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Urgent action needed on REAL ID Act

A tri-national ID card, merging US driver license databases with Canada and Mexico could be passed under the banner of 9/11 today.

>> Ratzinger and Pedophilia in the Church

>> New pope shelved sex abuse claim, accuser says

>> Berlusconi resigns as Italian PM

>> Senior Blair aide resigns over Iraq war

>> Dozens of bodies fished out of Tigris, Allawi escapes assassination

>> Authorities have charged two 10-year-old boys with sexually assaulting a 7-year-old girl

>> Israel Praises Pope Despite Past Nazi Ties

>> Schwarzenegger: U.S. Should 'Close Borders'

>> Theologian calls for response to 9/11

>> 'Grandma' gets better day to day

>> Report: U.S. does keep Iraqi body count

>> Labs destroy killer flu samples

>> Strong quake hits Japan again

>> Forget Osama and Abu: We are Threatened by the Black Helicopter Crowd

>> Arnold, Your Leader

>> Time-Lapse Footage Shows Chemtrails Over London

Darkside 9/11


>> Wiretaps are up sharply as Congress debates Patriot Act

>> Police Beat Woman Having Diabetic Reaction

>> Truckers bristle at anti-terror rules

>> AP sues U.S. government to get Guantanamo documents

>> City streets filling with patrol cars

>> Oregon Bill Requires Drivers License Applicants To Register For Draft

>> Cop Charged For Using Taser Gun On Suspect In Hospital Bed

>> South Korea Wants Russian Weapons for Soviet Debts

>> Japanese fighter scrambles over China jump in past year

>> Russia to Donate Choppers, Old Armored Vehicles to Palestinians — Paper

>> U.S. to provide 3 billion dollar loan guarantees to Israel


>> Privacy groups slam US passport technology

>> Smile. You're on candid cop camera.

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Satellites to track cars in 80p a mile toll

New details have been revealed of plans to charge London motorists up to 80p a mile to drive on city roads.

John Bolton: Another Mentally Unstable Megalomaniac

As John Bolton awaits confirmation for his post as UN ambassador, a nomination opposed even by some Republicans, his true nature is being revealed.

Yet another track featuring Alex Jones! This one includes clips from The Road To Tyranny.


>> Bill O'Reilly: Polishing My Peabody

>> Your Civil Liberties

Rumsfeld Seals The Deal On Military Bases To Launch Attack On Iran

Azerbaijan is seen as one of the launch pads for launching an attack on Iran, which some see coming as early as June.

Rumsfeld To Quit This Summer?

The US News and World Report's Washington Whispers section is reporting that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld will quit in late summer.
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