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Montana vs. the Patriot Act: Red States Rebellion

There is a bi-partisan, grassroots rebellion afoot in American, a movement to resist the USA PATRIOT Act. The Bush Administration, United Stated Congress and mainstream media had better stand-up and take notice as pressure builds to reform provisions of the Act that violate American civil liberties.

>> Text of Eric Rudolph's Statement To The American People

>> Abortion Clinics on Edge After Manifesto

>> White House Said to Impede Paid-For Journalists Probe

>> Happy ending for 'grandma'?

>> Radio Host Fired For Wondering If Pope Went To Heaven

>> Kilroy attacks 'liberal fascism'

>> 'Bribes' Story Covers-up True Nature Of Bin Laden's Elusiveness

>> Aided-suicide bill passes first hurdle

>> France adopts 'end of life' law

>> Californians warned of involuntary euthanasia

>> Double car bombing rocks Baghdad

>> Kidnapped American in Iraq shown on video

>> Bid to sue over LSD rejected

>> Arnold loses support on all sides

>> Let's Hear It For "Doctor Control"

>> Was the Ricin plot organised by the security services?

>> Another Fake Terror Alert Is Exposed

>> C-Span to Cover 9/11 Truth Talk at UW-Madison Monday!

Number 1 Terrorist


>> Blog censorship wins support

>> China Soups Up Internet Censoring Filters

>> Guantanamo Detainee Suing U.S. to Get Video of Alleged Torture

>> NY Law Enforcement Caught Doctoring Video of RNC Arrests

>> Smokers risk being fired

>> Special Guard Units Prepare for Domestic Terrorism

>> Prosecution Provokes Unease Among Artists

>> GMU Faculty Decries Patriot Act

>> Guantanamo Bosnians cry 'torture'

>> Torture Inc. Americas Brutal Prisons

>> Sharon Rules Out Attacking Iran Over Nukes


>> Government Workers to Get Biometric IDs

>> Surveillance Works Both Ways

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Implanted Microchips Common As Cellphones Within A Decade

The tactic guaranteed to have the most success is simply to sell the chip as a fashion statement through youth culture.

Iraq: Then And Now

Take a look at the two photos and then tell me it was about liberation.

Another Cool Music Track Featuring Alex Jones.

>> Reporters Like Cattle

>> Out Of Control

>> Knuckles

Israel plane in Lebanon space for 6 hours

An Israeli surveillance plane violated Lebanese air space for six hours Thursday, the Lebanese army said in a statement.

Ex-Guantanamo prisoner didn't know of 9/11

"I was in shock. I had nothing to do with the situation," he said. "I hadn't heard of (the attacks). We did not have radios or televisions."
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