Bill

>> Schwarzenegger Apologizes for Border Comment

>> Howard Dean warns of danger in Iraq pullout

>> Helicopter shot down near Baghdad

>> Leftist weekly: We love abortion

>> Lithuania Will Shoot Down Unidentified Planes to Protect Bush

>> Canada OKs Pot Painkiller

>> Oil For Food Scandal Embroils Bush Crime Family

>> Is Bill Gertz A CIA Plant?

>> Howard Dean Becomes Leader of the Other Pro-War Party

>> Media Campaign To Discredit New Pope?

>> The Miracle On The Border

>> John Bolton: Another Mentally Unstable Megalomaniac

Daily Show: Ratz!


>> Malaysians To Get National ID Cards

>> Woman Claims She Was Shocked 15 Times With Taser Gun

>> 18 Arrested at UC Santa Cruz Protest

>> A simple prank by a 13-year-old. Now her genetic records are on the National DNA Database forever

>> Homeland Security/Lockheed Martin Provide Total Surveillance For Wisconsin Town

>> Passenger Lists Sought For Flights Over U.S.

>> Not as guilty as he looks? The Met chief, Labour and ID cards

>> Beijing appeals for public calm over row with Japan

>> Rice’s Plan to Inspect Russian Nuclear Sites Lost in Translation

>> Rice calls for change in Belarus

>> Israel to warn Russia on missiles

>> Rumsfeld Seals The Deal On Military Bases To Launch Attack On Iran


>> RFID comes to European hospitals

>> Victorian library adopts RFID

>> Satellites to track cars in 80p a mile toll

>> Privacy groups slam US passport technology

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Spread Of State Surveillance Is Global Social Control Project

Governments are building a "global registration and surveillance infrastructure" in the US-led "war on terror", civil liberty groups warned yesterday. The aim is to monitor the movements and activities of entire populations in what campaigners call "an unprecedented project of social control".

In Britain, An Absurdity: Persuading People They Have a Political Choice

A familiar, if desperate media push is under way to convince the British people that the main political parties offer them a democratic choice in the general election on 5 May.

Where there's smoke, there's a new pope!

>> Darkside 9/11


>> Bill O'Reilly: Polishing My Peabody

Israel gets limited info on new US fighter: Pentagon

The United States is denying Israel access to some Joint Strike Fighter technology and information because of concerns about sharing with third countries, a Pentagon spokesman said Thursday.

British Government Ordered Shutdown Of Fake Ricin Story
The British government has ordered a D-notice clampdown on details relating to the ricin terror ring story which was exposed as being fake last week.
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