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Students paid for tattling on peers

Last month's school shooting in Minnesota has stirred interest in organized "snitch" programs that pay students for telling on classmates who carry guns or drugs or violate school rules.

>> Global stocks take a dive

>> Earth’s gravity may lure deadly asteroid

>> 200 Arrested in Iran Ethnic Unrest, Jazeera Closed

>> Mysterious White Powder Forces IRS Evacuation

>> Papal election goes to second ballot

>> Border Patrol union supports Minutemen

>> 500,000 illegal migrants, says Home Office

>> Papal hopeful is a former Hitler Youth

>> Thousands of Missiles Fired by Russian and American Forces over Earths Arctic Regions

>> Italy's Government on Brink of Collapse

>> US: Afghan tanker blast an accident

>> Iraq Kidnap Reports May Be Exaggerated

>> 'I will not help kill Saddam'

>> Cardinal Who Warned of 'Antichrist' Rises in Betting Odds

>> This is Your Brain. This is Your Brain on... Water?

>> There Must Never Be Another Waco

>> IRS Reels Under Tax Revolt

>> Orwell Rolls In His Grave


>> Iran Freedom Foundation -- More Info

>> The Harold Holt Murder

Bill O'Reilly: Polishing My Peabody


>> House Insanity - HR 1528: 5 Years For Passing A Joint!

>> Indymedia UK RFID censorship

>> Stun guns potentially fatal, study finds

>> Israeli, US armies mount joint air defence exercise

>> Pakistan Gets F-16s in Exchange for US Bases to Attack Iran

>> North Korea lashes out at US-South Korean 'war plan'

>> South Korea: North Shuts Down Nuke Reactor

>> China-Japan ties at '30-year low'

>> Chavez: CIA Planning My 2006 Defeat


>> IBM Telematics to Catch Speeders

>> Austin Toll Party Fun Not Tolls Fest

>> Surveillance Cameras More Common Everyday

>> Big Brother will be able to watch more soon thanks to Alcatel/Spirit deal

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Big Brother Surveillance State Grows New Tentacles

The process of showing your identification is not primarily so the authority figure knows who you are, it’s to ensure that your behavioural tendencies show a willing obedience to authority.

75% Of Population Already Mandated To Take Implantable Microchips

It will be very easy for them to mandate chips for probably 75% of the population by doing the following when they are ready.

Featuring Bill's own words used in the sexual harrassment suit against him. ADULTS ONLY.

>> Your Civil Liberties

>> Second American Revolution

>> Number 1 Terrorist

Fischer warns of US-China confrontation

German foreign minister Joschka Fischer has warned of a possible confrontation between the US and China.

First Photo Of Baja Beach Club Microchip Scan

Techno-slavery is cool. If you don't take the chip all your peers will hate you and you'll have no friends.
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